When I was in high school, a girl always used to play with her hair whenever she talked to me. I used to get confused, and a lot of questions used to pop into my head about it.

So today finally, I got my answer, and I’m ready to share it with you.

What Does It Mean When A Girl Plays With Her Hair?

If a girl is playing with her hair while talking to you, it indicates that she is attracted to you.

Yes, playing with hair is a strong sign that she likes you, however, it’s not true every time as some girls start to play with their hair when they feel anxious or nervous, so there is no single meaning behind this action, in fact, there are 6 reasons, so let’s look at them one by one to understand better!

1: She Likes You

It’s very hard to find out what’s cooking inside the head of a girl. They are very good at hiding their feelings, however, their body does give some subtle signs that can help us in understanding what type of feelings they have for us.

To catch those subtle signs, you literally have to be an expert because it’s actually quite hard. However, I can help you as this post is revealing one subtle sign that females give when they are attracted by you, and that is “playing with her hair”.

If she begins to play with her hair when she meets you, it’s a strong sign that she finds you attractive. if you find her attractive too, well that’s a chance right there.

You must not waste any time, just confess your love to her, and there is a high possibility that she will accept.

2: She Wants To Feel Confident

When we don’t feel confident, we try to calm our minds down by doing some weird things, like chewing our nails, adjusting our body posture, and tapping our feet on the ground. These things actually work, and they help us feel better.

Girls’ body reacts a little differently than us, some girls start to play with their hair to relax their minds. Maybe when she was talking to you, she just wasn’t confident enough, she was anxious and to calm her brain down she started playing with her hair.

Also, girls generally don’t feel unconfident in front of guys they don’t find attractive, so it again indicates that she has got flattered by your looks and wants you as her lover.

3: She Is Trying To Look Cute

Your hair plays a big role in how your face will appear to others. It can literally make or break your look. That’s why keeping your healthy is so vital.

Some people don’t feel good about their hair, they believe that their hair isn’t as good as they want it to be, so when they meet someone pretty, they try to adjust it so that they can give their best look possible to them.

It is likely that she was not playing with her hair but actually trying to adjust it to look better. The good thing is that it is another positive point, it indicates that she wanted to impress you, which also means that she likes you!

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4: Maybe She Is Suffering From Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania is a rare disorder, according to a study, 2.5 million people in the United States may have trichotillomania at some time during their lifetimes. 

It is also known as a hair-pulling disorder. In this disorder, patients will feel an irresistible urge to pull out hair from their scalps. It is possible that she is suffering from this disorder, however, the chances are low as it is rare.

Notice if she is just playing with her hair or pulling it out. Maybe she was stopping herself from pulling her hair out when she was with you because she didn’t want to give any bad impression to you. However, her disorder forced her to keep touching her hair.

See if she pulling her hair or not when she is alone. if she is, well it’s time to help her. You can learn more about this disorder at Mayo Clinic.

5: She Is Flirting

When girls flirt with a guy, their body starts to do some girly things like acting childish, playing with their hair, coming close, etc. If she is showing these signs whenever you talk to her, it might mean that she wants something more than just friendship. 😉

I know we exactly can’t figure out how a woman’s mind works, even girls struggle to understand other girls, however, the signs that I’ve mentioned above strongly suggest that you should go for her, she won’t reject you if she is single.

Girls don’t flirt heavily with someone they aren’t attracted to, so it might be your chance to win her heart. You must grab this opportunity with both of your hands if you like her too!

6: It’s Her Habit

I’ve been reading a fantastic book called Atomic Habits, you should read it if you haven’t already, the book is filled with a lot of great things that can make your life 37% better every year.

According to that book, if you do something for a long enough time, it will become a habit.

It is possible that she is doing it not because she is attracted to you, she is doing it cause it has become a habit. It’s hard to break a habit or develop a new one. I don’t think playing with your hair is a bad habit, however, it can surely give wrong hints to some guys as there are guys who believe that if a girl is playing with her hair while talking to them, it surely means she is attracted to them.

However, it is not true, there could be 5 more reasons, and I’ve mentioned them above. So if you know someone who believes in this BS, share it with them.

I Hope You Liked This Post. Thanks For Reading!

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