She Has A Boyfriend But She Still Likes Me Why?She Has A Boyfriend But She Still Likes Me Why?

Humans are weird, we can never be happy, those who say they are happy with everything they have got are lying. We always need something to be happy.

However, despite being in a relationship, if she wants another man, it’s kinda cheating. But it’s completely normal too.

There are many women who give hints to men even after being in a serious relationship, you may get surprised to know that it’s quite common. Not only women, but men also do the same, in fact, men are less loyal compared to women.

Yes you can say that you are faithful to your partner, but our genes are designed to get attracted by beautiful faces, it’s nearly impossible to avoid being attracted to someone beautiful.

In this post, I’ll inform you what it means when a woman has a boyfriend but still likes you. Make sure to read the entire post to get complete info.

1: She Isn’t Happy In Her Relationship

Choosing the right partner is extremely important, a bad partner can hurt you mentally and physically. However, some people fall into a trap easily and choose the wrong partner for themselves, and it hurts them a lot afterward.

Liking you even after having a boyfriend, is a strong signal that there is something wrong going on in her relationship, and she is now looking for a way out.

If the signals she is giving are strong, then it means she is looking at you as her next partner.

Now, it’s up to you, if you like her too, it might be the right moment to make her your companion, but if you don’t want it, you must talk to her and explain why you don’t want this.

Remember to treat her nicely because she is already going through a bad time.

2: You Are Handsome

As I said, it’s nearly impossible to not give attention to people who have got some extra attractiveness.

It’s human nature, and going against nature is always difficult. Now, if you think you have got good looks, then it’s possible that she isn’t cheating on her boyfriend, she is just playing with you because you are attractive.

You’ll also notice that not only she, but a lot of other women flirt with you too. Enjoy it, don’t take it too seriously.

Also, if you like a girl, take only her compliment seriously.

3: You’re Thinking Too Much

Are you sure she likes you? Sometimes we just start to think too much even though the reality is far different.

Talking nicely, making eye contact, or laughing at your jokes doesn’t mean she is in love with you. Maybe she was just trying to be nice, or she has a nice personality.

Look for stronger hints, so that you can be sure of whether she actually likes you or not. Never jump to a conclusion with just one or two hints.

4: You Have Got A Nice Fashion Sense

Women notice your clothes and the way you wear them. Good fashion sense always attracts people, it’s possible that the way you dress has impressed her a lot.

It doesn’t mean she is cheating on her partner. It just means that you are different and attractive, almost every woman would notice you. Again, don’t jump to conclusions just because she has praised your fashion sense.

Keep yourself stylish because it has been proven that those who wear nice clothes, feel more confident.

And, you know very well how important it is to feel confident. We need confidence everywhere, without it, we can’t achieve big goals.

So never let this habit of being fashionable go away from you!

5: You Are Funny

The world is becoming more and more stressful, everyone is running after money, and that is bringing stress and killing happiness.

In this stressful world, we need people who know how to lift a bad mood. That’s why funny people have so many friends.

Funny people can change our bad moods easily. Also, funny people, most of the time have a positive mindset, which can fill positivity in our life too.

Women just adore funny people. According to science, this is the most attractive trait. No women hate a funny man.

So if people say you are funny, then it’s possible that she likes spending her time with you because you are the one who makes her feel lovely.

However, it doesn’t mean she is in love with you, it might mean, she is with you just because you are funny!

6: Her Partner Isn’t Faithful

Not everyone is lucky, some people get an unfaithful partner. It is very important to test the person with whom you are about to get into a relationship, if you don’t test them, you might regret your decision.

Cheating with your partner is never cool, and if you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, you must avoid it!

Maybe she has caught her partner cheating. Normally women instantly break up when they see their partner cheating on them, but some women still don’t leave their partner instantly, which is kinda sad.

Maybe it’s enough for her now, and that’s why she is now looking for a new partner. Maybe you have the potential to be her partner.

7: You Are Rich

If you are a woman and reading this point, you might disagree with me. It’s a bit controversial.

But, money does attract females. If you are rich, women will give you a lot of hints. Women feel attracted to powerful men. Richness shows that you are somewhat powerful and have achieved a lot in your life.

I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading!

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