signs the guy is a simp

Catching a SIMP is quite easy nowadays, but still, some women fall in love with these dumbs. You’re awesome because you are here to find out if the guy you’ve been talking to is a simp or not.

In this post, I’ll be sharing 9 clear signs the guy is a simp. So make sure to read everything to get the complete information.

1: He Sends A Lot of Messages To You

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or WhatsApp, you’ll always get a lot of messages from him. It sounds weird but that is what simps do all day. They find reasons to send messages and initiate conversation.

If you’re also facing the same situation where you are getting a ton of messages from a guy without any big reason, then it means, he is chasing you really hard, in other words, he is a definite simp.

Stop replying to him for some time, and see what happens. I’m pretty sure, he will go mad about it and begin to send hundreds of messages, asking something like “what happens, why you aren’t talking to me?”, etc.

Also, count how many times in a day he started the conversation. If it is more than 8 times, it is not normal. However, if he is your office buddy, sending work-related messages, then maybe he just wanna finish the work on time, you should not look at him as a simp.

2: He Replies In Seconds

Not just once but every time he will respond to your messages quickly, sometimes in just a few seconds. That is another clear-cut sign that the guy is a simp.

He won’t care that you’ve replied to his messages after 8 hours, he just won’t be able to hold himself from not replying, and eventually, he will reply to you in just seconds.

Simps don’t understand that replying to the messages quickly is a big turn-off. They think that girls will get impressed by them because of how fast they are replying to their messages.

3: He Follows A Lot Of Women on Social Media (Especially Models)

Open his Instagram profile and look at how many girls he has been following, if the amount is unusual like 70% or more females, then doubt he is a SIMP. You can also check how many of those girls are following him. Maybe he has got a lot of female friends.

But if he is following a lot of hot models, then there is definitely something suspicious and you must not ignore it. Furthermore, you can ask the guy questions like, why you’re following so many women?

I know asking such types of questions feels awkward but if you’re serious about him, you have to do it just to clarify everything between you and him.

4: He Tries To Turn The Conversation Sexual

Every time you’re talking to him, he tries to turn the conversation sexual. This could be because he just wants sex from you, not love.

Tell him that you don’t like these things or you need some time, if he understands this, it is a good thing because he cares about your decisions, but if he again does the same thing or tries to convince you to have sex, then you are in a big problem.

Beware of these dumbs, they just want a physical relationship with you and once you give them that, they won’t care about you at all. Be smart, try to detect these men before it’s too late.

5: He Tries To Show off His Money

Simps try very hard to show off their money, they think by doing all this, they can impress any girl easily. Being proud of having money is a good thing, but showing off or trying hard to prove that you’re rich is a terrible thing.

These simps can do anything to convince you that they have millions of dollars. However, most of them lie. Most simps live a fake life. They take loans from banks just to buy expensive clothes and accessories.

6: He Talks To A Lot of Women

You’ll always catch him talking to women. Simps generally don’t like to spend their time in men’s group, they just don’t enjoy men’s company, they prefer to spend their time with females.

Some simps believe, their chances of getting a girl will increase drastically if they begin to spend their time with the women group more.

So if you always find him talking to random women, be careful, he might be a simp.

7: He Doesn’t Care About His Friends

Simps ignore their friends for girls. They just don’t care about their friends. The only thing that they care about is females nothing else.

That’s why they don’t have best friends. People just don’t like them because of their behavior.

8: He Doesn’t Talk About His Future Goals

If he compliments you a lot and talks about everything except his life and future, he might be a simp. Generally, simps don’t care about their future. These betas don’t have any plan to secure their future.

They just care about one thing and that is, how many girls they’ve slept with.

However, sometimes men don’t like to share their future plans with someone they don’t know, but if a man is in love with you, he would let you know what his goals are because he sees you as her life partner.

So don’t declare the guy simp just because he doesn’t talk about his future. Match all the points listed above and then match this point.

If everything is matching with the guy you’ve been dating, then he is surely a simp. But judging whether he is a simp or not with only this point, might not be a very good idea.

9: He Never Says No To you

He will find time for you, no matter what. Simps don’t have the courage to say no, especially to girls. They think if they say no, they would lose their trust, and eventually, they would not get what they want.

You can take a test here. Tell him to do something weird for you, like really weird. See if agrees or not. If he still agrees, it’s a red signal!

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