signs she hates you

Understanding the signs that a girl doesn’t like you is quite simple. Her body language and her behavior around you will easily disclose whether she hates you or not,

However, some girls are really good at hiding their feelings, but they also give these signs that I’m about to present in this post.

So without wasting any more time, let’s jump right into it!

1: She Avoids Eye Contact With You

Avoiding eye contact is a strong signal that the girl secretly hates you. If you’ve been talking to her but her eyes are focused on something else, or she is just not willing to look at you, then it clearly indicates that the girl you’ve been talking to doesn’t wanna interact with you at any cost, or maybe she hates your face

Btw, shy girls also avoid eye contact, but their body language won’t be negative. You can easily detect the difference between a shy person and a person who hates you.

So if you are noticing this behavior for quite some time, then maybe it’s the right time to leave her alone for some time.

Give her some space and I believe her behavior will change. If it remains the same, then accept that she now doesn’t want to have any connection with you, and move on.

2: Her Tone Will Be Unpleasant

Does she always sound rude or unpleasant to you? If yes, then it’s another clear-cut sign that she hates you. When I was working in a BPO, I was taught the importance of tone.

They told me how a good tone can increase sales while a bad tone can dramatically decrease a company’s performance.

Girls normally don’t talk in a rude way, but when they do, it means that they don’t wanna spend even a single second with the person they are talking to.

Even men do the same thing. Most of us do not talk in a pleasant way with someone we hate. But when we hate someone, our tone changes and it starts to sound unpleasant.

So if she always talks to you rudely, understand that she probably doesn’t like you.

3: Her Arms Are Always Crossed When You’re Around Her

According to body language experts, a cross arm is a negative body sign which indicates that the person isn’t feeling comfortable or just wants to escape the place they are in.

If you’re constantly noticing this negative body sign whenever you’re going around her, it means she doesn’t wanna be open around you and she hates it whenever you come close to her.

Remember, it is a strong sign, you should not ignore it. Notice her arms when someone else talks to her, if she isn’t crossing her arms for them, then it tells that she is deliberately doing this and she only hates you not anyone else.

4: She Would Not Engage In Your Conversation

Even if you’re telling the funniest joke of the century, she would just not enjoy it. In fact, she would find ways to escape the conversation.

If she does laugh, it would be a fake one. Detecting a fake laugh is quite difficult, however, there is a great guide by TheCut on how to detect a fake laugh. Use this guide to find it out.

5: She Wouldn’t Reply to You Messages Quickly

Are you getting her response to your messages after a couple of days?

We normally open our social accounts 3 to 4 times a day, there is no way she hasn’t got your message. When we hate someone, we just don’t wanna put any effort to build the relationship stronger.

That’s why when a girl really hates you, she would not reply to your messages quickly, sometimes she would leave your message on seen.

Be a man, stop sending her messages, especially, if she is leaving them on seen, otherwise, it will hurt your self-confidence and for a man, his self-confidence is everything. Without it, a man is literally nothing.

6: She Has Blocked You On Social Media

This is actually the first thing a woman does when she truly hates someone. Are you unable to find her social ID? Well, you might have been blocked by her.

Blocking someone can’t just be a mistake, she has definitely done that intentionally.

Like all the points listed above, this one is also a way to tell that she actually hates you and she doesn’t want you in her life.

7: She Won’t Ask About Your Life Updates

You will not hear questions like “How are you doing? How have you been? How’s everything? How’s it going?” from her because she is just not interested in knowing your life updates.

We ask these questions to people who we care about, but when someone you know suddenly stopped asking questions like these, then it indicates that something is not right.

8: She Will Cancel Your Plans Every Time

Canceling plans one or two times is alright but canceling them every time tells that boy she hates you. She is maybe doing this just to avoid the time she would have to spend with you if she accepts your invitation.

If she is taking a lot of time in accepting your invitations or she is canceling your plans every time, it can’t be a coincidence. She is definitely doing this intentionally.

See whether she is going on a vacation with someone else or not. If she is accepting everyone else invitation but avoiding yours, it is a strong sign that she hates you.

9: Her Feets Would Not Point In Your Direction

It is a psychological way to tell that she isn’t enjoying your conversation. However, it is hard to detect but the below illustration might help you.


As you can see in the picture above, feets pointing away shows that the person is disinterested or maybe hating the time they are spending with you.

10: She Will End Conversation Quickly

Her conversation will be short and limited. As I said, she would not enjoy your conversation so she would find ways to stop the conversation as soon as possible.

11: She Won’t Invite You To Her Birthday

This one is a little weird I know. Women celebrate their birthdays more than men, they take their birthdays really seriously.

So she would not wanna invite someone she hates. If she invites everyone else except you, then it screams that she hates you.

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