Why Dating Apps Don’t Work: 7 Things You Need To Know

We all wanna get as many matches as possible on dating apps like Tinder Bumble eHarmony etc., but when we actually download these apps and try them out, we end up being disappointed.

We feel like we have been scammed, but why does it happen? Are we really getting scammed? Well, in this post, you will find your answer.

Why Dating Apps Don’t Work

There are seven reasons that I have come up with, and every reason that I’m about to mention is going to make sense, so stay with me.

1: Dating Apps Are Money Suckers

Dating apps don’t care about you at all, they only care about your money. That’s why you see every dating app asking for you to pay money to them after just a few slides or clicks.

The dating app industry is growing rapidly, in fact, they made around $5 Billion dollar in 2022. It means, more and more people are coming to dating apps with the hope of finding a life partner. Most people don’t know that the success rate of finding a date is only around 10% even after paying for the most premium subscription.

But these money sucker dating apps advertise their apps like it’s the ultimate destination to find a partner. They would never tell you that the success rate is only 10%.

I’m pretty sure, if you have ever used these apps, you would have noticed that they ask for money every time, it feels really annoying, in fact, it feels like they don’t want us to find love on their platform, they just want our money.

The crazy thing is that you have better chances of finding a date on social media like Instagram than dating apps. It might sound crazy to you, but believe me, it’s not.

If you upload reels and nice pictures of yourself on Instagram, your chances might increase even further. And, the best part is that social media is free.

2: Women Have A Lot Of Options To Choose From

Finding an attractive date is much easier for women than for men. Women see an insane amount of requests, messages, and likes from guys, while guys hardly see any.

Therefore, women have a lot of options to choose from, so they only select the guys they find really attractive. While guys hardly get any matches, so there is not much choice left for them, It’s a pretty sad thing if you think about it.

Some guys keep their subscriptions on even after seeing so many failures on dating apps because they believe that one day, they will find the woman they are looking for.

Dating apps, in fact, spend a lot of money and do their best to find guys like these. They pay companies to go through your web history, and look for how often you search for things like dating, love, intimacy, etc.

Once they have found that, you are single and want a partner, they are gonna bombard your phone with their app ads.

If you see dating app-related ads on the internet, it’s highly likely that you are single and dating app companies know it very well. They are gonna target you like crazy, unless you buy their subscription.

3: There is an Insane Competition

There are many guys who are doing their best to get as many matches as they can get. They are uploading great pictures of themselves, updating their bios, and spending a lot of money just to get more and more matches.

The competition is insane, if you believe, you are going to get many matches just by purchasing app basic plans, you might be wrong.

You probably have to do a lot of things to be able to get some matches, like uploading amazing pictures of yourself, looking good, and looking rich.

Dating apps really require you to appear different than most men. If you don’t appear different, you will be crushed by the competition.

Also, there are many guys on dating apps who know how to text a woman to get replies faster. They know the best pickup line and best chat openers, and they know exactly how to turn a cold conversation into a fun one.

If you don’t know how to engage a woman over text, you will struggle greatly.

4: These Apps Can Lower Your Self-Confidence

Confidence is everything, without it, no one can achieve anything in their lives, however, there are a lot of things that can down your self-confidence, like not seeing the result you expected.

When we create an account on dating apps and pay, a hope gets built, a hope of attracting many dates, but when that doesn’t happen, we start to feel like we are not good-looking, or we have some kind of unattractive trait which is keeping people away from us.

After seeing many failures on dating apps, I started to believe that I was not attractive, but I was completely wrong because when I talked to women in real life, most women showed a good response to me.

I realized that dating apps give you a wrong perception of yourself. These apps can make you feel bad about yourself even though the reality is far different.

Also, in apps, we just can’t know what the person is like in real life, we all can just guess.

Therefore, if you have seen many failures of dating apps, don’t feel sad, it’s possible that you are gorgeous. So, smile!

5: Finding The Right Girl Is Almost Impossible

Dating apps work on an algorithm, a script decides which person’s profile is gonna flash on your screen. Even if you get a match, you don’t really know what the person is like in real life.

Sometimes, when we go and meet our date, we feel disappointed as we find out that the person is not like what we expected them to be.

Dating apps don’t show you the reality, you can only find the reality when you actually meet and observe.

So, these companies have just created some scripts and are making millions every month through subscriptions. I mean, running a business is not bad, and creating a script like that is tough, but playing with emotions is also not cool.

That disappointing feeling that arises when we find out that the person isn’t like what we hoped for, feels pretty bad.

6: Most People Lie There

There are many liars out there on dating apps, they lie just to get more matches. In fact, there are only a handful of people there who are real.

So, spending your hard-earned money on something that is full of fake things is stupidity.

Use that money to develop yourself, you can pay a gym fee with that money.

7: There Are Many Scammy Apps

There are only some dating apps that are real, most of them are developed just to scam people. I have seen countless reviews where people are complaining that the app hasn’t refunded their money or deducted money without their will.

Beware of apps like these, and stay safe!

I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading!