She Texts Me First Then Leaves Me On ReadShe Texts Me First Then Leaves Me On Read

One of the most annoying things is when a girl we love so much initiates the conversation and then leaves our messages on read.

Every male has experienced this, and if you are reading this, you most likely are experiencing it right now.

I’ll attempt to decipher what it implies in this piece of writing, so keep reading for all the details!

1: She Is Confused About You

Girls are strange; it is difficult to understand a woman. If she texts you first and then leaves your messages on seen, it shows that she has feelings for you but is unsure whether you will be the right partner for her.

It happened to me while I was in college. A girl would always text me first, but after a period of chatting, she would leave my texts on read. After a few months, she said that she liked me.

I was surprised when she proclaimed her love for me because I had assumed she wasn’t interested in me because she used to reply late and leave my messages on read, but I was mistaken.

That day, I realized how tough it is to understand a woman. You have no idea what’s going on in their minds.

The moral of the story is to not lose hope. She probably likes you a lot, but she’s just a little confused right now.

2: You Are Her True Friend

Who do we turn to when we are feeling down or sad? When most people are upset about anything, they turn to their friends.

Maybe you’re her bestie, and whenever she’s unhappy, she just picks up her phone and texts you, and when she starts to feel better, she stops chatting.

You’ll be surprised to learn how common it is. In fact, you’ve probably done the same thing; remember the time you called a friend when you were having a bad day, and when you started to feel alright you ended the chat? So it’s quite common, everyone does that.

3: She Doesn’t Have Anyone To Text

You might find this point a little difficult to digest, but the likelihood is quite high.

Maybe she texted you because she didn’t have someone to converse with.

If this is the case, it is clear that she doesn’t really care about you, but simply texted you because she was bored and didn’t have anybody else with whom to chat, and once she got someone to chat with, she decided to discontinue the conversation with you.

4: She Doesn’t Want To Lose Connection With You

Maybe you were her friend once and spent a lot of time with her, but now you’re no longer in contact, but she doesn’t want to lose contact with you and wants to preserve that same friendship with you.

That’s why she always texts you so you can stay in touch with her.

That is something that a lot of my friends do. They just text me and inquire about what’s going on in my life, and once they’ve learned about my life updates, they end the chat.

5: You Give One Word Answers

Have you ever attempted to assess your communication abilities?

If she always leaves your messages on seen, it’s a good indication that she doesn’t engage with you much and that you should work on your chatting skills.

Perhaps your one-word responses are the reason she doesn’t respond to you. It is difficult to respond to one-word responses.

When we get a one-word response from someone, we get the impression that the person we’re speaking with isn’t interested in us.

So, avoid giving one-word answers. Make your text more interesting. However, it will not happen overnight; you must practice it on a daily basis.

You can get assistance from the Internet. There are numerous excellent videos and blog posts available on how to improve your chatting skills.

Go watch them and try to put what you’ve learned into practice.

The video above piqued my interest. The video is not about chatting, but more about how to approach a woman in general.

So watch it since the video’s creator, Hamza, has offered some extremely amazing tips.

6: She Wanted To Know Something

Maybe she just wanted to know about something, and once she got the answer, she had no interest in talking to you.

Maybe she is just using you, nothing else. Does she always contact you regarding work?

If yes, then there is a high chance that she doesn’t have any feelings for you, and you should stop being her slave now.

Stop helping her with everything. Stand up for yourself, and tell her that you can’t help her in everything.

See if she talks once you’ve denied helping her.

7: You Are Thinking Too Much

Maybe she left your message on read just once, and now you are thinking too much about it.

Stop messing up your brain if it only happened to you once!

8: She Is Really Busy Nowadays

In this hectic world, everyone has some sort of unfinished work. She might not have much time to talk to people these days because she is so busy.

If such is the case, not only will she not talk to many people, but neither will you, since she is likely aware that if she starts to spend her time conversing with people, who will finish her unfinished work? No One!

No one in this world accomplishes our work; we must complete our own tasks.

You may do one thing here, though. You can ask her whether she’s busy right now, and if she is, she will undoubtedly let you know.

9: She Cares About You

Last but not least, if she texts you first, it demonstrates that she cares about you.

Women do not text first in general; they only text first to those who have some worth.

Perhaps she secretly likes you, but she is too afraid to tell you. Waiting for her to confess may be a bad idea because women rarely approach guys.

Take charge of the situation, and if you like her, tell her right away! Don’t wait since her actions indicate that she is interested in you.

Furthermore, take note of the type of text she sends you. If she compliments you or tries to flirt with you via text, it’s still another clue that she likes you.

I hope you liked this post.

Thanks for reading!

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