My Ex-Girlfriend Blocked MeMy Ex-Girlfriend Blocked Me

When the woman we love blocks us, it hurts terribly since it completely ruins all of our chances of winning her affection.

Even worse is when you want your ex back but you end up getting blocked by her.

I’ve experienced that anguish myself and am now able to comprehend why girls block their ex. I’ll discuss the potential causes of her social media blocking in this piece.

Let’s start!

1: It’s Pretty Common

If you’ve been blocked by your ex, you shouldn’t be surprised since, believe it or not, it’s rather common.

In fact, I was blocked by my ex, and one of my best friends was also blocked by his ex, so you are not alone in this situation.

Some people believe that blocking their ex after a split is necessary because they believe they will fall in love again. In addition, some people block their ex in rage.

Whatever the situation may be, getting blocked by your ex is a common occurrence, and you should not be startled by it.

2: She Wants To Focus On Her Career

Maybe she opted to focus on her work after breaking up with you.

Many people begin to rebuild their careers and health following a breakup.

And we don’t want any kind of impediment when we’re trying to develop ourselves. Perhaps she worries that if she reconnects with you, she will lose all of her progress.

If your girlfriend was strongly determined to advance her career, this is very possible.

I may appear rude, but just a few girls desire to focus on their careers; most girls nowadays spend their time online watching reels and TikTok.

If you still want her, the best thing you can do is meet her in person and convince her that you will not be a barrier to her career. If she is persuaded, she will unblock you or begin to love you again.

3: She’s Got Another Partner

Unless they find another companion, girls usually do not close the door of their hearts for their ex. Her blocking could indicate that she is no longer interested in you and has another partner with whom she lives.

It may be heartbreaking to hear for someone of you, but it is possible.

To find out if she is in another relationship, you may reach those who know her well, or meet friends who were common between you and her.

Another option is to make a fake profile and follow her to check if she’s dating anyone. I know it’s a little odd, but it can help you discover the truth.

If she is dating someone, she will undoubtedly hint at it on social media at some point.

4: She Doesn’t Like To Stay Connected With People She Once Knew

She can be one of the few individuals who prefer not to maintain relationships with former acquaintances.

These folks are masters at forgetting others. They are only there to enjoy their lives, therefore they don’t feel sad for someone either.

5: She’s Testing You

Maybe she knows you want to reconcile with her again, and this time she wants to put you to the test before accepting you back into her life.

Girls enjoy putting the guy they like to the test. Her failure to respond to your texts or block you could indicate that she is putting you to the test.

If she’s testing you, you’ll find that she’ll unblock you after a while. You’ll also note that she responds to your messages coldly.

Now, if she unblocks you after a while, and you believe she is simply testing you, you must remain calm and attempt to make your interaction with her engaging.

Also, if she becomes upset at you or responds with cold messages, do not become frustrated and do not respond in a rude manner to her, as this may jeopardize your entire development.

Respond to her cold texts with humor, and make your chat with her fascinating.

6: She Hates You

I have some bad news for you. She most likely lost all faith in love following your breakup with her and now despises you from the bottom of her heart.

You’ll never know why she blocked you unless you go see her and discuss the problem in person. As a blogger, I can only provide you with possibilities.

If she truly despises you, she will never connect with you again. She may even request her friends to unfollow or block you.

It’s also best not to reconnect with someone who hates you because it’s very impossible to change a hater into a lover. It’s a waste of time; instead, use that energy to locate a new relationship.

7: She Doesn’t Want Her New Boyfriend To know About you.

This one is a little out of the ordinary. Perhaps she wishes to conceal the fact that she was formerly your girlfriend. Perhaps she doesn’t want her new partner to know about you.

Some girls do this to maintain the health of their current relationships; perhaps she is one of them.

8: You Were Texting Her Way Too Much

You were actually decreasing your chances of acquiring her even more if you were texting her excessively and pleading with her to return to your life because girls detest guys that text them frequently.

Perhaps she became irritated with you and chose to get rid of you.

Because of this, many girls block plenty of guys. Even while it might seem unusual, it’s probably true, especially if you were texting her excessively.

9: She Didn’t Really Love You

Perhaps she never truly loved you and entered the relationship purely for amusement.

In the current environment, the majority of people look for benefits they might receive from a relationship rather than pure love.

She might have entered the relationship purely for financial gain or to experience what it’s like to be in a relationship.

It’s difficult to let go of someone you once loved, and her blocking you after the breakup may indicate that she never did.

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