What To Do When You Can't Stop Thinking About Her?What To Do When You Can't Stop Thinking About Her?

Life is hardLife is difficultLife is going to punch you in the gut. But when you change your attitude, you change your behavior

So, unless you stand up and vanquish the monster that draws you into the darkness every time, you will be unable to live the life you desire.

I know it’s difficult to let go of her since I know you truly loved her, but if you don’t, your entire life could unravel.

In this piece, I’ll discuss seven things you can do to quit thinking about her. All of the approaches I’m about to provide have been tried by myself and millions of others.

1: Get Obbsesed With Money

Without money, it’s almost hard to gain respect in modern society; to be valuable, one must be wealthy.

However, issues start to occur when we place women before our careers. Many men waste their prime years chasing after women who don’t even give a damn about them.

Most likely, you are doing the same thing. You must realize that she wouldn’t leave you if she truly loved you. Stop investing your precious time in endeavors you may never complete.

Pay attention to something meaningful, and master some abilities that can make you rich and valuable, because if you don’t, the world, and even your family, won’t value you.

2: Start Your Dating Life Again

This is most likely the most effective method for removing her thoughts. Re-energize your dating life.

If you do not do this and chose to live alone forever, her memories will not allow you to live calmly; every night when you are alone, you will be besieged by her emotions.

You can break the cycle by starting dating again. There are several dating apps accessible online that can assist you, or you can go to the nearby club and discover your soul mate there, or you can talk to a female you know and find appealing.

You must do this if you truly wish to overcome her feelings.

3: Understand That It’s Over

Why do you care about her if she doesn’t care about you? I understand how difficult it is to forget someone you once adored since her memories will haunt you anytime something bad happens to you or when you are alone.

So, anytime her memories come to mind, simply feel them and then return to your work. Accept that, while your past was great, you now have work to do to improve your future.

Feeling sad because of her memory will not alleviate your suffering; instead, it will make you weak and prevent you from reaching your life goals.

4: Things Do Get Better With Time

Her recollections will gradually become less vivid as time goes on. When the wound is still raw, it aches, but time is a marvelous healer; it will either entirely erase or at least decrease her thoughts.

Just keep trying and resist the need to go back to her; bear the pain for a while since it will undoubtedly pass eventually.

Your self-respect will suffer greatly if you give up and return to the same individual who doesn’t care about you.

5: Exercise

Exercise has been shown to improve mood numerous times. It will essentially be a win-win situation for you because it will not only help you get rid of her thoughts but also improve and strengthen you.

If you’ve started exercising, don’t stop because you’ll fall back into your old habits.

Furthermore, eat well since it will help your body produce more hormones that make you happy.

6: Stop Spending Time Alone, Go Outside

It’s fine to be alone for a few days following a breakup, but it’s never good to accept loneliness indefinitely. If you actually want to get over her feelings, you must limit your alone time.

Go outside and meet your friends, enjoy your life, go somewhere, and do something new. I know it’s easier said than done, but understand that loneliness will draw you back to her, her thoughts will flood your head, and you will feel even more sadder.

I’m sure you have friends; why not meet them? Stop making excuses to yourself, go meet them as meeting them and spending quality time with them can make you feel better and help you forget about her.

7: Unfollow Her

Stop following her; you must fully erase her from your life. I know you’re curious about what’s going on in her life, whether or not she posts anything about you. Remember, if she truly cared about you, she would never abandon you.

If you do not unfollow or block her, you will undoubtedly return to her page and will be unable to forget her.

Pick up your phone, gather some courage, and do it!

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