signs your cousin doesn't like yousigns your cousin doesn't like you

Having a cousin feels great, especially, if he or she shares similar hobbies and interests with you. A cousin most of the time understand and cares about us a lot, but not everyone is lucky, some people have really toxic cousin.

In this post, I’ll be sharing signs that your cousin secretly hates you. Make sure to read the entire post to get the complete info.

Now without wasting any more time let’s begin!

1: Their Conversations With You Are Quite Short

Does your cousin always use short sentences or never express too much with his/her words? If yes, it means your cousin doesn’t think you’re the right person to talk to.

Maybe they don’t like you. To confirm it, just look at the way he talks with everybody else and compare it to yourself.

If his/her way of talking is different for others but not for you, it clearly indicates that your cousin doesn’t like you.

2: Ignores You

Most of the time we only ignore people who we don’t like. If your cousin is trying to ignore you, it indicates that they don’t wanna interact with you at all, in other words, your cousin doesn’t like you.

In this case, you can either try to talk to your cousin about the issue between you and him or simply let him do whatever he is doing.

Talking and sorting out issues is the best thing you can do according to me.

3: Your Cousin Hates What You Love

Your favorite team will become his least favorite team. Evil cousins will hate everything which you love.

Analyze his behavior, does he feels happy when your favorite team is losing?

His behavior will tell instantly whether he likes you or not.

4: They Cancel Plans To Meet With You

Does your cousin cancel the plan to meet you every time? Maybe your cousin doesn’t wanna see you again because he secretly hates you.

If your cousin always gives weird reasons to cancel the plans, then it’s another strong indication that your cousin doesn’t like you.


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5: They Don’t Have Time For You

Every time you call him, he either won’t pick up or use short sentences so that you end the call quickly.

If he is with you, he will behave like he has to leave for something really urgent. He will act busy around you even if he doesn’t have work to finish.

6: Always Ready To Fight

If your cousin gets triggered and starts fighting with you every time doesn’t matter how small the issue is, then it’s another clear sign he doesn’t like you.

Try to avoid fights, talk to him, and clear all the complications between you and him, so that you both can live peacefully.

7: Your Cousin Doesn’t like it When His Family Members Praise You

Does he behave furiously every time his family member praises you?

A good cousin will praise you too, but a bad cousin won’t paise you at any cost, and a bad cousin will try to degrade you in front of people. Also, he will feel anger every time someone puts you above him.

8: Feels Jealous

Your cousin will feel jealous every time you achieve something big in your life. He will do everything to put you down. Your failure will make him happy, but your success will burn his soul.

He won’t attend your success parties or won’t even call you to congrats you on your achievements.

9: Your Cousin Talks Bad Behind Your Back

Talking bad things behind someone’s back is the worst thing you can do. If you have something to say, say it in front of them. Be real always.

Evil cousins won’t say anything in front of you because they hate talking to you, but once you’re gone, they will spread rumors, and false information or they will try to degrade your value in the eyes of people you know.

By doing all this, they will feel happy and satisfied.


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10: They Don’t Maintain Eye Contact With You

They will shift their eyes away instantly. Eye contact is a gesture that you should make while talking to someone.

Maintaining eye contact builds a relationship better, but your cousin doesn’t want to build the connection between you and him better so he will try to not maintain eye contact with you.

11: They Don’t Look At You With A Happy Face

Their face will always look sad around you, even the funniest moment will not make them laugh if they are with you.

Analyze your cousin’s face, does he behave sadly around everybody else or you’re the special one?

12: Negative Vibes

You’ll get negative vibes from your cousin. A good cousin can make your day better through their communication, but a bad cousin will make your day worst.

You’ll not feel comfortable with your cousin if he hates you.

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