My wife yells at meMy wife yells at me

Are you in a toxic relationship? If yes, this post might help you. Today we are going to discuss what to do when your wife yells at you.

Before I begin, I just wanna let you know that all the points I’m about to mention are based on my personal experiences and the research I did online. I’m just a blogger, if you’re dealing with some really bad stuff, I suggest you to contact a relationship specialist asap!

Now let’s look at those 9 things you can do in this situation.

1: Talk To Her And Explain What You Feel

This is the first thing you should do before taking any action. A good husband will always try to resolve the matter by talking to her partner.

You won’t believe it, but 90% of problems get solved just by talking. Explain to her what you feel when she yells at you, and tell her that you don’t like it.

If she really loves you, she would stop doing it. But if she doesn’t stop, then follow the advice given below.

2: Get Out Of That Relationship

Living with toxic people is the biggest mistake you can do. Negative people always make you feel bad, they don’t care how much you love them or care about them, and they would always try to drag you down.

A toxic wife can make your life a living hell. It’s better to just get out of that toxic relationship and start your life again.

I know you love her, but what’s the benefit of loving someone who doesn’t give a damn about you.

However, it is going to be one of the biggest decisions of your life, so make sure to try your best to fix the problem before taking any step.

Discuss what you feel with your parents, friends, and the people you know the most, only then decide what to do.

3: Find Out Why She Yells At You

Maybe there is a reason why she yells at you. Try to find out the exact issue behind her anger, you can directly ask her if you want.

If you know the reason, you can take the action better. However, if she yells at you without any specific reason, then get out of that relationship as quickly as you can.

4: Do You Yell At Her?

Ask yourself, if you yell at her, then chances are she would yell at you too. Calm down and use your brain before starting a fight with her.

Always try to handle the situation with calm talking. Yelling at your partner would work as fuel, it will make your fight worst.

If you really love her, never yell at her. Don’t make her feel bad, she is your wife, remember that!

5: Help Her In Fixing Her Problems

Maybe she is dealing with some problems and because of it, she has developed some anger issues.

In this case, you must talk to her and ask about the things she is dealing with. try to help her fix the problems. If you would do that, it will make your relationship stronger, and she would stop yelling at you.

6: Does She Take Any Harmful Substance?

Have you caught her taking any bad substances?

Harmful substances can increase anger, according to a study, these substances can alter the neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), and serotonin, which can cause anger to grow.

Help her, she needs it.

Do something that can help her quit this addiction. You can read articles, watch videos, and meet a specialist, but do not let her live like that, she is destroying herself and you need to stop her from doing that because you’re her husband.

7: Get Yourself A Good Attorney

If she doesn’t need any help or she yells at you for fun, then prepare yourself to hire a good attorney because that is the only way to stop her from destroying your mental peace.

A good attorney can handle your case better. They would teach you about your legal rights.

8: Try To Record Everything

If it’s possible for you, then try to record her whenever she yells at you, it can work as a solid proof, which you can later use in court.

She would deny the allegations easily if you don’t have any proof, and sadly when a woman cries, everyone starts to believe her, it’s just human nature and society’s problem.

9: Take A Break

If you don’t wanna break the relationship, then taking a break would be the best thing to do. Leave her alone for some time, and start to pack your bag for a long trip with your buddies.

Spend time with the people with whom you enjoy your time the most. If you can’t take the break, then simply, stop talking to her for some time.


No one wants to live in a toxic relationship, it feels terrible, but taking a divorce is not the only solution. If your wife yells at you, the first thing you should do is to talk to her and clear the complications between you and her.

Talking can fix 90% of the problems and research has proven that. Now, if she doesn’t stop, then you should get out of that relationship as soon as possible because it can literally destroy your mental peace. You would always feel terrible in a relationship like that.

I hope you liked this post, thanks for reading!

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