What Does It Mean When A Girl Calls You BestieWhat Does It Mean When A Girl Calls You Bestie

Girls love to show how much they love their friends, however, guys normally hide their feelings.

Bestie is a word you may have heard quite often from girls. Women use this word frequently, they usually use it for their female friends, but, sometimes they use it for their male friends too.

In this post, I’ll discuss what it means when a girl calls you bestie. Make sure to read the entire post to get complete info.

Let’s begin!

1: She Trusts You A Lot

Winning a woman’s trust is difficult. Many men try it but only a few get success. However, if she is calling you her “bestie”, it’s a solid sign that you have won her trust.

If you like her, then you have already completed 50% of your journey because trust is one of the most important factors in a relationship. Also, make sure to never break her trust, and try to never make her feel bad.

Now, engage with her more, and try to know more about her, that way she might start to develop emotions for you.

It will take time, but eventually, you might get her as your partner.

2: You’re Probably In A Friend Zone

It feels tough to be in a friendzone, especially, if you really love her. Coming out of the friend zone is insanely difficult, however, it’s not impossible.

The sad thing is that women don’t call besties to someone they have feelings for. If she is tagging you as her bestie, there is a high chance that you’re in a friend zone.

Finding whether you’re in a friend zone or not is quite simple. the most obvious sign is that she talks about other guys in front of you or she flirts with other guys but not you.

If you think that you’re in a friend zone, you must read this post – Why Do Girls Friendzone You & 7 Ways To Come Out Of It

3: She Calls Her Every Friend Bestie

Bestie is a short form of “best friend” in case you don’t know. Calling your friends “best friend” every time might not sound well, it might sound cringy. However, calling bestie is quite easy and it sounds suithing too.

Maybe she calls bestie to her every friend. Find out whom she calls bestie, if you’re not the only one or there are many people who she calls bestie, then it might mean that she doesn’t have any feelings for you.

Maybe you’re just a normal friend of hers. Also, being a normal friend is quite better than being in a friend zone.

4: She Likes You

There is a difference between liking someone and loving someone. The word bestie indicates that she likes you, maybe as a friend, or perhaps she has some more feelings for you.

If you’re someone special to her, you will surely notice some other strong signs.

However, if you aren’t seeing some more signs such as strong eye contact, fast replies, touching, etc, then it means, she might not have any feelings for you, maybe you’re just an ordinary friend of her.

5: She Has A Lot Of Feelings For You

Women try hard to not give any hints, but when they like someone their body and behavior do give some hard-to-detect subtle signs.

Usually, girls don’t use the word bestie for someone they secretly have a crush on, but if she is a shy person, she might call you her bestie.

Also, if she really likes you, she would definitely give some more strong hints, you have to catch those hints before it’s too late.

Furthermore, if you’re sure that she is into you, then don’t waste time, say whatever you wanted to say her.

Waiting for a perfect moment might break your heart. Taking action is the key to success, remember that!

6: You’re Probably Her Only Friend

The chances of this are quite low as women normally have more friends than men. However, if you’re her only friend or if you’re the only friend she trusts, she may call you her bestie.

Again the word bestie is not for everyone, it’s only for those who are really close to our hearts. So, it means that you’re her true friend or probably her only friend.

7: You’ve Supported Her In Every Situation

In today’s world, people are becoming arrogant, most people don’t support anyone, but they demand support from others.

Girls notice how supportive you are. The more supportive you’re, the more close you get to her heart.

Ask yourself, have you ever denied her request for your support? If your answer is No, then it means that you’re close to her heart, you’re someone she can depend on blindly, and that’s why you are her best friend.

8: It Was Just One Time

How many times did she call you bestie? If it was just once, then I think you should not get too excited. Maybe it was just a mistake.

If she isn’t using that word again, then you must realize that there is nothing too special. However, keep going and keep looking for those sure signs.

9: You’ve Been her Friend For A Long Time

We met a lot of people during our lifetime, but we only remember a few or stay connected to a few, if she has been your friend for a long time, and you both have never lost touch, then there is a surprise to hear the word bestie from her mouth.

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  1. Well im friends with my teacher but clearly not a bestie however There was a time where my teacher told others that im her best friend and i got kinda mad at her cause she was clearly lying

    But …again , people make mistakes

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