What Makes A Man Sexually Attractive? (14 Super-Hot Things)

Attracting a woman sexually is difficult, especially, if she is beautiful and has many options to choose from. However, if you know the things that women find sexy in a man, then you can attract women sexually.

Today in this post, I’ll discuss what can you do to become physically hot in eyes of women.

So without wasting any time, let’s begin!

1: Money

Money is something we all need, without money, you won’t be able to fulfill all of your desire, it’s important for our family too.

There is a myth that women don’t care about money. It’s pure BS! Money does matter, in fact, if you are a millionaire, you will instantly become attractive. Every woman will give attention to you.

It’s because money indicates that you have done hard work in your life and you are a high achiever. Women subconsciously want a partner who can offer a better future to them.

If you are serious about attracting females, you have to build wealth. Keep grinding and make an enormous amount of money, women will surely feel attracted to you!

2: A Symmetrical Face

Facial structure is one of the first things women notice when they meet you. Having a perfectly balanced face is considered to be the most attractive.

Sadly, according to a study, only 2% of the world’s population has true facial symmetry. However, the good thing is that you can make your face appear symmetrical even if you don’t have one.

You have to add some facial exercise and a good diet to your daily routine. Cellaxys.com has listed some really good exercises you can do to make your face appear symmetrical.

The facial exercise might be hard to follow at the beginning but once you have some experience in it, it will be much easier for you.

Also, results take time, so be patient and keep doing the exercises.

3: Arms

A popular magazine GQ asked 108 women, what male body part they find sexiest, and women ranked arms as the number one.

4: Shoulders

After arms, shoulders got the most votes. It is not surprising. Strong shoulders are every woman’s weakness, in fact, when I asked my female friends about the body part they find most attractive, almost every friend of mind included shoulders in their list.

Strong shoulders indicate masculine power. Women feel that guys who have stronger shoulders are much more powerful than those who don’t. They are not wrong by the way.

Work on your shoulders, women do notice them!

5: Kindness

Douchebags are everywhere, but kind people are rare! Be kind to everyone, it doesn’t cost anything, plus it’s an attractive trait too. Girls pay attention to how nicely you treat others.

You may have read that girls feel attracted to guys who treat them like a B*tch, but that’s not true. Bad guys only attract a handful of girls, but most girls still look for nice and kind guys.

6: Voice

Having a deeper and smooth low-pitched voice can make you sexually attractive. However, we can’t modulate our voice much unless we go for vocal surgery, which I don’t recommend at all as natural is beautiful!

There are some foods and exercises however that can affect your voice, they won’t change your voice drastically but they can do enough for you.

Menshealth.com has published some really good exercises and techniques that might help. Go check it out by clicking here!

7: Humor

In this stressful world, women want a man who can make them laugh and make their day slightly better, but finding that guy is hard because most men lack this skill.

Becoming humorous isn’t easy, especially for introverts. This skill takes a lot of time to develop, however, it’s not impossible to become funny.

Every group has a funny guy, just spend your time with him, and observe how he generates humor. By spending your time with him, you can learn a lot of things. Spending time with the funniest person you know is the best way to become funny.

Once you know how to put smiles on people’s faces, girls will surely feel attracted to you. Girls want a partner who can fill their life with laughs. It’s highly attractive!

8: Fashion Sense

99% of men lack fashion sense, they all do boring fashion, however, you can be different by simply developing the art of fashion!

Girls notice what type of clothes, shoes, and accessories you wear. By the way, they won’t tell you that they notice it, they judge it quietly.

You may have noticed that guys who wear good clothes get a lot of attention from girls.

Also, according to research, wearing good clothes can make you feel confident. So don’t think that spending your money on clothes is a bad idea. It could be a great idea for you, especially, if you don’t feel confident!

9: Jawline

A strong jawline is another feature that can make girls feel sexually attracted to you. A strong jawline makes your face appear slimmer and symmetrical, and the best thing is that you can build your jawline stronger through simple facial exercises.

Also, if you have a full beard then trimming it according to your jawline can also help. Otisskincare.com has a very good article about it.

10: Beard Connection

You may have heard that women find a beard super sexy, but there are some things you must know before growing your beard.

A beard doesn’t look good on everyone, some men look better in a clean shave. However, almost everyone looks fine in a neatly trimmed beard.

Thick beards don’t amaze women much, in fact, it is even worse than a clean shave. Women find nearly trimmed beards hot, it makes your face appear stronger and symmetrical which increases your chances of attracting females sexually.

11: Smile

There is nothing sexier than a cute smile. It is one of the first things that women notice in men because it grabs their attention almost instantly.

A smile can make you appear more confident and approachable. Smile whenever you can, it doesn’t cost anything!

12: Properly Cut Nails

Believe it or not, girls do notice whether your nails are properly cut or not. Long nails and dirty nails are a big turn-off for women. Cut your nails or clean them before going on a date, it’s really crucial!

13: Body Scent

Having a bad body cent can literally make you one of the least attractive men in this world, it’s the worst quality to have. Not only girls but guys too don’t like those guys who smell like skunk.

Clean yourself daily and use good perfume. Also, limit spicy foods cause they can make your body scent poor.

14: Eye Contact

Maintaining longer eye contact is difficult, especially with girls who are incredibly sexy. It requires an insane amount of confidence and practice to become good at it.

But once you master this skill, you’ll be able to attract girls without actually talking to them.

There are many great videos available on the internet that can help, you just need to search “Eye contact practice” and that’s it, you’ll find many good tutorials explaining what type of mistakes you do and how can you overcome them.

I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading!