Why Do Girls Like Mean Guys?Why Do Girls Like Mean Guys?

You may have heard that girls don’t like nice guys, well, let me tell you something. It’s a complete lie, the truth is different. There are many girls who like nice guys!

In this post, I’ll be sharing reasons why girls like mean guys, and I’ll also tell you whether it’s important to be a mean guy to get girls or not.

So make sure to read the complete post to get the complete info!

1: Mean Guys Look More Confident

Nice guys generally lack confidence, and that is what most of the time stops them from getting girls, however, mean guys not only feel confident but their body structure also behaves like a confident man.

Their confidence makes them different than the others.

Their confidence attracts females, and the crazy thing is that their confidence keeps on rising.

Also, they take a lot of risks which plays a big role in building their confidence.

Without confidence, it’s impossible to achieve something big in life.

Confidence is also related to motivation, lacking confidence is like lacking motivation. And, a man is nothing without motivation.

2: They Have A Charm

The room lights up whenever they come, girls feel their charm. They not only catch the attention of girls but guys too.

Some guys even feel jealous because they know they can’t reach the level of charmingness bad guys have.

One more thing, a nice guy can also appear charming, if he starts to work on his confidence and conversation skills.

3: They Usually Have Better Fashion Sense

Nice guys don’t take any risk when it comes to fashion, they stick to their old boring style.

But, mean guys aren’t like that, they do a lot of experiments until they find the perfect style for themself.

Mean guys know what types of clothes girls like to see in a guy. Also, they wear leather jackets, rings, bracelets, and dark clothes, and they look fabulous.

These types of clothes and accessories make them appear stronger and masculine, and that attracts women.

If you’re someone who hasn’t changed his style for a while, then I think you should do some changes, just to find out the perfect style for yourself.

I know it can go very wrong, but taking risks is a part of life and you should never be afraid of it.

4: They Don’t Wait For A Perfect Moment

Nice guys wait too much and because of that, they lose a lot of good opportunities.

Nice guys see many heartbreaks in their lifetime, while bad guys don’t because they don’t like to wait for the perfect moment.

When bad guys like someone, they don’t waste any time, they just go and share what’s inside their hearts, and surprisingly, they mostly get a positive response.

Even if they see a rejection, they don’t feel bad, they come back strongly, which makes their confidence even stronger.

But when a nice guy sees a rejection, it takes months or even years to come out of the impact of the rejection, and that makes them weaker.

Waiting for a perfect moment is stupid, if you like someone, don’t wait for too long.

Waiting for too long would give opportunities to others, and she might accept someone else’s proposal before yours and that would hurt a lot.

Create a plan and express your feelings before anyone else!

5: They Have Better Hairstyle

A bad hairstyle would make your face appear unattractive, while a good hairstyle can highlight your facial structure in a good way.

It has been found that mean guys generally have a better hairstyle compared to nice guys.

It’s because bad guys experiment with their hairstyle, while nice guys don’t.

How are you gonna find the perfect hairstyle for yourself if you don’t experiment?

You have to try some hairstyles just to check what looks good and what doesn’t.

6: Bad Guys Know How To Turn On A Woman

They have a nature that can turn on literally any woman. Their smile, posture, way of talking, and touch everything is just lethal.

While nice guys find it hard to talk, touch, and maintain a good posture, which sometimes turns off some women.

7: They Are Exciting And Adventurous

You will always see them doing something crazy with their lives, they just refuse to live a boring life.

Their risk-taking behavior makes them different and very attractive. Girls will always choose a guy whose life is exciting and adventurous over a guy who never does something out of his zone.

The problem with nice guys is that they don’t push themselves. They like to stick with their normal routine.

Most of the time, you’ll find them spending their time in their room. They usually live a boring life.

8: They Look Mysterious

Mean guys like to wear dark clothes and be quiet which makes them appear mysterious. Girls love guys who look mysterious.

However, it’s quite easy to appear mysterious. You just need to select some dark clothes for yourself, smile less, and stay silent most of the time.

Also, maintain longer eye contact, you’ll appear even more mysterious.

9: They Usually Have Better Physique

A better physique is something we all want, but only a few of us get it because it requires hard work and dedication, and 90% of people lack these two things.

However, it has been observed that mean guys generally put more effort into building better physique compare to nice guys.

Lean bodies are girls’ weaknesses, they don’t like too many muscles. Normal lean muscles can do the job for you.

If you’re someone who is skinny fat, well you’re in a very bad position because girls hate skinny fat. You need to do something to become more muscular.

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10: They Fight For Themselves

Bad guys don’t give up easily, they fight for their love and that’s why most of the time, they get what they want.

While nice guys easily give up or don’t show much fight. They usually keep their emotions within themselves and let others snatch their opportunities.

Do You Even Need To Be A Mean Guy To Get Girls?

It’s not necessary, but if you turn yourself into a bad guy, you’ll definitely see more attention from girls.

Some girls hate bad guys, because they believe these types of guys only want physical relationships and once they get it, they gonna leave them forever, and that’s those girls look for nice guys.

Also, it depends a lot on the nature of the girl. If she is shy in nature, she would not choose a freak for herself, she will go for a guy who can treat her nicely.

I hope you liked this post.

Thanks for reading!

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