What Does It Mean When A Girl Calls You Cute? 7 Lovely Things

Cute and handsome are two words that every guy wants to hear, especially, from their crushes. However, only a handful of lucky men get this opportunity.

If your crush called you cute recently, well, first of all, congrats as it is a very positive sign, but before you go crazy, let me tell you something, calling cute could mean many things.

In this post, we’ll find out what it means when a girl calls you cute. Is it positive, is it negative, or is it avoidable? You’ll find your answer here in this post.

So, without waiting anymore, let’s jump right into it!

1: You Are Probably In A Friendzone

I know it’s not a great start, I may have broken the hearts of some of you, but the chances of this are immense.

You are probably in a friend zone. Cute isn’t a strong word sadly, many girls use this word for their besties.

Don’t fall for her just because she called you cute. Look for some more strong signs. See if she flirts with anyone else or not, see how many times she flirts with you, and also notice if she makes strong eye contact with you or not.

Noticing these signs can help you a lot in finding out whether she is into you or not.

2: She Has An Crush On You

This might cheer up some of you as this word might also mean that she has a crush on you.

Girls generally don’t say cute to someone who isn’t close to their heart. So if she said you look cute, it strongly indicates that there is something magical.

You must not let this opportunity pass as this might be the only opportunity you have got. Tell her how special she is to you.

If you let this opportunity pass, someone else will take it, and you will be left with regret only.

The problem with most men is that they don’t take the opportunity. They just wait, wait, and wait. Don’t be that guy! Gather some courage and just do it!

3: Brother Zoned

The Brother zone is even worst than the friend zone. Believe it or not, the brother zone does exist, and you are probably in that.

Maybe you look exactly like her brother, or maybe the way you talk is similar to his brother.

This happens when guys act too nicely with girls.

I’m not saying that you should start acting like Andrew Tate or something, but just learn how to say no. Don’t help her in everything, she can manage her things bro! she isn’t a kid anymore.

Some of you might be wondering how can someone find out whether they are brother zoned or not.

The most obvious sign would be, she treats you like a kid. Another sign is, she flirts with guys even when you are with her. By flirting with other dudes, she is indirectly letting you know that she doesn’t see you as her potential partner.

4: You Are Actually Quite Cute

Maybe you are actually quite cute. If that’s true, you would not only hear this word from her but many other girls.

Some girls can’t control their emotions, they love giving compliments. To find out whether you are cute or not, you can do two things, first one is to notice how many people look at you when you go for a walk or travel in a Subway.

If many people gaze at you, it is a strong sign that you have a good-looking face.

The second way would be to ask your friends for an honest opinion about your looks. If they say you look cute, take it as a compliment and accept the fact that you are amazing and feel proud of it!

5: She Is A Douchebag

Maybe she was feeling bored and to eliminate that boring feeling, she decided to flirt with you.

Some girls think that guys are like toys, they can play with them anytime they want. They don’t know that we have feelings too. Stay away from these types of girls as they are only there to suck your money and time!

Instead, focus on your career, accept her compliment, and move on!

6: It Was Just One Time

Did she use that word for you only one time?

We praise many people every day, but that doesn’t mean that we love them. It simply means that we appreciated them for something.

Maybe you did something that she found wonderful, and that’s why she called you cute. Never fall in love with someone just because they complimented you once.

7: She Is A Shy Person

When a shy person is in love, they first give subtle signs before confessing. Maybe she said cute to you because the word cute doesn’t reveal a lot of things.

Shy people hold themselves before revealing anything, they first see if the person they are falling for has a heart of gold or not. Let her test you, once she has done with that, she will throw some serious signs.

If you like her too, you must not let this opportunity pass. Once she starts giving serious signs to you, like playing with your hair, touching your hands, and complimenting you often, tell her how important she is to you.

Furthermore, some shy girls never reveal anything, which means, they never gonna tell you how much they love you. In this case, you have to take the matter into your hand, and you have to confess your love to her.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Thanks for reading!