Why She Left Your Message On Seen

So you recently you sent one big message with so much emotion but she left it on seen. Sadly, you’re not the only one who has faced such a situation.

It is quite common, however, women don’t really give us hints about why did they leave us on seen. But, now, I’m gonna share the most accurate reasons why she did that.

The reasons I’m about to show are based on my personal experience and some research I did online, so if you don’t find some reasons relatable, don’t go blastic over me, understand I’m just a blogger who tries to solve problems by providing the solutions.

So, now without wasting any more time, let’s jump right into it!

1: She Maybe A little Busy

Maybe she has some work to do and she forgot to reply to you. This is the most common reason why women left us on seen. So don’t exaggerate the matter, take a chill pill. She will reply to you once the work is done.

Some guys begin to think she is intentionally ignoring me. That could be completely wrong, what if she doesn’t have enough time to open her Instagram or WhatsApp. What if she working on a project and the end date is of tomorrow?

What would you have done in that situation? Let me guess, you would have done the exact same thing. So don’t be a negative person. Wait for her reply and once she gives you a response, ask her, were you busy? If she says yes, then it means she wasn’t ignoring you.

2: She Is Ignoring You

It could be a little hard to digest but the chances of this are very high. Women normally reply once they see the message, but if they intentionally ignoring, they would not.

To test it, send another message, like “are you busy right now?” If she leaves this message on seen as well. That clearly indicates, she is ignoring you.

Don’t try hard to get her reply, and don’t send too many messages to her. Otherwise, you would look like a SIMP.

For a man, his self-confidence is everything, without it a man is nothing. When a girl ignores your messages, don’t reply, be a real man. Chasing her hard can give your self-confidence a major blow. It will make you feel worthless.

Wait until she replies, if she does reply, talk to her about why she was ignoring you, but if she doesn’t, then leave her, there are billions of women who exist on this planet. Don’t be a creep.

3: She Doesn’t Like You Anymore

Maybe you were really good friends or more than friends, but now she doesn’t like you anymore. Maybe she has got another guy to talk to.

Accept it and move on. We meet a lot of people and forget about a lot of people too. It is quite common. Crying about your past would hurt your confidence and might put you into depression, and that would be terrible for you.

Dont message her, otherwise she might block you. If you really want her in your life, then don’t rely on social media. Go and actually meet her. Meeting in real life is much more effective than talking on social media.

Meeting her in real life would help her in understanding you more. Who knows, she might begin to like you again.

4: Maybe Your Message Has Hurt Her

Analyze the message you’ve sent her, do you think it’s an offensive message? If yes, say sorry to her. Everything will be alright.

Also, if you’ve sent her an objectionable picture or a really bad offensive message, then you deserved to be ignored. Nothing can help you in this.

You’re lucky that she didn’t block you. Again, meet her in real life to fix the issue. Tell her sorry. She might forgive you.

5: Maybe She Has Lost Her Phone

This sounds weird but could be true. There are so many people who lose their phones, so it’s common nowadays. To be sure about it, call her, if she isn’t picking up, then ask her friends to call her, if she isn’t picking up their calls too. She might have lost her phone or might be in a serious problem.

Check her last location, reach there, or contact her parents to know if she has contacted them or not. Try to find her, and if you find her, then help her in finding her lost phone.

If you do help her in finding her lost phone, she might think you’re a really good person and might begin to like you.

6: Maybe Her Phone Got Damaged

Another weird reason, but it might be true. Maybe she was about to reply to your message but her phone broke down or got damaged because of some reason.

In that case, she will reply once she got a new phone. She will explain the incident. Again, to find out whether it is actually happening or not.

You can ask her the name of the new phone and its specifications. However, I don’t want you to be a detective, but you can ask some general questions. There is no harm in this.

What To Do If She Is Ignoring You Intentionally

There is only one solution. Be a man and don’t send her messages. Getting ignored by someone you really loved, tells that the person doesn’t want you anymore. Don’t force them to like you, it doesn’t work.

However, you can try meeting the person in real life, but if you get a negative response there too. Then, remove that person from your life.

I know it would be really hard for you to forget someone you really liked, but accepting the fact that the person has moved on and doesn’t like you anymore, makes you stronger.

It will take time, once a few months pass, you will realize, you’re now having a better time than before. Thinking about past life only gives us sadness, in some cases, depression. So it is really important to move on and work on yourself.

The competition outside is massive, if you let the past derail your progress, you’ll never taste success. Again, be a real man, stand up and fight your emotions.

I hope you liked this post, if you do then do not forget to come back whenever you have time. Remember this website ” Truly Sigma” (trulysigma.com).

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