How To Attract Older WomenHow To Attract Older Women

Seducing an older woman is far more difficult than seducing a younger woman because older women are smarter and wiser.

However, nothing is impossible in our world. You may have seen that many younger guys are dating older women; if they can do it, you can certainly do it.

In this post, I’ll go through 11 tips for attracting older women. So make sure to read the entire post to acquire all of the information.

Let’s get this party started.

1: Date Younger Women First (Gain Some Experience)

Many men make the error of going straight for older ladies. You must avoid doing this since you need to have some knowledge of how women think and the kinds of males they prefer.

It’s imperative to have dating experience if you want to draw in cougars. Many males mistakenly think that there is little difference between the attitudes of men and women.

In reality, women think very differently. Remember, they value love more than sex.

So, if you find an older woman attractive and want to date her, you need first get some dating experience before giving it a shot.

2: Build Muscles

Not only will muscles improve your appearance, but they will also improve your mood.

According to a study, having muscles might boost one’s self-confidence.

It should come as no surprise that older women perceive muscled males to be significantly more appealing than skinny or obese men.

Start working hard and build some muscles before you chase a cougar.

3: Enhance Humor

Older women love funny men, in fact, everyone loves them. A funny person can lift up a bad mood.

Sadly, many older women due to work stress are living a sad life. They require a spouse who is active and amusing.

Many women consider humor to be the most important attribute a man can have.

So begin honing your sense of humor right away. You can enlist the assistance of your most amusing friend. Spend some time with him and observe how he develops laughter.

You’ll be unstoppable after you’ve mastered the art of humor.

4: Money Matters

You are being misled by those who assert that ladies don’t consider your income. The most desirable trait is still money.

Having money shows your success and diligence. Given that a wealthy man can assist them to accomplish their goals more quickly, older women have a strong desire for wealthier spouses.

If you don’t yet have enough money in the bank, acquiring money should be your top concern rather than learning how to seduce women.

5: Be Always Ready To Help

Although older women are typically capable of resolving their problems on their own, be prepared to assist her anytime she requests it.

By assisting her, you are demonstrating to her that you will be a devoted companion and supporter throughout her life.

6: Make Eye Contact

Younger generations are losing the art of making eye contact since most guys nowadays lack confidence because they spend most of their time in front of screens rather than going outdoors and making friends.

In the dating game, maintaining eye contact is essential since it shows confidence in oneself.

Long-term eye contact is thought to release the chemical phenylethylamine, which is responsible for emotions of desire.

Additionally, oxytocin, the hormone in love most strongly linked to long-term attachment and commitment, is thought to be released.

So if you want to entice older women, you must master the art of eye contact.

7: Give Genuine Compliments

Don’t overdo the compliments; many guys make the mistake of appreciating a woman’s beauty a little too much.

Give modest, sincere compliments instead. For example, “You look beautiful today,” “Your hair looks great,” or “You don’t look too old.”

You can also utilize pickup lines, but keep them simple and avoid using them too often.

Additionally, if you keep offering too many compliments, they will lose their meaning and impact.

Therefore, reserve your compliments and only offer them during rare or demanding occasions.

8: Don’t Act Childish

There was a time when even a 16-year-old kid used to behave like a 30-year-old, but now because people live a relatively comfortable life, 30-year-old acts like a 16-year-old boy.

I’m not saying it’s wrong; evolution is something we must all embrace. However, if you want to attract older ladies, you must be mature.

You must act maturely or else they will make you a son instead of a boyfriend.

To appear mature, you must improve your communication and manner.

A formal style might make you appear more mature, therefore dress formally on your date.

Work on your voice, making it a little deeper, as a deep and low-pitched voice can also help you appear more mature.

Also, do not speak to them as you would to your friends or family. Because of the time difference, they may not be able to connect with you.

9: Understand That She is Not A Sex Material

This is another common blunder made by males when approaching an older woman.

Yes, older women are sexually desirable, but this does not imply that they are just interested in sex.

Do not send them the signals that you are only dating or talking to them to make love.

There is a widespread notion that older women are just interested in sex; the majority of them are not.

10: Listen When She Talks (Don’t Interrupt Her)

Never, ever interrupt her when she’s speaking. It irritates older women. Listen to them, and then say something once they’ve finished their phrase.

Interrupting someone who is speaking is a sign that you do not have excellent emotional control. It also suggests a lack of maturity on your part.

Overall, it’s a poor idea; never do it!

11: Explain to Her Why You Would Be A Good Partner For Her

Embrace your courage and convince her of your suitability as her partner.

Stop looking for the ideal time since it rarely appears. Instead, approach her and express yourself fully.

Time is wasted waiting!

Thanks for reading!

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