What happens when you stop chasing herWhat happens when you stop chasing her

It’s difficult to forget someone we love so much, but when we don’t receive the same level of affection from the person we love, we have to give up and stop following them.

I’ve been there, and I know how it feels.

In this piece, I’ll discuss some of the emotions that most individuals experience after they quit pursuing the female they like.

1: You Become More Productive

“Men are admired for their abilities, while women are admired for their beauty,” according to a well-known saying. This saying is a thousand percent accurate, as we have all witnessed in real life.

People always pay attention to beautiful girls, whereas rich and famous men are respected in public.

People will not pay attention to a lady who is not beautiful or a man who is not successful. That’s just how life is.

Unfortunately, many young guys do not realize this and waste their golden years chasing dumb things.

If you are in your twenties, you must do something to achieve success in life; otherwise, this society will not allow you to live happily; in fact, your family will begin to criticize you at some point.

You may not realize it right now, but quitting chasing her was probably the right decision because you can now devote the time you used to spend chasing her to useful things.

When I quit pursuing the girl I used to like, I made this website, and look where it has gotten to now. It generates passive revenue (not much, but enough). I even picked up a few new skills.

Therefore, be sure to make good use of the leisure time you currently have. It won’t be simple at first, but you’ll start to put more of your time into worthwhile endeavors with time.

2: Sad Songs Start To Feel More Related

After you stop pursuing the girl you like, I advise against listening to depressing music since your memories of her will start to resurface and push you to get in touch with her once more.

Stop listening to sad music; instead, listen to upbeat music like rap or party songs.

While rap and motivational music can instantly improve your attitude, sad tunes might make you feel down.

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3: She Might Begin To Feel Something For You

Girls are strange; it’s tough to understand them; in fact, girls have difficulty understanding other girls.

Stop chasing her since it may allure her to you. This may appear absurd, but it occurs often.

A popular phrase goes, “You only realize how important someone is when they’re gone.”

So don’t be surprised if she texts you or calls you and asks you to meet with her.

Furthermore, according to some dating gurus, if a girl has even the tiniest feelings for you and you suddenly decide to stop chasing her and cut off all communication channels, she may begin to feel more attached to you as your memories might begin to resurface in her mind.

However, if she doesn’t have any feelings for you, she will simply forget about you in a matter of days.

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4: Her Memories May Crush Your Brain

It won’t take long for her memories to resurface, so be prepared to combat them whenever they do. This is especially true if you recently quit pursuing her.

Although there is no way to stop these emotions from crushing your mind, you can use short-term remedies like playing video games, reading a book, listening to dance music, and watching a movie.

When I remember her, all I do is feel and acknowledge to myself, “Yes, those were some nice moments.” Once I’ve finished remembering those moments, I return to my normal life and carry out my duties.

I basically don’t let old memories influence my present life, and if you want to have a calm life, you must do the same.

5: You May Start To Feel Lonely

It’s normal to feel lonely after saying goodbye to someone you adored. We all had this feeling, and let me tell you, it doesn’t last long for most individuals.

You may even feel like you don’t want to date anymore; if this is the case, keep your head cool and understand that this emotion won’t stay long.

Also, your mind may start to force you to contact her again, giving you excuses to do so, but stick to your decision unless she contacts you, as listening to your mind and going back to her may not go well for you, as if she rejects you again, you’ll feel terrible, even worse than you do now.

6: More Dating Opportunities

Leaving her may be a wonderful option because you now have the freedom to chose another relationship.

You can use dating websites/apps to meet girls, go to clubs to meet girls, or strengthen your bond with a girl you already know.

When I chose to quit chasing her, I was utterly alone for two months, and I didn’t date anyone at that time. When I started to date again, it went incredibly well, as it helped me get over her sentiments.

7: Happiness

It hurts a lot to leave someone we love forever, yet that sad sensation usually lasts a number of months, or for some people, only a few days.

Believe it or not, your pain will gradually pass and you will begin to feel truly joyful, and you will thank yourself for making the decision to leave her.

8: Regret

You will undoubtedly experience regret after stopping loving her because you will begin to consider what would have happened if you had continued chasing her.

We all consider what we could have done differently and how it would have changed our current situation. We can’t undo what has already happened, therefore wallowing in regret is a waste of time.

Stop regretting and start smiling. You did a nice thing; perhaps God has other plans for you.

9: Jealousy

It aches and makes us jealous when we witness the girl we love with someone else. If you still know her or see her on sometimes, or if she attends the same college as you, seeing her with another guy will undoubtedly make you jealous, even if you haven’t been after her for a long time.

Unless you find another girl, you’ll be jealous every time you see her with another guy.

If you despise the sense of jealousy, you may need to re-energize your dating life.

I hope you liked this post.

Thanks for reading!

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