when he realizes you blocked him

Okay, so you just block him and now want to know what kind of emotions he might be going through. Well, you’re at the right place. I’ll be sharing 10 thoughts that come into the mind of a guy when he gets blocked by a girl who he likes.

This post is based on my personal experience, so some of the points I’m about to mention might look false or weird.

Now without wasting any more time, let’s begin!

1: Maybe Someone Else Has Come Into Her Life

Maybe she doesn’t like me anymore and wants to distance herself that’s why she has blocked me.

This is the most common thought that comes into the mind of a guy after getting blocked by someone he really loves.

Btw, women generally don’t get a thought like this when they get blocked by a guy. But, men are different, their thinking is different. People say, understanding a woman is difficult, but men are complex creatures too.

2: Maybe I’ve Annoyed Her

Did I send too many memes or messages to her?

Many guys on social media are annoying as f, most of them don’t even know that they are annoying someone.

If you know a guy on social media who sends a lot of messages or memes to you, just tell him that you don’t like it, just give him a warning, if he doesn’t agree, block him, it’s your right.

3: Maybe She Hates Me

This is the worst feeling a guy can get. When we love someone, we create an imaginary bond with the person we love, we forget that if the person whom we love doesn’t love us back, one day this bond will break.

And, when that day comes and the bond breaks, it hurts like hell. Maybe the guy you’ve blocked loves you a lot. There are so many guides available online that can guide you on how to find out whether the guy you’re talking to loves you or not.

If you think he loves you but you don’t like him or see him as your friend, talk to him before blocking him, so that you can save him from going into the deep darkness of sadness.

It’s always better to talk first before taking an action like this.

4: Did I Say Something Wrong To Her

Did I just send her a message or picture that she doesn’t like?

This one is another very common thought that comes into the mind after getting blocked by a girl. Most of the time men are aware of what type of message to send and what to avoid but some guys don’t know their limits, however, it’s always better to warn him before blocking him.

5: I Should Move On Now

Okay, so I’ve got blocked by her, now I think I should move!

These types of men are awesome, I like them. They don’t cry for a girl who doesn’t love them. Finding guys like these are becoming harder and harder. The world now has a lot of simps, we need guys who know how to move on!

6: She Doesn’t Deserve Me

These types of guys believe in themselves more than anyone else. If she has blocked me, that means she doesn’t deserve me, I deserve better!

However, most guys like these are self-obsessed and overconfident.

7: I Hate Her

How can she block me? She is a wh#re, I hate her!

Yes, the guy you’ve blocked might freak out and begin to hate you from his heart. Some guys are very sentimental, they can’t handle situations like these. Let them stay on your block list.

8: I Should Meet Her And Ask Why Did She Block Me

I like those guys who try to sort everything out. These types of guys understand feelings and know how to build relationships better.

If the guy is serious about you, you may consider meeting him in real life and sort out all the problems going on between you and him.

9: Let’s Create A Fake ID And Follow Her Again

Yes, these psychos exist! Just stay away from them. If you’ve blocked him on Instagram, there is a feature on Instagram that lets you block all the ID’s the person could create in the future. Select that option and save yourself from these freaks!

10: Feeling Sad

Maybe he loves you a lot and after getting blocked by you, he is maybe spending his nights crying and watching the only picture he has of you.

Well, losing a guy like this is your loss. It’s hard to find a guy who truly loves you!

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