Signs A Leo Man is in Love With youSigns A Leo Man is in Love With you

Leo people express fewer emotions compared to other zodiac signs, and that’s why it’s quite tough to find out what they are exactly thinking of.

However, they do give some subtle signs that can help us in finding out whether they actually love us or not.

In this post, I’ll be sharing 10 very strong signs that a Leo man is in love with you, make sure to read everything to get the complete info.

Let’s begin!

1: He Makes Strong Eye Contact

Strong eye contact is a positive signal, it indicates that he is really into you. Leo males usually don’t make longer eye contact (longer than 2 seconds) with girls they don’t like, in fact, they avoid it.

If he maintains eye contact for longer than 2 seconds every time he sees you, it means that you aren’t a normal girl for him, you’re special.

2: He Always Feels Happy Around You

Did you notice his happiness whenever he comes close to you? Guys feel awesome when they spend time with the love of their life.

It feels like thousands of butterflies roaming inside the stomach. Even though Leo’s are not that expressive, you would still see some glimpse of happiness on his face.

Find out whether he feels that same happiness with every girl or not. If you don’t see that same happiness on his face when he is with another girl, it means he enjoys his time with you more, and it’s a sign that he is in love with you.

3: He Compliments You A Lot

One or two compliments here and there are quite normal, but noticing numbers of compliments from the same guy almost every day isn’t normal at all.

Just think about it, why would a guy compliment you every day? He must be in love with you, right?

Do one thing, next time when he complements you on something, compliment him back and see his reaction, he will definitely blush, especially, if he actually loves you.

4: He Talks About You With His Friends

Leo men trust their friends a lot and they share almost everything with them. If he loves you, his friends will definitely know it.

Notice his friends reaction whenever you talk to him, if his friends begin to cheer or tease him, it clearly tells that there is nothing not normal.

However, if you don’t like it, you can always tell him. He would obey your request if he really loves you, he would ask his friends to not do these types of things.

5: He Never Leaves Your Message On Seen Or Replies Late

Replying late or leaving a message on seen is one of the strongest signs that a guy doesn’t like you.

Leaving messages on seen shows that he just doesn’t want any communication with you, it’s a way of showing that you don’t deserve any place in my life.

However, replying quickly and never leaving messages on seen shows that the guy values you a lot, by his quick replies, he is showing you that he cares about and wants to be a part of your life.

Sadly, most girls believe that guys who reply quickly are needy and desperate for love, but that’s not always true. Some guys only reply fast to the girls they like.

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6: He Supports And Takes Stands For You

When a guy loves you, he would not bear anyone who makes fun of you. He would fight for you and always support you in every little thing of your life.

Men are built that way, they are naturally protective. When he tries to protect you, it doesn’t mean that you’re weak or you can’t deal with your own things, he protects you because he sees you as something valuable and worth protecting, get it?

Also, Leo’s men are very protective, they have a warrior nature, and it kicks in when Leo sees danger. It’s another advantage of dating a Leo.

7: He Tries To Look Good In Front Of You

Do you always see him in stylish clothes? The majority of men don’t do it for every girl, in fact, some men don’t even care about how messy their hair is, or how dirty their clothes are looking.

However, if a guy loves you, he would definitely do his best to look good in front of you. he will try to know what types/colors of shirts, and accessories you like. Don’t be surprised if you see him wearing your favorite color shirt.

8: He Feels Jealous

Notice his face when you talk to another guy, he may show some negative facial expressions. Guys feel jealous when the girl they love talks to another guy, however, the jealousy level depends on the guy.

Leo men typically don’t feel jealous when someone initiates a conversation with the girl they like, they usually have an open mindset, and that’s a good thing because having a boyfriend who feels insecure feels like having a protective father. Also, relationships with overprotective guys don’t last long.

9: He Likes Your Every Pic

Did you notice it? Tbh, it’s not a very strong sign, but when a Leo is liking all your pictures, it’s a sign that he secretly loves you.

If you like him too, don’t waste the opportunity, maybe he would fall in love with another girl if you would not show any positive response.

If you like him, then initiate the conversation, and stop waiting for the right moment.

10: He Smiles Genuinely When He Sees You

Catching a genuine smile is easy, just focus on his eyes when he smiles. If his eyes move when he smiles, it’s a genuine smile, but if his face is still while smiling, it means he is faking it.

A genuine smile is contagious, it increases the attractiveness instantly. If he always smiles genuinely when he sees you, he has something special for you in his heart.

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