A Groom’s Playbook for the Perfect Wedding

As a groom-to-be, it’s likely you successfully read the signs she wants to marry you and are now looking forward to your big day. Planning a wedding together can be a challenging yet rewarding experience and one which will reflect the time, effort and energy you both put into it.

While many brides traditionally take charge of wedding preparations, the numbers show that men are beginning to take on a bigger role in this area. According to latest figures from The Wedding Planner Institute (WPI), 25% of grooms now do wedding planning and 54% incorporate their special interests and hobbies into their day to make it more personal. If you would like more involvement in planning your wedding, read on for some key responsibilities to keep in mind to ensure your big day goes to plan.

Wedding Rings

Aside from picking out the perfect engagement ring for your future bride, you also need to consider the type of wedding ring you are going to wear. From tungsten and titanium to beveled-edged and sandblasted, the variety of wedding bands available today can seem overwhelming. Give thought to the size, color, and style of ring you would like to wear, allowing enough time for any customized touches such as engravings, inscriptions or gemstones.

Groomsmen’s Suits

Alongside your own attire, you will also be responsible for your groomsmen’s outfits on the day. Having a theme or dress code in mind can help guide you on suitable styles of clothing as well as these mens wedding attire tips.

Whether you opt for a bespoke three-piece suit or a casual pair of chinos with a blazer, give thought to the colors, fabric and any customized details such as embroidery or linings you would like. Allow plenty of time for any fittings and look out for any wedding party deals that may offer discounts on group orders.

Arrange Transport and Accommodation

Perhaps you would like to surprise your other half or collaborate together on finding the perfect mode of transport. Whether it’s a romantic horse-drawn carriage or a sporty two-seater, the choice of transportation for your wedding can blend in with your overarching theme for the day or introduce a sense of unconventionality or quirkiness that brings a smile to your guests’ faces.

To ensure celebrations continue well into the night, it is helpful to arrange nearby accommodation for your guests. This is especially so for remote wedding destinations and for guests who have traveled further afield to be with you on your big day. Consider local bed and breakfasts and boutique hotels for your guests to spend the night, making sure to negotiate a discount for them.

Plan the Honeymoon

You may decide to plan your honeymoon as a couple, but taking charge of this task can be a wonderful surprise for your other half, injecting a sense of excitement and adventure into your new life together.

When deciding on destinations, factor in both your likes and dislikes, passions and interests to curate the perfect honeymoon. Whether it’s frolicking on a tropical beach, enjoying the local watersports or hiking through majestic mountains and turquoise lakes, take this opportunity to plan a getaway that you and your partner will both look back on fondly.

With these tasks in hand, all that’s left is to celebrate your big day.