Why Does She Acts Stupid (Weird) Around Me? 7 Possible Reasons

Do you think that girls behave weirdly around you? Well, it might be strange for you, but let me tell you, it’s a positive sign, it might mean she likes you, but it could be more than that, or it could be way different than you think. I’ll explain everything.

As you know, women are different than men, they think differently, which is why understanding them is so challenging. In fact, women struggle to understand other women.

However, if we closely look at the signs a woman gives, we can find out what she is thinking about us. Here are 7 possible reasons why she acts stupid around you:

1: She Likes You

Acting childish, stupidly, or awkwardly is a big indication that she likes you. When we like someone, our body reacts weirdly around them, it’s very common.

It may have happened to you as well. Recall the moment when you met your crush. Were you feeling nervous when you met your crush? I’m pretty sure you were feeling anxious.

Our brain gets bombarded by chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin when we meet someone we like. These chemicals usually do more good than bad, but sometimes they can make us react awkwardly.

Because she has tons of feelings for you, her body will release happiness hormones inside her body each time you talk to her, which can make her react awkwardly around you.

2: She Wants Your Attention

Some women act childish when they want attention from their partners. They believe that doing so can make them appear cuter and more adorable, tbh, it works sometimes.

Giving attention to your partner is really important, especially, if your relationship is going through a tough stage. Lack of attention can weaken the bonding which ultimately could result in a breakup.

If she wants your attention, give her, or at least explain to her why you can’t be available for her every time. That way, you can save your relationship.

3: She Thinks She Looks Cute By Doing This

Children are cute, they get attention from us easily because of their innocence and sweetness. Some women feel that acting like children will make them appear adorable too.

Which is somewhat true. It has been observed that when women act childish, they easily get attention from their partners because they too appear cute.

Even though there are many men who value physical relationships more, but they too have a weaker side that makes them fall for their girl when their girl acts childish. So it does work!

4: She Is Physically attracted By You

Maybe you have made her crazy for you, and now she wants something more than a regular romance. Acting innocently is a sign that she has submitted herself to you, and now you are the dominant one between the two of you. However, you should look for some more strong signs to be sure of whether she actually wants physical attention or not.

Not only women, but men react like puppies too when they want sexual attention. So it’s not just a women’s thing.

5: It’s Her Nature

Does she always do that? It might be her nature. Observe her behavior when she meets her friends or family members. If she acts childish around everyone, then it’s kind of bad news for you because it might mean she doesn’t love you, she reacts childishly around you just because it’s her natural self.

6: She Is Actually Stupid

Some women are stupid and some guys are stupid too, they think they are smart but in reality, they lack a lot of intelligence. It is possible that the girl you have been talking to places partying, drinking, and having fun over anything serious. Well, if you don’t have any problem with that, then there shouldn’t be any issues for you. Enjoy her company!

7: She Loves You Deeply

There is a big difference between loving and liking someone. When we love someone, we love them unconditionally. That unconditional love sometimes makes us do anything for them.

Our bodies also behave quite awkwardly around the person we love. Does she show some other strong signs too? Like making strong eye contact, laughing at your unfunny jokes, talking about you with her friends all the time, and always taking your stand. If yes, then marry her right now or at least make her your girl.

Finding someone who loves us deeply is challenging. Especially, in a world where everyone wants something in return. Don’t let her go away from you!

I Hope You Liked This Post. Thanks For Reading!