How To Tell A Girl She Has A Nice Body Without Appearing CreepyHow To Tell A Girl She Has A Nice Body Without Appearing Creepy

Telling a girl that her body is fine is one of the most difficult things to do because the risk of appearing creepy is very great.

However, there are certain things that can assist you, which is why we’re here. We’ll look at how to appreciate a woman’s body without appearing weird in this piece.

1: Increase Your Engagement With Her

If you don’t know her well, it might not be a good idea to compliment her physical appearance because most girls don’t like it when a stranger compliments their body.

It’s crucial to strengthen your relationship with her first for this reason. Make an effort to win her friendship if you aren’t already one of hers.

If you are already her friend, though, you should start interacting with her more. You will learn more about her personality the more you converse with her.

Once you are acquainted with her personality, you can determine when it is appropriate to compliment her body.

If you learn that she has an aggressive attitude, you might want to refrain from complimenting her on her physique because some females find it offensive when someone appreciates their body rather than their face or personality.

2: Make Her Feel Comfortable With You

Before you compliment her body, you might want to make sure she feels at ease around you.

The greatest way to make her feel more at ease is to first joke about or make fun of your body, then compliment her on how beautiful her body is.

In this manner, she is unlikely to be offended and is likely to find it enjoyable.

Now, if you have an introverted personality, you might find it difficult to make her feel at ease with you because introverted people find it difficult to connect with others.

As a result, if you’re an introvert, your major goal should be to strengthen your bond with her; begin by spending time with her, getting to know her, and then try complimenting her.

3: Compliment Her Body In A Humorous Way

Girls adore hilarious guys; in fact, humor is one of the most appealing traits. Since many men don’t possess this trait, there is a chance for you to stand out from the crowd.

Additionally, no one takes offense if you express anything in a humorous way. So, the next time you meet her and want to admire her body, use comedy. She might not become angry, in fact, she might love your compliment or laugh about it.

However, keep in mind that she can feel insulted if your joke doesn’t land properly, for example, if it’s not humorous, so be sure you’re sure your compliment will make her laugh and won’t sound dreadful.

4: Help Her

If you are her gym partner or meet her in parks or other active locations, you should share some fitness suggestions with her and assist her in becoming in shape.

Girls like guys who help them, but they only want help from guys they know well. So, if you’re a stranger to her, you shouldn’t give her any advice because she might find you annoying.

However, if you know her well and go to the same gym she does, you should occasionally assist her and compliment her when she performs well.

She is not a child and knows what she has to accomplish, so be careful not to assist her excessively as she may become annoyed with you.

5: Avoid Going Directly

As previously stated, do not directly compliment her physique; instead, establish some chemistry, gain her trust, and make her feel at ease before attempting to compliment her body.

If you go for it right away, she may begin to shun you and may not grow much closer to you. So, if you don’t want to lose her friendship, it’s best not to admire her body unless you’re certain.

6: Use Your Eyes

The eyes can convey a great deal about a person. Girls adore it when someone they admire makes direct eye contact with them.

Making and maintaining eye contact can be difficult for some men, especially if you have an introverted nature.

However, you must master this technique because eye contact can easily turn on a girl. Once you’ve perfected the skill of making eye contact, you won’t need to compliment a female since your eyes will turn her on and let her know you find her body hot.

7: Use Social Media

Communicating on social media is more simpler than speaking in person since in person, we need to have a good body language, attire, and conversational style to attract ladies.

Additionally, you must have a great deal of self-assurance in order to compliment a woman in real life, especially if she happens to be your crush.

On social media, though, you only need the guts to express what you want to say—none of these above-mentioned characteristics are required. Therefore, you can use social media to your advantage if you want to admire her body but are too shy to do it in person.

Connect with her on social media and express it in a way that’s humorous. Remember, refrain from discussing it directly, and your compliment shouldn’t be too hardcore; it should sound lovely; if you go too hardcore, she may block you, so be real and polite.

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