Signs She is Pretending to Love YouSigns She is Pretending to Love You

Trust is essential in any relationship, yet in this untrustworthy world, it’s difficult to trust anyone blindly.

Many men want to know if the girl they’re in love with truly loves them.

It’s difficult to tell because women are very skilled at masking their emotions, but the signs I’m about to give may help you to some extent.

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1: She Is Always Mad At You

Anger can quickly disrupt anyone’s mind. Anger is the very worst attribute a person can have.

Nobody wants a partner who is constantly angry.

If she gets angry at you over little matters these days, it’s a clue that she doesn’t love you and is only pretending to.

When we genuinely love someone, we almost never get angry at our partners because we know that if we get angry at them, it would harm our relationship, and after our anger subsides, we will feel terrible.

Take note of her actions and how frequently she becomes enraged with you.

If she gets angry at you but becomes normal after some time, it means that she doesn’t really hate you, but because of stress, she gets mad at you sometimes.

However, if she never talks to you nicely and always behaves rudely toward you, it’s a clear indication that you should start dating someone else, as this relationship will not last long enough.

2: You’ll Feel It

Our bodies are really good at detecting vibes. You’ll be able to feel whether she actually loves you or not.

In fact, you are here reading this article, it indicates strongly that your body is giving you hints that the relationship you are in right now isn’t going well, and you are feeling that your partner doesn’t love you genuinely and is lying.

“Listen to your gut,” is a proverb that is absolutely true, as far as I can tell from my own experience.

3: She Always Gives Excuses

She will always make an excuse. You will notice that she does not accompany you on any holidays because when a woman dislikes someone, she does not want to spend any time with that person.

If she continuously makes excuses and refuses to accompany you on any tour or travel, it’s a significant indication that she is unhappy in the relationship and is only pretending to love you.

4: She Doesn’t Smile Genuinely

A real smile can easily be distinguished from a false one. Guillaume Duchenne, a French physician, said that two facial muscles largely stretch upwards during genuine grins.

You would see that her grin appears to be false.

When you are around her, you might also notice that she no longer smiles as much as she used to.

5: She Avoids Making Love With You

When you ask her for lovemaking, she will give you an explanation or just say that she is sleepy.

She may no longer love you if she regularly rejects you when you approach her in search of romance.

6: She Chats With Other Men On Social Media

Is she spending a lot of time on social media these days? If yes, it could imply she’s not using social media to find out what’s going on in other people’s lives, but rather to speak with other males.

If she doesn’t truly love you, she’ll go for someone who can make her feel loved. Social media is a great tool for finding a companion.

Take note of her facial expression as she uses social media.

If you notice a constant smile on her face while she uses social media and typing, it is a clear indication that she is now conversing with someone, someone who is steadily approaching her heart.

7: Her Behaviour Changes When Her Friends Are Near

You’ll find that her affection for you grows stronger while her pals are close.

Some women don’t want to bring up what’s going on in their relationship in front of others, so they seem to be completely content.

8: She Uses Short Sentences

She would not communicate with you for a longer period of time; most of her communication would be limited to one or two sentences.

When women do not like or despise someone, they just avoid any form of communication with them; yet, if they must communicate with the person they loathe, they only use short sentences so that the conversation ends quickly.

9: She Leaves Your Messages On Seen

It hurts a lot when the person we care about ignores our messages.

Unfortunately, leaving messages on seen indicates that she does not take you seriously.

Women, in general, do not leave their partner’s message on seen, especially if they are not overly busy.

If you find that she consistently leaves your messages on seen, it’s time to talk to her about it and try to solve the problem before it’s too late.

10: Closed Body Language

Closed body language is another term for negative body language. It is defined as a set of actions or gestures indicating a refusal to communicate.

Does she always keep her arms and legs crossed and her hands close to her body when she speaks to you?

You may not have noticed these indications because they are difficult to detect, and I assume you are not a body language specialist, but if she is displaying any of the signs I described, it definitely suggests that she no longer wants you or is only pretending to love you.

11: She Lies To You A Lot

A relationship founded on deception does not endure long. If she begins to tell you lies, it is a significant indication that she no longer trusts you and wishes to end the relationship as soon as possible.

However, detecting a liar can be extremely difficult because some people are masters of deception. They lie with great assurance.

Thankfully, there 6 ways you can use to catch a liar, read the post by to understand about those 6 ways.

12: She Stays Online For A Long Time Even After You Have Gone Offline

You spotted her online one or two times after she said goodbye to you; you can dismiss it, but if she stays online till late at night every day, it’s probable that someone else has entered her life and that new guy is now her main priority, not you!

If she is still online after saying goodbye to you, you can run a test to determine if she is talking to anyone or not.

Send her a text to test. If she immediately goes offline, ignores your message, and then returns online after some time, it is most likely that she was talking to someone else and didn’t want to talk to you right away.

Although it may not feel right to interrupt someone while they are chatting, remember that everything is fair in love and battle!

13: She Doesn’t Talk About Romantic Things

Almost no romantic phrases would come out of her mouth. She won’t display any signals of romanticism, and her behavior will have significantly changed.

When a woman is in love, she frequently discusses romanticism and romantic experiences she had experienced.

Women do this because they want to maintain a happy, healthy relationship.

14: She Doesn’t Talk About Commitment

When a woman is not devoted to a relationship, she will never beg her partner to stay committed; instead, she will look for ways to end the relationship sooner.

Only women who are truly in love discuss commitment.

I hope this article was helpful to you.

Thanks for reading!

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