We Dated But Now She Just Wants To Be FriendsWe Dated But Now She Just Wants To Be Friends

When someone we’ve dated rejects our request to start a relationship and suggests that we just remain friends, it hurts a lot.

I experienced that once and was truly heartbroken; I know you are experiencing the same.

Although the agony you are currently experiencing may not instantaneously go away, this post can undoubtedly be somewhat helpful.

Let’s examine the possible reasons why she declined to be your partner.

1: She Didn’t Like Your Looks

This may be the main factor keeping her from wanting a relationship with you. It’s possible that you will find it quite difficult to digest, but the likelihood is really high.

Women take our appearance very seriously, therefore anyone who tells you otherwise is simply lying to you. Our appearance matters a lot.

If you were truly attractive, more attractive than the majority of the men she knows, she would have likely accepted your proposal and never suggested that you become friends.

She didn’t take you seriously just because you don’t have crazy looks. I realize that I am being way too direct right now, but the facts cannot be disputed, and I do not speak falsely.

2: You Are Not Rich Enough

You’ve probably heard it many times from various YouTubers or so-called gurus that women don’t care about money as long as the guy is nice and polite. I won’t say that this is entirely untrue, but most women care about your income because it can help them live better lifestyles.

Additionally, money can promise them a brighter future for their children. In other words, women care a lot about money.

Unfortunately, a lot of men waste their twenties on partying and simping; they don’t take self-development seriously, and as a result, they end up broke and subsequently regret their choices.

When you’re young, you have no idea what you’re capable of! If you want to, you can become very wealthy.

Instead of pursuing women, start improving yourself.

Suppose you had a large sum of money in your bank account. What would happen? You’ll start to get more dates and relationship proposals as women start to take you seriously.

3: You Both Have Very Different Interests

Although the adage “Opposite Attracts” is sometimes true, but most of the time compatibility of interests is crucial, and some women take it very seriously.

Perhaps your two interests are utterly unrelated. She might be a big fan of BTS while you despise them. She might enjoy Justin Timberlake’s music a lot, whilst you prefer rapping.

Talking with someone who has completely different interests from our own is really challenging.

If she has a completely different taste than yours, she might deny your proposal of a relationship.

4: You Look Like One Of Her Friends

We resemble a lot of people in this globe of 8 billion people. In reality, a study found that there are about 8 people that are identical to us on this globe.

Perhaps she made you a buddy instead of a romantic partner because you resemble one of her closest pals.

Everything is possible!

5: You Couldn’t Impress Her Much

The first impression is the last impression. Maybe it wasn’t your day, and you messed up your date.

Women notice almost everything about a man, from his hairstyle to the shoes he is wearing.

Maybe the clothes you wore, were not looking great on you, or your sense of humor wasn’t great that day.

Impressing a woman on a first date is extremely important because if she wasn’t impressed by you, she would either not date you again or simply leave you by tagging you as her friend.

There are many great tutorial videos available online that can help you impress a woman on your first date.

Take tips and practice those tips until you become a master. Life is all about standing up after a failure.

6: She Isn’t Ready For The Relationship Yet

Perhaps she is simply not ready for a relationship. You may be asking why she agreed to go on a date with you if she was not ready for a relationship. No one understands women or their emotions.

Women think far differently than men. Maybe she wanted a romantic connection, but now she doesn’t want any kind of relationship. God only knows what made her change her mind.

7: Your Height Could Be The Reason

Height, like money and physical appearance, is an important element for women. If you are not tall enough or taller than she is, she may reject you.

Unfortunately, after the age of 18, there is nothing we can do to grow our height. You should date a shorter woman or someone who is unconcerned about a man’s height.

What To Do If You Don’t Want To Be Her Friend?

If you want that girl to be your partner, you can choose between two options. The two strategies I’m about to describe won’t be simple to put into practice, but they are the only ones that might be able to assist you.

Just Say It!

Gather some courage and say it!

However, keep in mind that it could backfire and cost you your friendship, but with risk comes opportunity.

Breaking the friendzone barrier is challenging because most women do not accept their friends as lovers, but there is still a chance.

If you don’t confess, you can live to regret it for the rest of your life. So it’s better to say something and then suffer the agony for a little than to feel the pain your entire life.

Build Yourself

You probably don’t realize how much time you have if you’re young and she’s young.

You should take a break from dating and partying for a while. Spend that time developing your personality, getting rich, getting jacked, and increasing your intelligence.

I don’t think she’ll reject you if you become a beast and then come to her and proclaim your love for her.

Is It Okay To Be Friends With The Person We Dated?

Yes, why not?

It’s always nice to have a friend, but if you still have feelings for her, you should talk to her and admit your feelings; otherwise, you’ll never feel good about being her friend.

I hope you liked this post.

Thanks for reading!

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