She Never Texts First But Always RepliesShe Never Texts First But Always Replies

Understanding a woman is challenging, however, it is still possible to find out what they think about us if we catch those tiny little hints they give.

If she doesn’t text you first, it might mean many things. In this post, I’ll mention 8 probable reasons she never texts you first but always replies.

The points I’m about to mention are based on my experience and the research I did online for this post.

Now let’s begin without any delay!

1: She Is Shy

Shy people never text first, their shyness stops them from picking up their phone and texting the person they love.

If you think she is shy, well, you need to do something to make her feel more comfortable with you. Talk to her more whenever you meet her.

Try to increase bonding with her, once she starts to feel comfortable with you, she will surely text whenever she needs you.

Also, it may take some time, so keep on working on the chemistry between you and her until you taste success. Don’t try too much, she might think you are creepy. Do it in limit.

2: You Haven’t Won Her Trust Yet

Trust is crucial in a relationship, without it, no relationship will last long. Women don’t trust easily because there are many men who can break their trust in no time.

Try to do things that can push you closer to her. Help her whenever she needs you.

However, don’t help her in everything, only help her in things that are really important, and she can’t do it without you.

3: She Has A Big Ego

Some girls have a pretty big ego, no matter how much they like you, they’ll just never text you first. They feel like they are queens and every man must do whatever they say.

In this case, you have two options, either stop talking to her completely or text her first every time.

She might change her attitude towards you if you keep talking to her politely. But I don’t recommend dating a girl who has a big ego because it won’t be beneficial for you in a long run.

Find a partner who has less ego and more humility.

4: She Is Playing Hard To Get

When a girl likes you, she takes a lot of tests to find out if you are actually a good man for her or not.

Not texting first could be a sign that she is testing you. She wanna know whether you will text her or not if she doesn’t.

Telling whether she is playing hard to get or not is easy, but you need to focus on the subtle signs she will give away.

Some of the signs are acting busy, bringing you up in her conversation with friends, trying to get your attention but ignoring your compliments, not replying instantly, etc.

To know more about it, you can read the post by

5: She Doesn’t Like You

It might be a little sad to read, but the probability of this is quite high. Girls never text the person they don’t like first.

In fact, guys too never text the person they don’t like first.

If you really like her, then you have to put some effort to get your respect in her eyes back. It may take time, but eventually, you’ll win her trust back, and she might begin to like you.

Find out why she dislikes you, once you know the reason, try to fix it. Don’t lose hope because she is a human, and every human has a heart. She will one day give up and accept you as her friend or maybe more than that.

6: You Are Just An Average

Maybe she doesn’t find anything special in you. Women feel attracted to men who have some kind of special skill, look, or intelligence.

She will not text you until you have something special. Build some skills that can impress people. Or if you have skills, polish them.

Also, earn money. It is something that can attract people easily, it can make you special too. However, earning money isn’t a piece of cake, it takes insane hard work and dedication. Never fear hard work!

7: You Are In A Friendzone

You might be thinking that it is impossible, but let me remind you again, understanding a woman is quite difficult.

There is a chance that you are in a friend zone. Girls usually don’t hold back from texting someone they like or love.

If she isn’t texting you first, it might mean you are just her average friend, nothing more than that.

You should look for some more signs to be sure on this, read the post Why Do Girls Friendzone You & 7 Ways To Come Out Of It

8: You Are New To Her

If you have become her friend recently, she won’t be texting you first. Girls take time to trust.

In this case, you don’t need to worry, just wait and stay her friend for some time. She will text you at some point.

I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading!

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