What Does It Mean When A Girl Hits You Playfully (7 Amazing Things)

Girls are weird, and it’s difficult to understand them, in fact, even girls struggle to understand other girls. They are complicated as hell.

However, they do give some slight hints about whether they like you or not. These hints must not be ignored, otherwise, you’ll never get her.

In this post, we’ll find out “What does it mean when a girl hits you playfully?” Is it a strong positive sign or is it just an ordinary ignorable gesture? Well, you’ll find out about it here in this post.

Make sure to read the entire article to get complete info. let’s begin!

What Does It Mean When A Girl Hits You Playfully?

All the points I’m about to mention are based on my experience and some research I did for this post.

1: She Likes You

Playfully hitting isn’t a typical gesture, but it clearly suggests that she likes you. If you feel the same way, then congrats; you’ve already gained her trust and it’s time to prove that you’re the man she’s been dreaming of.

Before you approach her, though, you must also watch out for other clear indications.

Additionally, you should occasionally hit her sometimes just to watch how she reacts; if she does so positively or doesn’t exhibit any unfavorable body language, then congratulations once more!

Also, maintain a deep link with her and don’t let small missteps cause her to drift away from you.

2: The Chemistry Between Both Of You Is Quite Strong

Chemistry is the backbone of any relationship. Without it, no relationship will work out well, it will end soon.

Hitting playfully is a sign that the chemistry between both of you is quite strong right now.

If she does other things too like playing with your hair, grabbing your hand while walking, or smiling every time when she meets you, then it screams that the chemistry between the two of you is at its peak.

3: She Feels Comfortable With You

The more at ease, she is with you, the more open she will be with you. She is letting you know that she has accepted you as a friend (or perhaps more than a friend) by hitting you playfully.

Girls rarely feel at ease with someone they don’t trust, and trust is vital to a woman.

So the significance of this gesture is pretty big since it demonstrates that she trusts you a lot, and as a guy, you should never betray her confidence.

4: You’re Funny

Girls just adore funny guys! If you can make her laugh, it would be a lot easier for you to win her heart.

When we laugh we sometimes do some playful things, like softly hitting the person who cracked the joke.

Maybe she hit you because of the joke you cracked, it made her laugh.

Recall the moment, did she hit only because of the joke you cracked? Or was it something else?

If you are a funny person, don’t change yourself as you might not know how much girls love funny guys. In fact, it is the best quality to have.

5: You’re Probably In A FriendZone

Friendzone is a tough place to be in. Every moment of it hurts and escaping it is difficult as hell.

This gesture might seem like a pretty good thing, but it could be a sign that you’re in a friend zone.

However, you would see some other signs too if you’re really in a friendzone like she flirts with other dudes (sometimes in front of you), she does not say any flirty lines to you, and she never shows any signs of love.

To know more about whether you are in a friend zone or not, check out this post —> Why Do Girls Friendzone You & 7 Ways To Come Out Of It

6: It Was Just One Time

You should not take it too seriously if she had only hit you one time. To be sure about something, we need a strong indication, celebrate it but don’t go over the moon just because she hit you playfully one time.

Again, check for some more sure signs! Check how often she hits you playfully, also see if her feet point in your direction or not, if she plays with your hair or not, and if she flirts with you.

Noticing these signs can reveal a lot of things about what she really thinks of you. But remember, do not start to dream about how you and her life will be together just because she hit you playfully once as dreaming a lot can sometimes backfire.

Dreams can make us feel good, but remember that dreams are just dreams, they are not reality.

7: It’s Her Habit

Maybe it’s her habit, she probably does it to everyone. Check how she reacts when she is with other guys, does she hit them playfully too? If yes, then stop thinking too much about it. If doesn’t hit anyone, but you, congrats again as it is a great sign! 😊

In my college, I had a friend who used to hit me playfully, but I noticed something, she not only used to hit me but other guys as well.

What If She Avoids Touching You?

Actually, it’s a bad sign, particularly if you’ve known each other for a while and she touches every other guy but you.

It might imply that she despises you or finds you to be quite repulsive, but it could also indicate that she has a crush on you and simply lacks confidence around you, which is why she avoids touching you out of concern for what you might think if she did.

If she despises you, she will likely exhibit more overt displays of her contempt, such as avoiding eye contact, declining invites to places where you are invited, talking to everyone else but you, and refraining from touching you.

Can I Hit Her Playfully?

Of course, you can, but don’t do it if she has only hit you playfully once, wait and see if she does it again. If she does hit you playfully often, there is no issue in hitting playfully her back, in fact, she may like it.

I hope you liked this post!

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