signs your crush doesn't like yousigns your crush doesn't like you

Our heart starts to pump fast and it feels like thousands of butterflies flying inside when that special someone comes around.

Most people get positive responses from their crush, however, some people are not so lucky.

In this post, I’ll be sharing 10 signs that your crush doesn’t like you. Make sure to read the entire post.

Signs Your Crush Doesn’t Like You

Note: Everything I’m about to mention is based on the research I did online and my personal experiences. If something doesn’t match with you, please ignore it.

1: Flirts With Someone Else In Front Of You

If your crush is flirting with someone else in front of you, it’s a clear sign that your crush doesn’t have any interest in you.

You better stop caring about him/her right now because your crush really doesn’t care about your emotions.

2: Ignores You

Does she/he always ignore you? We normally ignore people whom we don’t know much or people we find irritating.

Either your crush doesn’t know you or finds you boring or annoying. In that case, you should talk to your crush because that way, you can present your real self, which might help in eliminating the misconceptions your crush has about you in their mind.

Also, by talking to your crush, you can get a clear answer about whether your crush likes you or not.

Because if he/she doesn’t like you, you’ll easily catch that through their body language.

3: Never Talk To You Nicely

Did you notice the aggression they show every time they talk to you? Not talking nicely is another sign that your crush wants to avoid you at any cost.

By talking rudely or not nicely, your crush is showing that you should not try to increase the bonding between both of you.

If your crush always talks to you rudely, then they don’t deserve your love, you deserve a lot better.

You should not damage your self-respect anymore, stop caring about your crush and start focusing more on yourself!

4: You Don’t Get Positive Vibes

Your mind will catch those negative vibes that are coming from your crush, and you should not ignore those negative vibes because sometimes, those vibes try to inform you about the damage that might happen to you in the future.

We always hear that we should spend more time with people who have a positive mindset, it is because positive people can help in boosting your self-confidence, mood, and a lot of other important things.

If you aren’t getting good vibes from your crush, stop spending time with them, otherwise, you’ll feel sad every day which won’t be good for you at all!

5: Makes Fun You

Does your crush make fun of you in front of everyone? If your answer is yes, then my friend, let me inform you that your crush is evil.

Stop giving your precious time to someone who doesn’t deserve it. It’s better to not have any crush than someone who makes fun of us and makes us feel bad.


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6: Always Cancels Plans

Canceling one or two times can be ignorable, but canceling plans every time, shows that there is something wrong.

When we hate someone, we don’t wanna spend any time with them, we wanna avoid situations where we have to spend time with someone we don’t like.

Maybe your crush secretly hates you and that’s why he/she always gives lame reasons for not coming.

7: Don’t Touch You

Does your crush always avoid touching you? It’s another strong sign that your crush doesn’t like you.

Gentle touching is a positive sign, it tells that the chemistry between you and your partner is strong, however, avoiding touches is a negative sign, it tells that the person doesn’t wanna have any contact with you, in other words, that person doesn’t like you!

8: Don’t Have Time For You

Maybe you’re not important to your crush and that’s why your crush always tries to avoid any time with you.

Does your crush always act busy but always find time for his/her friends? If yes, I think you’ve got your answer. It’s a very strong sign that your crush doesn’t like you.

9: Doesn’t Wish You On Your Birthday

Birthday is one of the most important days in our life, it gets even more special when we get a message from our crush wishing us a happy birthday.

But when your crush doesn’t remember your birthday, it feels bad. It also shows that your crush doesn’t care about you and doesn’t give a damn about your special days.

If you didn’t get any wishes from his/her side, you should not wish your crush too, just for the sake of self-respect!

10: Calls You Just Freinds

Getting friend-zoned by someone we really love, hurts a lot. Friendzone is a type of situation that is very hard to escape from. Once you’re there, you’ll be there forever.

If your crush doesn’t like you, he/she will try to tag you as “just friends”, you should do everything to avoid it because once you get into a friend zone with your crush, the chances of you becoming their life partner will fade in thin air.

Thanks for reading!

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