Why Do Guys Disappear When They Like You?Why Do Guys Disappear When They Like You?

Some guys are unpredictable, their actions show that they like us, but when it comes to initiating the conversation, they disappear like they were never there in the first place.

Do you think the same? Well, in this post, you’ll find your answer. Make sure to read the entire post to get the complete info.

Now let’s begin!

1: He Wants To Show His Best Side To You

When a guy truly likes someone, he just doesn’t wanna show his worst or average side to the girl he likes. He will always do his best to look good in front of you so that you can get impressed by him.

Girls do this too, but guys take it a bit seriously. If he always goes away when he isn’t wearing cool clothes, it’s an indicator that he isn’t comfortable showing you this side of him.

It also means that he is doing his best to impress you.

2: He Is Shy

He likes you but his shy nature works as a barrier between him and you. Maybe he makes a lot of plans to meet you but whenever you come around him, his shy nature kicks in and it stops him from talking to you.

If you think he is shy too, then I think you should take the first step, if you like him too, you should start the conversation, because if you wait for him to start the conversation, he would take an eternity to gather the courage requires to talk to you.

3: He Likes You A Lot

Some guys are really weird, instead of going and talking to the person they like, they just keep their feelings inside their hearts and never initiate any conversation.

Sadly, the majority of guys are like this, they wait for girls to talk to them, and they also have a certain kind of ego that stops them from getting girlfriends.

They don’t understand that women usually don’t approach a guy first.

4: You Look Really Cute To Him

Maybe you’re just too cute for him. Some guys go blank when they meet a really cute girl, and start to behave really awkwardly, to calm themselves down, they go away.

It sounds pretty strange, but it happens with a lot of guys. However, I’m sure when he will feel confident, he will come back and talk to you, just give him some time.

He will take some time to digest the fact of how cute you are.

5: He Is Not Very Good At Initiating Conversation

Maybe he has a bad history of starting conversations or maybe he doesn’t feel confident while talking to someone new.

Guys always look for impressing girls with their style of conversation, and when they fail to do that, they feel bad, they doubt themselves and their ability.

If a guy has faced many rejections in past, he would fear initiating a conversation, doesn’t matter how cute the girl is.

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6: He Feels His Friends Gonna Catch Him Talking To You

It may sound silly to some of you, but guys do care about what their friends will say or think about them and their choices.

Maybe he wants you to be his secret crush, he doesn’t want anyone to know about you.

However, if that’s the case, he might talk to you when he will find you alone or at a place where his friends aren’t nearby.

7: He Has Already Got A Girlfriend

He secretly likes you but because he has already got a girlfriend, he isn’t coming and talking to you.

He is confused about what to do, and that’s why he maintains the distance between you and him as much as he can.

Sadly, men are more unfaithful towards their partners compared to women, according to a report, 20% of men are unfaithful while only 13% of women have a tendency to cheat their partners.

If he started talking to you, maybe he won’t be able to control his feelings and he may end up falling in love with you, which would be a kind of cheating and that’s why he tries to avoid meetings with you even though he likes you a lot.

8: He Wants You To Notice Him

He knows how to play with the minds of girls. I think his trick worked because you’re here finding out about his personality.

Guys play these kinds of mind tricks to get attention from the girl they like. They do these small little things to make their crush aware of how special they are.

He is doing this just to catch your attention, so next time you find him running away from you after making intense eye contact, stop him right there and talk to him, if you can’t do this, then wait for some time, I’m sure he will break his character and start talking to you.


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9: You’ve Unintentionally Hurt Him

Maybe he didn’t know that you have already got a boyfriend, and when he found out about that, he slowly started disappearing from the places where he used to go with you.

If you like him as a friend, you can always talk to him, clear the problems between you and him, so that you both can be good friends.

10: He Thinks He Is Out Of Your League

Do you have a long list of guys waiting for your dates? If yes, then that is what stops him from approaching you.

He knows he has to win a lot of difficult challenges to get to you, and he thinks he can’t win those challenges.

Maybe he thinks he isn’t as good-looking as those other guys. If you find him attractive, talk to him, he would feel amazing!

I hope you liked this post, thanks for reading!

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