Signs She Doesn't Like Your FaceSigns She Doesn't Like Your Face

Finding out if your crush hates you or not is difficult because girls are professionals at controlling their feelings; but, if you pay attention to their expressions and actions, you may discover what they truly think of you.

In this piece, we’ll look at different signs that she would give away if she secretly despises you.

All of the points I’m about to make are based on my own experiences and web research. I also spoke with some of my female friends to find out exactly what emotions they experience when they are near the person they despise.

So, read everything to gain accurate knowledge!

1: She Doesn’t Maintain Eye Contact With You

Believe it or not, a person’s eyes can disclose a lot about them. However, most people are terrible at picking up on the signals that the eyes provide.

You don’t have to do much, thankfully, because all you have to do is observe how long she makes eye contact with you or whether she makes any eye contact with you at all.

If she dislikes your face, she will make less eye contact with you and may even avoid making eye contact with you.

It’s actually rather common that when we dislike someone, we simply don’t want to look at them since we don’t feel good.

So pay attention to whether she stares at you or not as well as whether she avoids your gaze. Understand that she probably isn’t for you if it appears that she avoids making eye contact with you.

2: She Flirts With Other Guys Even When You Are Around

Have you seen her complimenting or making advances toward other men? If so, this implies that she doesn’t give a damn about you.

Women typically avoid flirting with other guys while they are around someone they like because they are aware that if they did flirt with someone, they might permanently lose the person they like.

Check to see whether she ever makes an effort to get attention from other men; if you do notice it, that’s a really bad sign because it implies that she doesn’t like you and probably loathes you.

3: She Never Compliments You

Some females enjoy complimenting the male they find attractive. They believe that compliments can strengthen their bond with the guy they like.

However, most women typically don’t compliment guys because they want men to compliment them, but if they are truly interested in you, they will show it by sending you signs.

If she has never given you praise, has never made an effort to attract you, and constantly appears to be dead inside while you are around her.

It’s a pretty clear indication that she doesn’t feel anything for you.

4: She Avoids Coming To Places Where You’ve Been Invited

Does she refuse to attend any events to which you have been invited? If so, this is yet another pretty strong indication that she secretly despises you.

When we hate someone, we simply don’t want to interact with them for even a minute. We have the want to leave the area as soon as possible where the person we despise so much is present.

Maybe she’s not just accidentally declining every invitation to visit places where you’ll be; perhaps she’s doing it on purpose.

5: Short Answers & Limited Conversation

When the girl we like talks more to everyone else than to us, it hurts a lot.

Another indication that she doesn’t like you is if you’ve noticed that she only ever responds with a few words or never tries to start a conversation with you.

Not only would she talk less to you, but she would also look to be in a hurry and her feet will also point away from you.

It’s better to walk away from a woman who exhibits such emotions rather than try to win her over.

If she exhibits these kinds of behaviors, stop pursuing her since you can use that time and energy to find another female who genuinely cares about you.

6: She Looks Sad When You Are With Her

When you are with her, you’ll notice that she always seems depressed. She may even appear irate or annoyed.

It’s the most repulsive feeling you can experience from someone you love. It is absolutely painful when someone we love displays these kinds of sentiments.

It would be great if you could just talk to her about all that has been wrong and make things right, but if she doesn’t want to listen or just seems unwilling to ever talk to you, it would be preferable to quit worrying about her.

Once more, don’t follow someone who vehemently despises you because they might make your life miserable.

7: You Always Get Negative Vibes From Her

Actually, our bodies are quite adept at perceiving energy. Have you ever wondered why certain individuals become our friends right away and others, no matter how much effort we put out, never do? Vibes play a role in this.

Because people who share the same vibration are drawn to one another, those who are compatible with us can easily become friends.

If she always makes you feel bad, your subconscious is telling you that she secretly despises you.

Because our hearts frequently make mistakes, pay attention to your mind. Your mind will always guide you in the proper direction.

So, if your mind is telling you that she isn’t the right person for you, Goddd damnn it!! LISTEN TO IT!!

Don’t make your life miserable just because of one girl.

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