17 Sure Signs She Wants To Marry You Someday

Women are made different, they are hard to understand. Sometimes it feels like they want us and sometimes it feels like they hate us.

However, there are some ways that may help us in detecting what women actually want, in this post, I’ll be sharing 17 signs that show the girl you’re talking to wants to marry you someday.

So without wasting any more time, let’s jump right into it!

1: She Calls You Without Any Reasons

Do you get calls from her without any big reasons? If yes, congrats, she is really into you, and she may see you as her potential husband.

Girls can’t live without hearing the voice of the guy they love. So it’s a clear indication. I suggest not picking up the call for some time or intentionally ignoring some of her calls and seeing how she reacts.

If she is mad at you for not picking up her calls, or asks why you were so busy? It’s another great way to tell that she really wants you in her life. She is obsessed with you and can’t live even a second without you.

2: She Matches Astrology Compatibility

Matching astrology compatibility is a clear sign that she sees her future with you. Did she ask about your zodiac sign or birth date with time and location? if yes, she is definitely matching her and your compatibility.

She may want to know how her married life would be. There are many astrologists available online, look at her phone history, did she visit an astrology site?

However, checking someone’s history is a bad thing. Instead, directly ask her, are u matching mine and your compatibility online? If she says yes, then begin the preparation of marriage. You’re about to get married soon.

3: She Talks About Kids

Kids are adorable, every married couple would love to have cute babies one day. If you notice that she is nowadays talking a lot about kids or thinking of having kids one day, then she might be ready to be your bride.

However, girls naturally like kids because they look adorable, but a sudden change is a sure sign that she is seeing her future with you.

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4: She Talks About How Her Married Life Would Be With You

If your girlfriend is talking about how her married life would be with you, then it’s another clear sign that she wants to marry you.

Getting married is a dream of every girl and when she includes you in it, then it means you’re more than special to her. She puts you above anybody else.

5: She Talks About Her Future With You

Having a secure future is really important and planning how to secure the future is even more important. When a girl loves you and wants you to be her husband, she begins to share her ideas about how to have a promising future.

If you notice, your girlfriend is sharing some ideas or tips to create wealth for the future, she might be interested in being your life partner.

6: She Invites You To Meet Her Parents

If she is inviting you to meet her parents or her parents are now suddenly become interested in knowing where you live and what you do for a living, then she is really serious about the relationship.

She might have told her parents that she sees you as her husband. To be more clear on this, you can talk to her parents and know what she has told them. This will give you a clearer picture of whether she actually wants to be your wife or not.

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7: She Helps You In Almost Everything

You are really lucky if you have a partner that helps you in every situation. If she never leaves your way regardless of the condition, it obviously tells how much she wants you.

This also shows the trust levels she has in you, and a woman only trusts a man that much when she sees herself as a bride. Nobody helps without any reason, so if she is helping you in each and every step, then she wants something from your side, and in this case, she wants to be your wife.

8: She Encourages Unprotected S*x

According to Verywellmind, when people are keen to get married, they may have no issue ignoring birth control, mainly if the relationship is serious and monogamous. But until partners are married, it is not safe or smart to have unprotected s*x. So if your spouse is inviting for unprotected s*x, this is a warning sign.

For example, your partner may receive an unexpected pregnancy and see it as an entrance to marriage. If you are not prepared for a baby or marriage, be certain to use contraception every time. Pregnancy needs discussion and should not be a spur-of-the-moment judgment.

9: She Has Been Engaged With You

If she is engaged to you, she will surely think about marrying you. It is the most obvious sign that she wanna marry you. However, if you’re not happy or don’t wanna marry her even after engagement, then convey your message politely.

Tell her that you aren’t feeling good, and if we become a couple, we will be a bad one. However, this may lead her to depression or mental breakdown, so be 200% sure before doing this.

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10: She Loves Talking To/About You

When a woman truly loves you and wants to marry you someday, she will never get tired of talking to you. She will find silly ways to talk to you.

It might be overwhelming at first, but over time you’ll find it normal. So do not get frustrated just because she is talking more, it’s a sign that she loves you.

Also, she will talk about you with almost everyone she knows. She will talk about how good you look, and also about your achievements. She wanna prove to everyone that you’re the best guy on this planet.

11: She Makes Sacrifices For You

Not only men but women also make sacrifices. You’ll find that she is now ready to leave the place where she lived for years so that she can live with you.

Women sacrifice more than a man, just ask your mom, she has sacrificed a lot to give you a better future.

12: She Never Lies To You

According to experts, telling a little fib here and there doesn’t make you a horrible person, but there’s a rather broad spectrum when it comes to fibbing.

People lie in relationships to save face, avoid fights, defend their egos, save their image, and simply to avoid hurting their partner’s emotions,

However, If she wants to make this relationship strong and set a strong foundation, she will begin to limit fibbing. She will show you her most genuine personality.

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13: She Really Misses You When You’re Not Around Her

Did you notice those hundreds of texts and missed calls? The girl who dreams about marrying you will find even a second incredibly difficult without you.

14: She Talks About Everything

She will talk about literally everything lies, why her dog didn’t eat the food, how her day went, how many times her boss screamed at her, how terrible Jennifer’s dress was looking etc.

She won’t cut the phone for hours.

15: She Never Feels Boring Around You

She will never react bored around her. And her feet will also point towards you. All her body will say that she loves around you.

16: You Always Notice Big Smile On Her Face

She will always have a big smile on her face because she is happy that you both will be one day called a married couple. The constant thought of marrying you would make her smile long-lasting.

17: She Reads Wedding Magazines

Is she buying a lot of wedding-related magazines nowadays? If yes, then she is preparing herself for the marriage. She is taking tips from the magazines on how to look good in the wedding dress and where to buy the best dress.


A woman’s behavior changes drastically when she decides that she is gonna marry you someday. You can catch whether she is actually thinking of marrying you or not by looking at her behavior.

The most common signs that she sees you as her potential husband are, calling you a lot of times in a day, talking about the benefits of marriage, liking or talking about kids more, encouraging protected s*x, and wedding-related things.

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