Do Girls Check Out Guys At The Gym?Do Girls Check Out Guys At The Gym?

People generally think that men are the ones who check out girls at the gym, however, in this post, you’ll be amazed to know that girls are not far behind in checking out guys.

Make sure to read the entire post to get the complete info. Now let’s begin!

Do Girls Check Out Guys At The Gym?

Yes, the majority of them do, but it’s hard to catch because girls are really good at hiding their emotions.

They look at guys, but when the guy looks back at them, they shift their focus instantly. It’s because girls don’t like to show that they are flattered by your looks and muscles. Girls normally want men to take action.

So if you think a girl stares at you at the gym, go and talk to her, I’m sure she will respond nicely to you.

Waiting for her to make the first move would be a bad idea.

Why Do Girls Stare At Guy’s At The Gym?

Well, why do you stare at girls at the gym?

Girls have the same emotions as guys. If they find someone attractive, they’ll gonna stare at them, and try their best to catch the attention of the guy they are looking at.

Muscles attract a lot of women, according to research, women get attracted by guys who look more muscular, stronger, and leaner. While guys who look smaller, weaker, and fatter don’t get much attention from girls.

What is the best place to find muscular good looking guys? You guessed it right, it’s the gym.

How To Tell If A Girl At The Gym Is Attracted To You?

You have to catch those subtle signs she will show. Here is the list of things you would notice if she likes you.

1: She Will Make Eye Contact

Maintaining longer eye contact is a sign that she is attracted to you. Usually, women don’t make longer eye contact with someone completely stranger to them, it’s because most girls find it odd.

If you’re a stranger to her but she is still trying to maintain longer eye contact (longer than 3 seconds) it shows that she is ready to come out of her zone just to let you know that she finds you attractive.

2: Smile

She will smile at you. One or two smiles could be normal, but staring at you and smiling at the same time is a signal that she is flattered by your looks.

Smile back to her, if you don’t do it, she might think you’re not interested in her, or maybe you have already got a girlfriend. If you really wanna attract her, you need to smile back at her.

3: She Will Talk To You

She will find it very hard to not talk to you, she will eventually find a reason to talk, just wait and watch. However, make sure to not wait too much because some girls never talk first, they always expect guys to make the first move. So wait only for some days (like 4 or 5 days).

4: She Exercises Next To You

Did you notice how close she comes? It’s a sign that she wants to stay close to you, she likes when you exercise near her.

Also, she feels secure around you and it clearly tells that she likes you. If you want to test whether she actually likes to stay close to you or not, then don’t exercise near her, if she again finds a reason to come close to you and exercise, she definitely wants your attention.

5: She Appericites Your Hardwork

Does she always push you to work hard, and always appreciate your hard work? If yes, it’s another sign that she is into you.

Btw, she has a nice nature because people who encourage others always bring happiness, you should not let her go. Talk to her and try your best to get her into your life because positive people always inspire.

6: She Feels Jealous

You would notice a jealousy sign in her body when you talk to any other girl in the gym.

I can’t go into detail about what are the signs of jealousy. To get more information on signs of jealousy in a woman, read this post.

7: She Tries To Impress You

She tries to give her best every time you’re around her so that you can get impressed by her intense exercise.

Guys always do that but sometimes girls also do their best to impress the guy they like.

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How to Approach A Girl At The Gym

To approach a girl, you first need to become her friend. Initiate conversation with her whenever it’s the right time.

If you missed the opportunity, someone else will come and snatch the opportunity, so don’t wait too much.

If she says no, it’s okay because at least you tried, some people don’t even try. But if she said yes, it will make your day, just think about it.

If you really like her, take risks!

Taking risks is important because it’s the only way to achieve what you want. Also, stop caring about people too much, and remove all the negative feelings from your head.

Relax, and just say “hi” to her, and talk to her with a smile on your face, a good smile will make you look attractive.

Also, don’t hesitate while talking to her, women are very good at detecting low-confidence men.

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How To Impress Her In The Gym

The best way to impress her is to stay genuine, don’t try really hard to impress her. If you can’t lift 80 kgs of weight then don’t do it. Only lift weights that you can, impacting your muscles and bones just to impress someone would be a terrible idea.

Again, have a smile on your face when you look at her, and try to make longer eye contact. Good eye contact shows that you’re confident, while not making eye contact can make her think that you’re a shy and unconfident person, she might not like it.

I hope you liked this post, thanks for reading!

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