Why girls don't like me

Why girls don’t like me?” Well, believe me, there is nothing wrong with you or your face.

You just need to fix a few things, and I’m sure, you’ll see a flood of girls chasing you.

In this post, I’ll share 27 reasons why girls don’t like you, so make sure to read the complete post to get complete information.

1: You Lack A Sense Of Style

If your sense of style is poor, no one gonna give you much attention. A good sense of style doesn’t always mean expensive clothes.

You can look decent even in inexpensive clothes. There are many great videos and articles on the internet that have explained this matter quite well.

If you have some time, go and check these videos and articles and learn the art of style.

Once you know how to choose the perfect clothes for yourself according to your body shape, you’ll look fabulous, and eventually, you’ll see a lot of girls are now giving you attention.

2: Your Sense Of Humor Is Poor

Funny people always grab attention quickly. Girls love them, in fact, everyone loves them. But the problem is that enhancing the sense of humor is not a single day job. Making someone laugh is quite difficult.

Only a few people are born with this skill. If you know someone who is funny, then spend some time with him. Try to find how he generates humor.

Learn from him. Notice how he tells a story, and how his body moves when he is telling a funny story. Try to implement whatever you’ve learned from him in your real life.

I’m sure, if do this, you’ll definitely see some improvement.

3: You Talk Too Much

I know you love sharing your experiences, but some people find talkative people irritative. Understand your limits. Talking is not a bad thing but talking too much can annoy anyone.

If you’re with a girl and she is talkative, then listen to her more and talk less. Interrupting her while she is speaking about something, may decrease the bonding between you and her.

She might not like you if you interrupt her mid-way, instead, engage more in her conversation. Ask questions related to her stories, she will think you’re enjoying what she is saying, that way your chemistry with her will increase.

4: You’re Awkward

If you think that the people around you don’t feel comfortable or they act a little different compared to others, then it might be a sign that you’re a socially awkward person.

Also, if people don’t make long conversations with you, then that is another big sign that you’re socially awkward. It indicates you struggle with understanding small talk. Those who struggle in these areas often find that people move on to a new conversation companion quickly.

If you face an awkward moment, whether you’ve made a social blunder or simply did something not normal, you’ll normally react in one of two ways:

  • avoid or ignore what happened
  • handle the mistake

According to a study, avoiding or overlooking an awkward situation doesn’t help. Instead, this tends to just extend the awkwardness and make future interactions even more uncomfortable.

So the next time you realize you’ve done something embarrassing, try acknowledging it with a casual remark or joke rather than withdrawing.

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5: You Lack Self-confidence

According to experts, poor self-confidence can lower the quality of a person’s life in many different ways, including Negative feelings – regular self-criticism can lead to constant feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety, rage, shame, or guilt.

People with low self-confidence find it really hard to talk to the opposite gender. While people who have high self-confidence can easily attract anyone because they are aware of their imperfections, they don’t let those imperfections control their minds. Their positive mindset attracts females.

The good thing is that you can increase your self-confidence by adding a few things to your daily life.

  • Talk to yourself with a positive mindset – treat yourself as you would your best friend. Be supportive, forgiving, and understanding. Don’t be tough on yourself when you make a mistake.
  • Challenge negative ‘self-talk’ – every time you blame yourself, stop and look for factual evidence that the criticism is true. (If you feel you can’t be objective, then ask a dependent friend for their opinion.) You’ll discover that most of your negative self-talk is baseless.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others – remember that everyone is different and that every human life has worth in its own right. Make an action to accept yourself, warts and all.
  • Acknowledge the positive – for instance, don’t brush off praises, dismiss your achievements as ‘dumb luck’ or neglect your positive traits.
  • Respect your special qualities – remind yourself of your nice points every day. Write a checklist and refer to it often. (If you feel you can’t think of anything right about yourself, ask a dependent friend to help you write the list.)
  • Ignore the past – focus on living in the here-and-now instead of reliving old hurts and disappointments.
  • Tell yourself a favorable message every day – purchase a set of ‘inspirational cards’ and begin each day reading out a new card and having the card’s message with you all day.
  • Stop worrying – ‘worry’ is just fretting about the future. Accept that you can’t see or modify the future and try to control your thoughts in the here-and-now.
  • Have fun – plan enjoyable events and activities every week or month.
  • Exercise – it is such a good boost to the mind for all kinds of things but mostly in fighting depression and helping you to feel nice. Targets need to be step by step, such as beginning with a walk around the block once a day, registering at a local gym class, or going for a swim.
  • Be assertive – convey your needs, wants, feelings, beliefs, and ideas to others in a direct and honest manner.
  • Rehearse the above tips every day – it takes effort and attention to replace unhelpful beliefs and behaviors with healthier versions. Give yourself time to set new habits. Keep a log or journal to chart your progress.

6: You Smell Bad

That could be another reason why girls don’t like you. Body fragrance is really important, girls notice it quite a lot.

Sadly, there are many men who don’t give it enough attention. However, finding out whether you smell bad or not is simple. Just ask your friends or family members. Get honest reviews from them.

If they say, you do smell bad, then work on it. Purchase some good fragrance or improve your body’s smell naturally.

Here are some things you can do to improve your body smell:

  • Take cold showers daily
  • Use Anti-Bacterial Soap
  • Purchase the right under-arm product
  • Wear Breathable Fabrics
  • Remove or limit spicy or pungent foods from your daily diet
  • Moisturize your skin with fragrant lotions or creams
  • Use deodorants or antiperspirants

For more information on how to combat body odor, read the guide by Healthline.

7: You Don’t Make Eye Contact

Making contact is difficult for those who are naturally shy. However, not making eye contact or shifting your focus constantly toward something else is a big indicator that you’re not confident.

Poor eye contact is a turn-off. While good eye contact can increase bonding between you and the girl you like.

Also, good eye contact release oxytocin in a women’s body, which can turn on a woman.

Start working on your eye contact skill now, watch the video below to practice it now:

8: You’re Way Too Shy

Natural shyness is good, but being too shy can sometimes backfire. If you want girls to like you more, you have to control your shyness.

However, reducing shyness is not that easy. It takes time and regular practice.

Shy people usually think that the people they are with are all looking at them and judging them.

The truth is, they’re probably not thinking about you at all. Maybe they are thinking about the football match that is going to happen next Sunday.

So relax, talk with them with confidence. Take baby steps, try to talk with only one girl for some time, once you begin to feel comfortable with her, try to communicate with more girls.

taking baby steps will help you to build strong confidence and reduce shyness.

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9: Maybe You’re Already Friend Zoned

Does she always tag you as her friend? If yes, then you might have been friend-zoned by her.

Coming out of the friend zone is next to impossible, however, there is still hope if you follow the guide by clicking here.

Girls normally friendzone those guys who give them brother kinda vibe. If she talks about a lot of guys with you or shares her deep secrets, then chances are, you’ve been friend-zoned by her.

Try to show that you don’t wanna be in a friend zone with her, show that you really like her, but make sure to not approach her directly, otherwise, she might think you creepy. Show small signals.

10: You Don’t Spend Your With Females

If you don’t give your time to girls, how are they gonna know you? Spend some of your time with girls. Understand their feelings and understand what type of boys they like.

I know spending time with pals feels great, but if you wanna attract girls, you have to give some portion of your time to them as well. That way more girls will know you and some of them may begin to like you.

11: You Don’t Take Risks

As a man, you must take some risks in your life, without any risks your life will be boring. If you know how to sing or dance, take participate in competitions, don’t let that fear of failing to control your brain.

Take risks, even if you fail, you’ll learn a lot of new things, and it will help you next time. According to some studies, women like guys who take risks.

However, do not take risks that can damage your body in some way, take low risks like taking participation in events, approaching the girl you like, etc.

12: Maybe You’re Not polite

There is a myth that girls don’t like nice guys. In fact, most girls prefer nice guys over those so-called bad guys.

Talking rudely with a woman instantly turns her off, however, there are some exceptions, but the majority of girls do not like guys who talk or behave rudely.

Also, make sure to treat kids nicely, according to a study, women like guys who know how to treat children politely.

13: You Only Chase One Girl

That could be another reason why not many girls like you. Maybe most of the girls in your class or office know that you only like one girl.

This reason sounds stupid, I know, but you can’t deny it either.

14: Maybe You’re Too Short

Girls do not like guys who are smaller than them. If her height is around 5 feet 2, she always going to look for guys who are probably 5 feet 5 or 5 feet 8. She wouldn’t date any guy smaller than 5 feet.

It is sad but it is true. We know that height matter a lot, but do you know there are many other things that matter more than height. For example, money, communication skills, personality, face, and intelligence.

If you have these qualities, you’ll still be attractive. So if you’re short, don’t feel bad, start enhancing other important aspects.

15: Maybe You’re Way Too tall

Like short, too tall men are also not very popular among girls. In fact, a girl might date a guy who is smaller than or similar to her height, but she would never date someone who is 2 feet taller than her because it will look awkward.

Girls like tall guys, they say it everywhere, but when the guy is a giant, it won’t work well. If you’re really tall, find a tall girl.

1 feet difference in height is fine, anything more than 1 foot might not look good. For example, if your height is 6 feet 6, find a girl who is taller than 5 feet 6.

16: Maybe You’re Chubby or fat

According to a study, women prefer a lean body shape over any other body shape. Fat men received fewer votes compared to lean or skinny men.

Join a gym, and get in shape fast. Height is not in your control but the body shape is and will be in your control. Buy a new pair of shoes today and register your attendance in the gym daily.

17: Your facial Hair Are Not Perfectly Trimmed

Everyone is now growing facial hair, most men believe that facial hair will make them look better.

Btw, it is true that a beard will make your face appear more symmetrical, but a beard doesn’t always look good on everyone.

In fact, if your beard is not trimmed perfectly, you’ll look even worse. There are many men who don’t know how to perfectly trim their facial hair, and they are also unaware of their face shape.

If you don’t wanna look terrible with facial hair, make sure to find out your face shape, and also learn how to perfectly trim your beard and mustaches.

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18: You Don’t Have A Lot of Money

It is a little controversial point, I know some people would not like it, but the truth is that girls prefer rich men over poor.

There are many studies to prove that women don’t care about money, but the ground reality is different.

Money not only shows your mentality but it also subconsciously tells that you’ve achieved something big in your life, it also indicates luxury, confidence, and an overall better life. That’s why so many girls try to hit on rich dudes.

Women always going to chase rich men, it is their nature. So work hard, earn more money. It not only attracts girls but improves your overall lifestyle, money puts you in a better state.

Don’t waste your time on reading how to earn a million dollars in a day, they all are bullsh*t, instead, improve your skills day by day, and look for long-term gains. This is the only way to become successful.

19: You Have A Bad Body Posture

You may not know but people with good body posture indicate, good health, confidence, and success. So if you have a decent body posture, you’re more likely to attract girls.

According to studies, even if your posture has been a concern for years, it is possible to make improvements.

It may not feel comfortable at the beginning because your muscles have not been prepared to support you in the correct position. 

Exercises to support your core and buttock muscles, and back extensions will assist in correcting a slouching posture.

20: Your Friends Are Creepy

Girls do notice your friends. If your friend circle is filled with creepy guys, then girls might not initiate the conversation with you because they’ll fear that because of you, your friends might begin to talk to them too.

21: You Don’t Score Good Grades

If you’re a college or school student, it is important to score good marks because girls like it.

Good scores not only make you popular in the class but also makes your future secure. Focus on your studies, and do your best to score higher grades. Girls will automatically begin to notice you.

22: You’re A Simp

Do you always think about girls? If yes, you’re probably a simp.

Simps are unattractive, they can do anything to impress girls. They put girls above their friends.

To clarify your doubts about whether you’re a simp or not, read this post!

23: You Lie A Lot

Even though women lie more than men, women still don’t like men who lie a lot. Liars are not trustworthy.

Be a genuine person. Try not to lie or limit your lies. Telling too many lies about yourself can put you in big trouble. Also, liars usually have bad self-confidence.

24: You Don’t Have Any Future Goals

Having a goal makes you attractive, it tells that you’re dedicated to something. Men who just work day and night without any ambition are just unappealing to women.

If you see dreams then take steps to complete them. Just thinking about it won’t be going to help you in any way.

25: You’re A Selfish

Being selfish is highly unattractive, in fact, it is an attraction killer and it’s the slow, silent attraction killer, the one that we can sense but not always put our finger on when we’re interacting with selfish people.

Honestly, it really is the unifying theme behind all of the most unsuccessful men I know who have a hard time with women. Show me a selfless person and I’ll show you someone who at least likely has dating opportunities, but then again, selfless people are quite hard to come by.

26: You Don’t Respect Pets

Pets too deserve respect. If you wanna appear loyal, trustworthy, caring, and cute in front of girls, you have to have a love for pets.

Pets are amazing without them our life will be incomplete. So next time when you’re with a girl who has a pet, show some love for her pet.

27: You Panic A lot

Just calm your ass down. They are human too. They haven’t come from mars or any other extraterritorial planet. When you meet a girl next time, make sure to not appear shaky.

Relax and talk to her with confidence. Panicking will tell her that you’re anot comfortable with her, and she will just move away from her, whi won’t be good at all, right?

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