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Even in the 21st century, it is rare to see girls with short hair. But why is so? Why don’t women have shorter hair like men? Well, we’ll certainly find the answer in this post.

According to my personal preference, I like long hair women more than shorter hair. I don’t know why. I don’t hate short hair girls but I think women look better in longer hair.

So that was my personal choice, I mean it doesn’t matter much, but it is what it is. The thing that matters the most is what do majority thinks, well, we’ll also find out about it in this post. So without wasting any more time, let’s begin!

1. It’s A Tradition

Generally, every woman has long hair, it doesn’t matter whether she is a child or a grandma. It’s a tradition and it is nearly impossible to change this tradition as there is no protest going on against it. Honestly speaking, women have accepted the concept that long hair belongs to them.

Scientists exactly don’t know when did long hair in women come into fashion, however, scientists do know that it’s older than 5,000 years.

There was no reliable shaving equipment back then, so men and women both used to have longer hair. However, women kept having longer hair while men moved towards shorter hair, especially, after world war I.

Like, I said, nobody knows exactly why this tradition came into existence. Scientists still finding it. However, If I have to guess, I will say, men don’t like short hair in women too much, maybe that’s the reason why women prefer long hair. Again, it is just my assumption.

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2. Long Hair Looks Hot As Hell!

When girls play with their hair, they look out of the world. Long hair suits women perfectly, it raises their hotness. I really don’t know why do girls try to style their hair so much, I mean, yeah it is their personal choice, they can style their hair without anyone’s permission, but most girls don’t even know that even simple long hair is enough to impress any guy.

I can’t tell in words, how attractive my crush looks when she arranges her long hair. She is not aware of it. Not only she but most women aren’t aware of it.

Stop arranging hair in front of us girls. It increases our heartbeat!

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3. Long Hair Suits Women More

I know, it’s a controversial point, but I think there is some truth in it. The majority of people think women look more attractive compared to men in long hair.

However, there are some exceptions, some men look quite decent in longer hair, for example, Jhonny Depp, Brad Pitt, Harry Styles, and many more.

But, you can’t deny the fact that some men look horrible in long hair. The majority always wins, and according to the majority, women look better in longer hair.

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4. Society Forces Them

There are still so many places in this world where women are forced to keep long hair. Society pressurize them to not cut their hair.

Women should have their own right to decide whether they wanna keep long hair or not. However, some dumb people in our society, force them to keep their hair longer, just because they think long hair is a sign of femininity.

If a woman is not comfortable with longer hair, people should respect it. Instead of judging them, people should motivate them so that they can connect with society more and achieve heights in their desired fields.

The funny thing is some women can’t pursue sports just because their families don’t want them to cut their hair. Sports like Wrestling, Boxing, and Football require shorter hair, I mean you can still play these sports without long hair, but it is difficult.

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5. According To Some People It’s A Sign Of Femininity

Again, sad but true. There are so many people, especially, men think long hair is a sign of femininity. Society has developed a mindset that without long hair, a woman doesn’t look like a woman. Which is quite sad.

In some religions, it is sin to cut hair if you’re a woman. As a theist person, I don’t find anything wrong in cutting hair, especially, if it is bothering you. But for people who follow a specific religion where women should not cut their hair, it is quite a big deal.

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6. Men Love It

The outcomes of a study led by the University of Western Ontario (UWO) confirmed these results. After studying the length of hair in models, male participants showed a preference for models with long hair and more elevated levels of attractiveness.

Based on this, one can figure that men find long hair beautiful because it indicates how fertile a woman is. In this sense, it can be stated that men are wired to be more attracted to women with longer hair than those with shorter hair.

According to some professionals, men are more apparently attracted to women with long hair because it indicates that a woman can deliver more resources for her offspring. In this sense, men are wired to prefer women who have the possibility to have higher fertility rates.

However, other experts that men are just as attracted to women who have long hair because they are regarded as more feminine. In other words, men associate long hair with being feminine and consider it attractive because it is sensed as a sign of femininity.

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7. Women Are More Sensitive To Longer Hair Than Men

Experts have discovered that women are more sensitive compared to men to the length of a person’s hair. In fact, women are capable to perceive slight changes in the size of a person’s face and head more accurately than men do. For instance, women are able to spot even one-millimeter changes in forehead size.

This means that women are wired to be more sensitive to the size of someone’s hair than men are. As said before, this may be due to the fact that women are more sensitive to signs of femininity, and how “feminine” an individual looks make them attractive. Hence, it can be stated that women have a more suitable perception of the length of a person’s hair than men do.

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Women generally have longer hair, there are 7 reasons why do women have longer hair, but the most common reason is according to society longer hair looks more feminine, and the majority of men are attracted to women with longer hair because subconsciously they think a long hair woman would be a better partner compared shorter hair woman.

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