Signs A Leo Man Misses YouSigns A Leo Man Misses You

Trust me, it’s hard to detect what’s going on inside the mind of a Leo man. They are one of the least expressive zodiac signs and their mood changes a lot.

However, if you notice the signs I’m about to mention in this post from a Leo man, it definitely means that he still loves, in other words, he still misses you a lot.

So make sure to read everything in this post to get the complete info. Now let’s begin without wasting any time!

1: He Maintains Longer Eye Contacts

Even if he isn’t talking to you much nowadays, he will still make strong eye contact with you.

By making strong eye contact, he is giving you hints about what he is going through right now.

You’ll see some unusual expressions when he maintains eye contact with you (generally sad expression).

Try to note how long he maintains eye contact with you, if he holds longer than 3 seconds, it’s not normal.

It tells that he has a lot of feelings for you, he probably misses you a lot.

If you miss him too, then you should try to talk to him, and resolve everything that is wrong between you and him.

Leo’s are kind, they forgive people easily, so make the first move and resolve the complications.

2: He Talks About You With His Close Friends

Leo trusts their friends a lot, they share almost everything with them. To find out whether he misses you or not, you can contact one of his friends.

I know it doesn’t sound right, but to be sure about this, you can take this step and talk to one of his friends. You can literally get tons of info from his friend. It’s like finding a key to a treasure.

However, if you don’t wanna do anything like this, then continue reading other points mentioned in this post.

3: He Likes Your Every Social Media Pictures

When guys miss someone, they become more connected to social media. They start to spend a big chunk of their time there.

If you’re seeing likes from him on your random social media pictures, it can’t be a coincidence. It indicates that he still misses you.

4: He Texts You First

Does he always text you first? Well, this could be the most prominent and strongest sign that he still misses you.

Leo men typically have a big ego which stops them from messaging someone first. So if a Leo is coming out of his zone for you, it indicates that you’re quite important to him, and you must not ignore him.

Leo hates being ignored by someone really close to their heart. It makes them really angry.

So next time when he texts you first, try to reply him quickly, if he gets a quick reply from your side, he will definitely feel great, and he might start to fall in love with you again.

5: He Responds To Your Messages Quickly

As I said, Leo men typically have a big ego inside them and that stops them from messaging first and replying quickly, however, in some cases, when someone is really precious to them, they reply as soon as possible.

They can literally do anything to please the person they love. They don’t have a big romantic side in them, but sometimes they do those little things to impress their love partner.

Send him a message and check how quickly he replies, and also check how long his texts are, if he sends longer texts with full of emotions, it clearly means, he still has a lot of feelings for you.

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6: He Feels Jealous

Leo gets jealous easily, especially, when they see their partner laughing and enjoying their time with someone else.

Look at his expressions when you’re with another guy. You would notice some unusual facial expressions, however, you would need to pay attention because those expressions will come only for a short period of time (maybe just 2 or 3 seconds), leo’s are good at hiding their pain, so make sure to quickly look at him when you meet someone else.

However, if you don’t see any expression, it might mean that he is hiding his jealousy or maybe he just doesn’t care about you anymore. Chances of him hiding his jealousy is more btw.

7: He Never Talks To You In A Rude Manner

You’ll always notice a polite tone in his voice. Some men start to behave rudely after a breakup, but most leo’s are not like that, they never disrespect someone, doesn’t matter how badly they’ve been hurt.

A polite nature toward you might also mean that he still misses you and want you in his life. However, it is not the strongest of signs.

8: He Is Always Ready To Help You

Doesn’t matter what time, day, month, or whether it is, he will always be ready to help you.

Their zodiac sign has the nature of Lion, which means they never fear and have a warrior like nature.

Whenever you need help, just call a Leo, most of the time, they help, and the good this is that they never demand anything in return after the help.

9: He Uploads Sad Status

Do you see a lot of sad status from his side on WhatsApp and Instagram? Well, this could be another sign that he still misses you.

Notice who he is sharing his status with.

On Instagram, if you’re seeing that this status is only for his close friends, it indicates that he wants you to see his status.

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In WhatsApp, it’s impossible to find out with how many people he is sharing his status with, however, there is a way, contact his friend, if he is unable to see his status, but you can see it, then this is a very clear sign that he is sharing sad status for you, and that indicates that he still misses you.

10: He Refrains From Dating For A Long Time

He would stop dating for a while because he would not be able to generate the emotions which are required to date someone.

Your memories will stop him from dating any girl. Find out how long he stays single, the longer the time, the longer the impact he had after the breakup.

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