How To Respond To A Dry Text (9 Gold Ideas)

A response like “Okay,” “Hmm,” or “Sure” makes us feel as though the conversation is about to come to an end because when we hear a response like that, our minds simply go blank and we have no ideas.

In this article, I’ll cover the techniques you can use to make a dull conversation into an enjoyable one and one that lasts longer.

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1: Ask A Engaging Question

Once she has reacted with a dead message, attempt to convert that conversation into a fun one. It might seem easy, but believe me, it is one of the most difficult things to do.

To keep the discussion continuing, you must ask her a question, which can be about anything.

You can talk about her favorite TV show, sport, or anything else she finds intriguing.

When I’m in a scenario where I don’t know what to say, I just ask a question about something she’s interested in, and the conversation expands.

2: Tell Her That You Don’t Like Dry Texts

Simply inform her that you don’t like responses like Hmmm, Okay, Sure, and so on.

Telling her about it can make the conversation more fascinating; she may even ask you why you don’t like these responses, or she may make you remind her that you occasionally use these dry messages as well.

I’ve done it several times; every time I think the conversation is getting boring and she’s losing interest, I ask her why she’s acting bored, and it works for me every time.

3: Compliment Her

Most ladies enjoy hearing how beautiful they are.

Make her realize how much you admire her beauty.

However, do so in moderation. A simple compliment is enough to make her smile.

You don’t have to be a poet to make a woman happy.

If you are an introvert, flirting with a lady may feel like climbing Everest, but you can improve this skill by trying, failing, and trying again.

Use flirty lines in your conversations more often because they can make any conversation more enjoyable and longer.

4: Remind Her of the Good Old Days

If you’ve been her close friend for a long time, you’ve probably shared numerous memories together.

Just bring up any memorable experiences you had with her. Reminding her about any special moment will help you keep the conversation going for longer and make it more engaging.

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5: Share A Reel

Nowadays, every social media platform includes a section where you can watch and share short videos, which are referred to as reels or shorts.

You can use these videos for bettering your conversation.

When I feel like the conversation is going to end or the person I’m talking to isn’t paying attention, I share an amusing reel with them, and it always works.

I share the reel based on the person’s interest. For example, my partner enjoys Travel reels, therefore I primarily share Travel reels with her.

Understanding your partner’s interest is crucial. Don’t share every reel you find amazing as everyone is different and everyone has a different taste, so the reel that you find amazing, might not amaze the person you are sending it to.

6: Ask About Her Life Updates

We’re all going through something, it may be awful, it could be good, it could be anything, but we rarely talk about it.

We all want someone to listen to our problems and help us solve them, but we rarely get any.

You can be her reassuring shoulder.

Simply ask about what is going on in her life. Here are some better questions to ask people when you want to know what’s going on in their lives:

  • How did your morning and afternoon go?
  • How do you feel at the moment?
  • What noteworthy event occurred today?
  • Did your friends, family, and coworkers make you feel supported today?
  • What challenging situation did you have to cope with today or this week?
  • What are you thinking about right now?
  • Which of the following would have improved your day?
  • Is there anything this week that you’re particularly excited about?

To learn more about the kinds of questions to ask, read the post by Franklyn François.

7: End The Conversation

If she isn’t interested and continues to use short sentences even after you’ve tried everything to make the conversation last longer, simply end the conversation.

One-word responses, late replies, and messages left on seen are all signals that she isn’t interested in communicating with you.

It may not be easy for you, and it may feel dreadful, but chasing someone who does not love you is a waste of time. Comprehend it and move on!

8: Talk About The Person She Despises

It could either work well and extend your talk with her, or it could go horribly wrong and end the conversation.

Some girls hate talking about the person they despise, but some ladies enjoy conversing about the person they hate.

I have a friend who always talks about the person she hates. I really don’t know why she does that.

You can try this technique.

But if she stops you and says that she doesn’t want to talk about them, then stop immediately and turn the conversation to something else.

9: Talk About Things She Loves

Find out what her favorite things are, and while conversing with her, bring up those topics.

For instance, if she is interested in Hollywood rumors, you may start a discussion about the most recent rumors that are making headlines, breakups that are taking place, or upcoming movies.

The objective is to keep her engaged in the conversation for a longer period of time.

What To Do If She Always Sends Dry Texts?

If she always sends you one-word responses, it’s very likely that she has no feelings for you.

When a woman loves someone, she does not usually give late replies or leave messages unread; instead, she sends numerous messages and inquires about life updates.

Don’t ignore it if she always makes the talk dry. I recommend that you quit talking to her right now because you are most likely wasting your time.

I hope you liked this post.

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