What Does It Mean When A Girl Adds Extra Letter In Her TextWhat Does It Mean When A Girl Adds Extra Letter In Her Text

If I ask you, what is the difference between “Hey” and Heyyy”, most of us would not be able to tell any difference apart from those extra Y’s.

But what if I tell you that there is actually a big difference in the emotions between those “Hey” and “Heyyy”. Would you believe it?

A “Hey” is a common chat opener, but a “Heyyy” is a special one. And, you’ll find out why it is special here in this post.

So make sure to read the complete post to get a complete info. Let’s begin!

1: She Is Excited

It is may seem impossible to find out whether the person you are chatting with is excited or not, there is no way unless you video call them and observe their facial reaction by yourself.

I know emojis do help us to know what type of emotion the other person might be feeling while talking to you, but that is not 100% accurate too.

Sometimes we use laughing emojis even though we are not feeling anything funny.

Focusing on the words she is using in her texts and the way she is using them might help!

The words she is using in her messages can reveal what she is feeling.

If she is using extra letters while talking to you, it strongly indicates that she is feeling some level of excitement.

A “Heyyy” might mean she was thinking about you, and now when she has time, she wants to spend it with you. It also tells that she wants to know more about you.

2: She Likes You

It feels truly amazing when we know a woman likes us. However, women are good at hiding their feelings, but they do give subtle signs, but most of the signs they give are generally hard to detect.

One of those subtle signs is using extra letters in texts. If she is constantly putting effort into the words she is using, it might mean that she is attracted to you.

However, you must look for some other strong signs to be sure of whether she actually likes you or not because girls sometimes use extra letters just for fun, nothing else!

Also, does she use emojis while chatting with you? If she does, it could be another positive sign.

3: She Was Busy

We all are becoming busy, we hardly get time for things we love to do. The main reason why we are busy all the time is of course money.

But when we do get time for ourselves, we feel good, and it can be seen through our messages. When we feel good, we use more emojis, extra letters, and even voice texts.

Maybe she was busy and now she has finally got time to talk to you. A “Heyyy” indicates that she is now free and ready to talk to you.

4: You Are Funny!

Funny people are the best. They have the power to lift any bad mood, and that’s why people like spending time with them.

Because of the stress we face every day, we become sadder and sadder. In this stressful life, we want someone who can release our stress through their jokes and stories.

Maybe you are the one who makes her laugh every time she chats with you. She uses extra letters because she is enjoying her time with you.

Keep doing it, because those who can make a girl laugh, can win the heart of any girl.

5: She Wants To Tell You A Secret

I share everything with my best friend, he knows almost every secret of mine. I guess you also have a friend who knows a lot about you.

Perhaps, she wants to share her long secret with you, and she can’t wait to do that. In that case, she might use extra words because she is feeling some emotions, and those emotions would come out through her words.

Calmy response to everything she is telling, and ask questions regarding what she is saying, that way, you could build a stronger relationship with her.

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How To Respond To A “Heyyy” (Extra Later Message)

Listen to your mind, don’t get too enthusiastic if she is using extra letters as it doesn’t guarantee that she is in love with you, it could mean anything else.

Also, show her that you are excited too, but remember your limits. Reply fast if she is replying to you fast as well. Don’t show her that you have too much free time. Don’t be available for her all the time.

Girls generally don’t like guys who are available all the time, they just don’t value them.

If She Has Stopped Adding Extra Letters Does It Mean She Isn’t Interesting Any More

No. If a girl isn’t interested in you, she won’t text you or simply won’t reply to you quickly. Her messages will be shorter too.

If she has stopped adding extra letters, it might mean that she has found out that she makes mistakes in her texts, or she doesn’t have anything new to tell, or it could mean something different, but it doesn’t mean that she isn’t interested in you anymore.

Keep trying!

I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading!

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