She Hugs Me Around The WaistShe Hugs Me Around The Waist

A hug, no matter what kind of hug it is, always feels good, especially when it comes from someone we love.

However, the human mind is insatiably curious, and it is constantly asking strange questions.

I was wondering last night why girls give embraces around the waist. I found that I’m not the only one who is confused about that. 

So I decided to decode it, and here’s what I discovered.

To obtain the entire information, read everything.

Let’s get started!

1: She Feels Secure

If she always chooses to embrace you around the waist, it indicates that she feels really secure when she does so.

Additionally, you will notice that she grabs you firmly while smiling subtly and keeping her eyes closed.

If you notice all these things when she hugs you, it is obvious that she is really in love with you and feels extremely safe in your arms.

However, if she gave you a typical waist hug without showing many facial and body expressions, it can indicate that she isn’t as of now feeling anything for you.

Noticing expressions and body language is critical for determining what she truly thinks of you.

2: You Are Much Taller Than Her

Men are often taller than their female counterparts. If you are taller than her, say 4 or 5 inches taller or higher, she may just give you around the waist hugs because she doesn’t have much choice.

She can’t offer you an above-the-shoulder embrace because you’re too tall. She’d only be able to hug you around the waist.

However, if you bend your knees slightly as you approach her, she may give you an around-the-shoulder embrace rather than an around-the-waist hug. You must try different things once in a while, it keeps the relationship healthy.

3: She Shares A Strong Bonding With You

Without a deep connection, no relationship could endure for very long.

Men in particular have difficulty determining how much their partners truly love them. However, you can figure out what kind of feeling your spouse has for you if you simply pay close attention to their body language.

If she frequently and firmly gives you embraces around the waist. It strongly suggests that she and you are connected on a much deeper level.

Because things like embracing, kissing, flirting, etc. normally fade away when there is no connection in a relationship, it gets really dull.

If your girlfriend hugs you around the waist or in any other way often indicates that your relationship has a lot of chemistry and that things are currently going well.

4: She Feels Comfortable

Perhaps you are too large, too tall, or have a body type that is only ideal for hugs around the waist.

Maybe she doesn’t feel good when she offers you a different form of embrace, which is why she exclusively gives you hugs around the waist.

You’ll note that whenever she offers you a different style of embrace, her body jerks a lot and she appears to be struggling to hold you.

5: You’re Thinking Too Much

Perhaps she hugged you once around the waist and you are now overanalyzing what it might mean.

Hugs around the waist are actually rather frequent, so unless she begins giving you this kind of hug constantly, don’t think too much about it.

Stop overthinking and focus on other ways to capture her heart if it only happened to you once and her hug wasn’t also emotionally full.

6: Some Girls Like Holding Their Partner’s Waist

Some of you might find it a bit strange, but that’s true. If you have a sexy, slim waist, touching it can actually turn on your girlfriend.

Maybe she likes holding your waist, and that’s why she always gives you this hug.

7: She Gets A Better Grip On You

It’s possible that she hugs you in this manner to get a better grip on you. It may seem unusual to you, but it is really plausible since girls appreciate tight embraces, and how can they have a tight hug? When they have a better hold on their man.

What If She Hugs Me Daily?

A very strong indication that she is into you is if she gives you everyday hugs.

It’s also possible that she considers you to be quite attractive and finds it difficult to resist hugging you whenever she sees you.

My recommendation is that if you like her, tell her right now before it’s too late.

Her frequent embraces aren’t typical indications, but they do indicate that she may be feeling something for you. 

However, If you feel like she doesn’t see you as a potential partner or if you are in a friend zone, it’s best to quit wasting your time on her because breaking out of the friend zone is really challenging.

What If She Hugs Everyone But Not You?

Let me tell you a weird story. It happened to me during my college years. A female used to hug every guy I knew except me.

I thought there was something wrong with me, but I discovered that she really likes me and used to ignore me because she was shy and she didn’t want to give away any needy signals.

It may appear strange, but when people are in love, especially ladies, it is quite difficult to understand them.

So, just because she avoids giving you hugs doesn’t mean she dislikes you. It might mean that you are quite stunning and she considers you to be out of her league, which is why she avoids hugging you.

The best course of action in this situation is to go speak with her. Make her feel more at ease with you; if you do this, I’m rather certain that things will change.

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