What Does It Mean When A Girl Lets You Touch Her Thigh?What Does It Mean When A Girl Lets You Touch Her Thigh?

Touching thighs are not common, it is a good sign as it shows that you are probably not in a friendzone. What does it mean when a girl lets you touch her thighs? Well, you will find it out here in this post.

Make sure to read everything to get a complete info. Let’s begin!

1: You Are Her Boyfriend

A woman won’t let anyone touch her sensitive body parts unless you are her lover.

If you are her boyfriend, it’s obvious that you are very special to her, she would not only let you touch her thighs but she would also let you touch her other sensitive body parts.

Thighs, as you know, are very sensitive, touching them could make your girlfriend aroused, so she would not like anyone else to touch them, she would only want your touches.

Do you want some spiciness in your relationship? Well, giving sensual touches to thighs, like grabbing them or simply playing with them could easily do the job for you. She will feel fantastic if you keep doing it from time to time.

2: She Trusts You

Winning the trust of a woman is the most challenging task because, in this world where most men want a relationship to satisfy their physical needs, it is hard for women to find a good partner for themselves, who loves their souls more than their bodies.

If a woman is letting you touch her thighs, it’s a sign that you have won her trust and she thinks of you as her potential life partner.

Breaking her trust would be terrible for her because according to a study, women after breakups feel more sadness and depressive symptoms than men.

Be a man, never take advantage of a woman who trusts you more than anyone!

3: She Is Attracted To You

Like some men, some women too have strong physical desires. If she is not minding you touching her thighs, especially if you are touching them with intentions, it indicates she is turned on and feels strong desires for you.

Maybe it is the right time to spend some good moments with her. If you love her but haven’t confessed anything, it might be the right time to do so.

4: It Releases Happiness Hormones

Touching her thighs can release chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin. These chemicals can lift her mood and make her feel amazingly good.

If she is going through bad phases in her life, these kinds of activities might help her fight those stress hormones. Give your girlfriend happiness because she deserves it. If she feels happy, you’ll feel happy too, right?

5: You Are Not In A FriendZone

I’ve been in a friendzone when I was in my first year of college, let me tell you, being in a friendzone hurts terribly, especially when you are in love with her deeply.

Coming out of a friend zone is nearly impossible, as your crush will hardly get any love-like feelings for you, she will only get a friend-like vibe.

Breaking the friendzone barrier is only possible if you somehow prove to her that you are the only person who would love her unconditionally. However, proving this is extremely difficult, and only a few taste success in it.

But you don’t need to worry anything if she is letting you touch her thigh as it is a sign that she doesn’t consider you as her friend, she wants something more from you.

If you like her, confess it asap because this moment may never come back!

6: She Didn’t Notice It

Maybe your touch was too faint to detect. In this case, don’t try to touch her thighs again unless you are very sure that she would not mind it.

Thighs as I said are very sensitive body parts and touching them without her consent is extremely wrong as you could get slapped by her for it.

She might not mind if you are her boyfriend, but if you are just her friend or a stranger, it might count as harassment, and the police can arrest you for that. It can literally put you behind bars. And I’m sure you don’t want that!

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  1. great article, this one really helped me out. It’s really good for two reasons. You can easily figure out if you are in the friend zone. And you can figure out if you want to shift your relationship to be more physical. I always recommend to go slow, if you want a long term relationship.

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