What Do Girls Like More? (Money VS Looks) Explained

Girls always say they want a good partner for themselves, a partner who knows how to respect women, and one who doesn’t flaunt his money and knows how to stay grounded.

But when we look in the real world, we find that most girls still choose a douchebag for themselves over nice guys. So it raises a question.

Do girls really want a caring partner for themselves? Or do they want a bad guy who treats them like sh*t?

The answer might surprise you.

What Does Matter Most To Girls (Money Or Looks)

It’s obviously money. Yes, looks do matter, and yes girls do notice how humble and nice you are.

But when it comes to choosing a partner, they are always gonna choose someone who has more power, someone who earns a good amount of money.

For girls, looks are secondary, a good heart and a big bank balance are all they need in a partner.

However, there are some girls who put looks above everything else. For them, a guy has to be handsome. They would never marry someone who doesn’t have an attractive face/personality. Yes, money matters to them too, but looks are more important to them.

Now, let’s talk about what men want. Most men desire a beautiful partner for themselves, and surprisingly men don’t want a rich partner for themselves.

Many men still believe that earning money is their job, not women’s. Men also have a big ego, they think that they should earn more than their partner, otherwise they would lose their leadership position in their home.

In fact, according to a survey, only 17 percent of men want their partner to earn a higher income.

However, like some women, there are some men who want a rich partner for themselves. They find rich girls more attractive, and they think that rich girls can make them rich faster.

How Much Money Does A Woman Want A Man To Make

According to surveys, if you are living in the UK, you need to earn 3,500£ monthly. And if you are from the US, then even 100k in a year is not enough. You’ll need to earn more than 500,000$ a year to be considered rich.

Well, you can see the difference between the US and the UK. Also, the data I presented to you doesn’t show a complete picture. It’s just a rough idea. I can’t go deep into this otherwise the purpose of this post will change.

Making 500k yearly is not a piece of cake. Only 1% of people in the US earn this much money in a year. However, reaching this milestone is also not impossible. If you have a great plan and strong self-belief, you can do it.

Once you are making a significant amount of money in a year, you’ll notice that girls are now taking you much more seriously, it is because money gives you power, confidence, and a strong presence, and girls find these qualities really attractive.

Does Making More Money Makes You More Attractive?

Of course, it does. Money not only fixes all the problems you are going through in your life, but it also provides a massive boost to your confidence.

Money also gives freedom, which means, you’ll have more time to develop your personality. With money, you can buy yourself better clothes, better food, and better education.

I know money can’t fix everything like it can’t provide internal peace, but it can undoubtedly fix many problems.

Girls don’t run behind rich guys just because they are rich, they want rich guys as their partners because subconsciously they know that a rich guy can give their children a better future.

In the stone age, women used to mate only with alpha males because they knew that only alpha males can save them and their children in that period.

Even though society has changed a lot, the mindset is still the same. Women still want an alpha partner for themselves, they want someone who has power.

So earn more if you want to be seen as an attractive man.

What Are Some Other Things Women Care About

Okay, so we just learned that money does matter, it matters a lot. But what if you have money but are still not able to attract women? If that’s the case, you need to fix some problems listed below.

Fashion Sense

Improving your fashion sense is important. Girls notice what you are wearing. They might not tell you this, but they take this really seriously. In fact, according to psychologists, wearing good clothes enhances self-confidence.

So if you can afford good clothes for yourself, you must do that.


Like money, intelligence is another quality that every man should have. Train your mind every day like you train your body. Strong minds create great empires.


Do I need to say anything about this? I guess you all are aware of how important it is. Without confidence, a man is literally nothing. Not to speak of women but men will not respect you as well if you don’t have enough confidence.

Communication Skill

With good communication skills, you’ll be able to express yourself with better words and body language. It will be much easier for you to make new friends and talk to girls.

Increasing communication skill is difficult, but if you keep practicing continuously, one day you’ll become good at it. Consistency is the key!

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