Why do girls like hands?Why do girls like hands?

You may have heard that girls are crazy for hands, but have you ever asked yourself questions like why are girls attracted to hands? Is there any specific reason behind liking hands? And, why do girls find it so appealing?

Well, in this post I’ll be answering everything you wanna know. So make sure to read the entire post to get the complete info.

Why Do Girls Like Hands?

Women find guys with strong hands very attractive, just like you find women with curvy bodies attractive.

Strong hands appear sexier, it tells that the guy is very capable of mating.

In the Pleistocene age, females used to mate with only strong alpha males, and even though the world has changed so much, the thinking process hasn’t changed much.

Women still go for men who they think can protect them and their kids in the future.

Strong hands aren’t extremely important in finding a partner, but it definitely makes you attractive, and a lot of women do notice it.

In fact, a user on Twitter posted a pic of his hand, and it got 37k likes and a lot of comments simping for the hand. It tells how crazy women are for good-looking hands.

Are Long Fingers Attractive?

Fingers play a big role in making your hands attractive. And, yes, women do prefer longer fingers on hand than shorter ones.

According to a study, longer fingers are attached to good-looking guys. In fact, some women find long fingers more attractive than whole hands, which is quite odd.

What Type Of Hands Are Attractive?

There is no specific answer to this question, but when I saw some interviews and read some threads, most girls were saying that they find muscular (not too muscular) hands with long fingers and tattoos hotter than normal hands.

However, it doesn’t mean a simple hand can’t look hot, there are a few things you can do to make your hand attractive.

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How To Make Your Hand Attractive?

  • Groom

Make sure your hands are clean, they should not be too bushy (hairy) otherwise your hands may not appear muscular. It will hide your forearm muscles too, so shave your hand’s hair if they are too bushy.

Plus, double sure that your nails are not long and dirty, it turns off women instantly. Dirty nails tell that you don’t focus much on cleanness.

  • Tattoo

Women like tattoos. It’s a great way to boost your attractiveness, however, only go for them if you are very sure because once you got the tattoo, you can’t erase them unless you go for surgery.

Getting a tattoo just to impress girls is stupidity. Only get a tattoo if you really want to. Also, there shouldn’t be too many tattoos, covering 30% hand with a tattoo looks good, but something more than that might look unattractive.

  • Muscle

Your muscles shouldn’t be too big or too small. Slim hands with some muscles attract women a lot.

If you’re skinny, do some exercises, it doesn’t only make your muscle better but it’s also good for your overall health.

  • Rings

Rings can make your hand appear 10 times more attractive, however, it’s really important to choose the size correctly and design too.

A bad ring would raise tons of questions in the mind of the girl who would look at your hand. She may not like it.

There are many articles present about how to choose a perfect ring for yourself, you can even watch videos about it.

If you’re interested in buying a ring, make sure to watch or read the post first.

  • Veins

It might sound weird to you but girls find veins quite sexy. To know more about it, read the post – Why Do Girls Like Veins? (6 Crazy Reasons)

Are Hands The Only Thing Women Notice?

No, there are tons of things women look for before choosing their partners. Good-looking hands can make your chances better but they are not the thing you can depend on.

Some of the important things girls notice in a guy:

  • How funny is he

Girls love funny guys! They enjoy their time with them, if a guy is funny, he instantly becomes attractive to them. If you don’t have enough humor in you, then learn it.

I know what you would be thinking right now, “Ohh it’s impossible to learn humor” but let me tell you, it is possible, it will take time but you can definitely learn how to generate humor.

Spend time with people who are funny, learn from them, and learn how they express themselves.

  • How rich is he

The majority of women do care about how much a guy makes. It’s all BS that women don’t care about money. They do, and they should care about it.

As I said, women want a secure future, it is in their genes, they would not want to be in a relationship with a guy who can’t promise a better and secure future for her and her future kids.

So don’t be dumb, start earning money if you don’t earn yet. Also, when you’ll have money, you’ll meet a lot of fake people, make sure to protect yourself from them.

  • How tall is he

Again, women like tall guys because it’s their nature. Subconsciously women think that mating with a tall guy would result in taller kids.

Also, it doesn’t mean you have to be at least 6 feet to impress girls. No! you just need to be taller than the girl you like.

Even if you’re an inch taller than her, it’s enough to make you a potential candidate for her boyfriend’s vacancy.

Furthermore, if you are over 21 and can’t grow height, then you should work on your personality. Do things that can make your confidence up. Just don’t sit and wait for your dream girl, she won’t come if you don’t take any action.

  • How good his temperament is

Do you get angry at small things? Women hate those types of guys who get mad at everything.

A good character is really important, if you’re someone who finds it hard to control anger, you must first fix it before meeting a woman.

  • How well does he smell

You won’t believe it, but your smell plays a vital role in getting girls. If you smell bad, girls will reject you instantly.

Take shower daily, if possible, take it twice a day, use branded perfume, and always wash your clothes.

I hope you liked this post, thanks for reading!

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