I Expressed My Feelings For Him And He Didn't RespondI Expressed My Feelings For Him And He Didn't Respond

Not everyone wins in the game of love. In fact, 90% of people who try, fail.

If you didn’t get the response you wanted from him after expressing your feelings, this article could work as a bandage on your broken heart.

As I said, 90% of people fail in the game of love, well I wasn’t the invincible one. I failed too, but I didn’t take it too hard.

In this post, I’ll discuss how you can come out of that bad feeling that comes after rejection and things you can do to move on quickly.

But first, let me answer your question.

What does it mean when a guy doesn’t respond or doesn’t respond well after you express your feelings to him?

Well, the answer is obvious, and it might not sound pleasing to you. Yes, he doesn’t like you, I don’t think it’s too challenging to catch that.

When a man loves someone truly, he will never show a cold response. In fact, he will go bananas. happiness will be visible on his face.

If he didn’t give a good response, it might mean that he likes someone else. It might also mean many more things, so let’s look at them one by one to understand better.

1: He Cares About His Career More

You may have heard that behind every successful man, there is a woman. Well, this quote sounds great and it’s true in many cases, but some men believe the opposite, according to them, women can stop their progress.

They believe love, relationship, parties, etc are not for them.

They take their career very seriously.

Ask yourself, does he care about his career a lot?

If your answer is Yes, it might be possible that he rejected you or didn’t show any emotion because he believes that getting into a relationship with you might hinder his success.

In this case, you have two paths to choose from, one is to take your career seriously as well and become successful.

Once you are a high-value individual, he will surely come back to you as he will see you as a career giver, not a career destroyer.

The second path is to explain to him how you can help him grow and give reasons why you are the one who can make him shine better. If he gets convinced, he will surely accept you.

2: He Doesn’t Have Any Feelings For You

You are probably in a stage where your mind is saying that leave him and start following your dreams, and your heart is saying that keep trying, one day he will understand your love.

I can understand your pain because I have gone through this same stage and believe me, listening to your mind is better. Heart neglects facts and focuses only on emotions.

By following your heart, you will only get pain. Generating emotion inside a person who doesn’t care about you is nearly impossible, in fact, it is a time waste.

Instead, invest your time in other important things. You will surely find someone more special, someone, who cares about you a lot.

3: You Are In A Friendzone

Guys can put girls into friendzone too, it’s not just a women’s thing. Maybe he did this because he doesn’t wanna pursue a relationship with you but still want to keep you around as a friend.

Friendzone is a tough place to be in as there is a risk of losing friendship if you express your feelings.

But not expressing your feelings will also not do any good as you might never get into a relationship with him if you don’t express your feelings.

Now, what to do in this case? first, try to find out whether you are in a friendzone or not.

To find out, notice how he reacts when he meets with other girls when you are with him.

If he flirts with other women, it strongly indicates that he doesn’t have any feelings for you, you are probably in a friendzone.

Guys avoid flirting when they are with their love. They understand very well that flirting with other girls when their love/crush is with them can put them into trouble.

Breaking a friendzone barrier is difficult. But there is always a way.

The best thing you can do is to keep giving him hints. Make eye contact, flirt with him when you have the opportunity to do, help him when he really needs it ( don’t help him with everything), make him feel jealous, ignore him for some time, etc.

By doing all these things, you can generate some emotions inside him for you. Once you believe that he is caring about you more than ever before, express your feelings to him.

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4: He Got Shocked

Maybe you expressed your feelings to him too quickly, which made him shocked.

How long have you been friends with him? How long have you been dating him?

If the duration wasn’t that long, it is highly likely that you expressed your feelings too quickly, and he didn’t know what to do at that moment, so he didn’t give any response.

It’s okay, give him some time and ask him again what he thinks. But make sure you are not forcing him to take a decision as forcing him might make things more wrong.

5: He Loves Someone Else

It is possible that he loves someone else but he didn’t inform you about it. Some guys keep their things to themselves, they don’t share who they love, or who they hate with anyone.

Maybe you are late, he is already in love with someone else. In this case, well it’s better to accept it and move on. Life is beautiful, you will get your dream man soon, I’m sure.

Don’t focus on things that are not in your hand, focus on things that you can change and which are in your hand. You will feel better if you do this!

Thanks for reading!

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