How To Not Appear Needy While Talking To Girls (Social Media)

The more desperate you appear, the further the girls will distance themselves from you.

You might be surprised to learn that girls can tell which guys are desperate for a relationship and which aren’t.

So, if you’re serious about attracting ladies, the first step is to learn how to avoid appearing desperate. In this piece, we’ll look at how to behave and avoid appearing needy when texting with a lady. So make sure you stick around to get the full picture.

1: Don’t Text Repeatedly If She Isn’t Replying

The biggest error that most males make is to keep texting girls even when they aren’t responding.

Never text a girl when she hasn’t responded to your prior texts because this is practically the fastest method to get blocked.

Accept the fact that she has found someone else and doesn’t want to interact with you.

However, if you don’t wanna quit, in this scenario, if you know her and see her on a daily basis, such as if you are her classmate or office colleague, meet with her and attempt to figure out what’s going on and why she isn’t responding to your texts, it’s conceivable that she is currently busy.

But if that isn’t the case, for instance, if she has a lot of free time but still doesn’t respond to you, end it, leave her, and find someone else!

2: Don’t Always Text First

It’s fine to text first once or twice, but there’s a problem if you’re the only one who starts the conversation.

You should stop immediately because texting first implies that you are the only one who wants the relationship.

If she messages you when you don’t text first, that’s fine; if she doesn’t, well, don’t text, it’s sort of over! Chasing someone who doesn’t care about us is a waste of time.

3: Stop Sending Lame Reels To Her

Nowadays, practically every social media platform has launched its own reel system, providing a chance for those who find it difficult to initiate conversation with the girl they admire.

Reels can be a terrific way to strike up a discussion, but they can also quickly turn a female off if you send too many of them.

I know that the reels you share with your friends are great and funny, but the thing is that not everyone has the same sense of humor as yours, which means, it’s possible that the reel that you find funny, is unfunny to other people. 

Is she reacting to your reel? Is she replying to your reels? If not, it indicates that she dislikes the reels you send.

Make it a rule to send her no more than one or two reels per day. If she responds, that’s fantastic; if not, stop sending that one or two reels as well.

4: Keep Your Texts Short And Meaningful

Girls prefer short and meaningful texts, and because they receive a lot of messages, reading long chunks of text can be a chore for them. Do your best to compose your texts, and make them intriguing and short.

I always strive to keep my texts as meaningful and brief as possible, and it always works for me.

5: Meet Her In Real Life

You must actually see her in person if you want to further the relationship because girls place more value on face-to-face interactions than on social media.

We don’t know how nice or awful the person we communicate to on social media is in real life because most people on social media exhibit a fake lifestyle and fake personalities.

Girls don’t trust most guys they meet online for this reason. You must, however, invite her to meet you if you have been conversing with her for a time.

Once you get to know her in person, she will start to trust you more and you won’t come out as clingy until you do something very stupid.

6: Use Humor

Humor has long been regarded as the best characteristic a guy can possess. Even if you say something wicked to a girl in a humorous way, she will most likely not mind because humor is a very powerful tool that may rapidly develop solid relationships.

If you don’t want to appear desperate when talking to her, sending incredibly funny texts might be a fantastic solution because it will not only make the conversation more interesting, but she will also begin to trust you more.

Furthermore, 90% of guys lack the ability to make a woman laugh through text, so you can easily outperform everyone if you acquire the art of making people laugh.

7: Stop Texting Her If The Conversation Is Getting Boring

The worst thing you can do is continue a boring conversation. If you feel that the discussion is deteriorating, you should end it as soon as possible because if you keep talking to her, she will get the impression that you are trying too hard to impress her.

She may lose interest in you if she realizes you are trying too hard to impress her. So resigning at the proper time is critical.

8: Do Not Send Her Your Photos If She Hasn’t Asked For It

Don’t do this stupid thing. You won’t believe it, but many guys share their pictures with girls without their consent. It’s quite unpleasant, and you’d be blocked in seconds if you did it.

So, at all costs, avoid it!

9: Don’t Reply Instantly, Take Some Time

Responding quickly is a highly undesirable attribute because it indicates that you have a lot of free time. Yes, responding quickly is OK at times, but responding instantly and remaining online all the time implies to ladies that you don’t have a real-world life, which turns off many girls.

Girls prefer guys that keep themselves busy and strive hard to reach their objectives. A busy individual or someone with strong aspirations will not waste time reading through social media for hours and texting ladies.

So, instead of responding immediately, take your time; it will not only demonstrate that you are busy, but it will also help you compose a better text.

I hope you liked this post!