Signs She Doesn't Like You More Than A FriendSigns She Doesn't Like You More Than A Friend

Women are excellent at hiding their thoughts, so it can be quite tough to figure out what a woman thinks about us. However, if you pay attention to the small signs that a woman shows, you can figure out what she might be thinking of you.

I’ll go through nine indicators in this piece that can help you determine whether she likes you more than a friend or not.

So be sure to read the whole post to get all the details!

1: She Flirts With Other Guys In Your Presence

When our crush flirts with other guys but not us, it makes us feel awful. It feels like a large knife has been thrust directly into our hearts.

It’s obvious that she doesn’t want you as her life mate if she flirts with other men when you are with her.

She’s discreetly telling you that she merely wants to stay friends with you by flirting with other men.

2: She Turns Romantic Conversation Into A Friendly And Boring One

We all want to converse romantically with our crush, but if your crush has no affection for you, no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to keep the romantic conversion continuing.

If you approached her with romantic intentions and she transformed the conversation into a friendly one, it’s clear that she doesn’t regard you as an ideal partner.

However, if you have never talked to her romantically, you should try it because it can help you discover what she truly thinks of you.

3: She Never Flirts With You

She would never say anything flirtatious, and if she did, it would be in a friendly way.

Women typically do not flirt with males who they do not perceive as potential partners.

Has she ever given you a compliment? Does she flirt with other men but not with you? If that’s the case, I don’t think you need any additional proof that she’s not into you.

Her actions obviously indicate that she isn’t interested in you, and you should move on as soon as possible!

4: She Assists You in Approaching New Women

You’ll see that she doesn’t get envious when you talk to other women; in fact, she works to make you more attractive to other women.

When a woman is in love, she hates it when her crush talks to other women because she starts to feel jealous, but when she is not in love, she won’t feel any jealousy.

When you are speaking with other ladies, watch her expression. If she appears normal or joyful, this is a clue that she does not currently feel any feelings for you.

5: She Doesn’t Reply To Your Messages Quickly

Social media can reveal a lot of things to you. If she responds to your messages as soon as she sees them, likes every image you upload, and responds to every story you share, it definitely suggests that she has a tight bond with you and probably likes you.

However, if she does not respond to your messages, leaves them on seen, or responds very late, it is an indicator that she does not take you seriously at all.

Most women enjoy conversing with the person they love; in fact, they wait for it all day.

When they dislike someone, though, they try to ignore their communication.

If this is happening to you, you must understand that she is uninterested in you and that you must leave her.

Chasing a woman who fails to give some of her time to you is a tremendous mistake.

Get her out of your head, buddy, because running a woman who doesn’t care if you’re alive or dead is a waste of time!

6: She Introduces You To Others As A Friend

You’ll see that whenever you meet with her, she refers to you as her friend.

She would in fact make it apparent to everyone that you are only her friend and that she is not in a relationship.

It’s obvious that you are in the friend zone if she simply introduces you to people by calling you her friend and not her boyfriend or if she subtly hints to them that she is single.

7: She Gives Friendly Hugs

Her hugs can even tell you what she thinks of you.

The difference between a hug that is friendly and one that is amorous is minimal.

Friendly hugs are typically shorter than romantic hugs, and friendly hugs feel more loose than passionate embraces.

Because the difference is so subtle, it may be difficult to tell which style of hug she is giving you.

When she gives you a hug, you must pay attention. Determine the sort of hug by observing the duration and tightness of the hug.

8: You’ll Feel It

Our bodies are extremely sensitive to emotion. If she is in love with you, you will know it, and if she isn’t, you will know it as well.

Consider how you feel when you’re around her. Do you have a nice feeling? Do you have the impression that she secretly loves you?

If you do, there is a potential she is interested in you, but remember to look for some solid indicators before approaching.

9: She Never Feels Shy With You

It may feel great when your crush expresses her thoughts with you and doesn’t feel reluctant about conveying whatever she thinks, but this could be a bad indicator because women feel shy when they are with their crush.

So, if she doesn’t feel shy around you, it’s a clue that you’re in a friend zone.

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