How often do guys think about the girl they like?How often do guys think about the girl they like?

Science has developed so much recently, especially, psychology science.

If you study human psychology, you will start to understand human behaviors a lot better, however, there are still a lot of things that are impossible to find out, and one of those is “how often do guys think about the girl they like?”

If I am being honest with you, no one knows the exact answer because every human thinks differently.

Also, it depends upon a lot of factors, such as how much workload he has, how often he meets you, do you guys study or work at the same place, etc.

Still, I’m going to give you the best answer possible, so make sure to read the entire post to get the complete info.

How Often Do Guys Think About The Girl They Like

To find the answer to this question, I read several articles, watched more than 20 videos, and went on to public forums such as Quora, Reddit, and GirlsAskGuys, and I found something really interesting, when a guy likes you, he thinks about you whenever he is alone, listens to a love song, watches your videos or photos, and feels sad.

The reason why there is no number is that no one counts it. I don’t wanna make you guys fool by giving you a fake number.

The number could range between 1 to 1,000,00. The range is insanely big, so guessing a number would be stupid.

Also, if a guy has a lot of workload on his shoulders, he may not think about you even once a day, he will constantly think about finishing the pending work he has.

But if he has no work, he will probably think about you all day, he may even start to daydream about what it will feel like to have you as his wife.

So it depends upon the situation.

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How To Know If He Thinks About You

Here are the things you should notice if you want to find out there he thinks about you or not.

1: He Asks A Lot Of Questions To You

Asking questions is a sign that he is curious to know more about you, especially, if he asks personal questions. It’s a strong sign that he thinks about you.

Also, if a guy asks a lot of questions to you, it doesn’t always mean that he likes you, so do not build hope on that, it could backfire.

2: He Remembers Every Little Thing About You

Guys are pretty bad at remembering special days, they just don’t give it much importance.

However, if a guy knows your special days like your birthday or the day you first met him, it can’t be a coincidence, it screams that he likes you and thinks about you.

It is in fact one of the strongest signs that he likes you because men just don’t like to remember birthdays of people who aren’t important to them.

3: He Texts You First

Does he text you first most of the time? It’s another strong sign that he thinks about you. Just ask yourself, why would he text you first if he doesn’t think about you?

Notice his texts, notice what type of texts he sends. If most of the texts are flirtatious, then it’s quite simple, it tells he likes you, but if he sends only work-related texts, then you should look for some other signs. (I’ve listed the signs in this post)

4: He Likes Your Old Pictures/Videos

If you haven’t uploaded any latest picture on your account, but still receiving likes from his side on your older picture, it indicates that he thinks about you.

It tells he is curious to know about your past self. It’s another very strong sign that he is into you.

5: He Never Replies Late Or Leaves Your Messages On Seen

Leaving messages on seen or replying late is a indication that he is probably not into you because when guys like someone, they don’t take even a second to reply if they are online.

Notice how fast he replies if he is online, or check if he ever leaves your messages on seen. Tbh, it’s not one of the strongest signs but it’s definitely a sign that you can not ignore.

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If Guy Thinks About You, Does It Means He Likes You?

No. Maybe he thinks about you just because you look different than others, or maybe you’re smarter than anyone else he knows, or maybe he has a caring nature.

There could be hundreds of reasons why he thinks about you, and assuming that he likes you just because he thinks about you isn’t wise.

You should look for some strong signs to be sure whether he actually likes you or not. Below is the list of signs you would get from him if he likes you.

  • He flirts with you
  • He never leaves your messages on seen
  • He maintains eye contact with you
  • He feels jealous
  • He touches you
  • He blushes when you are around
  • He shares his future plans with you
  • He talks about you with his friends
  • He never says no to your requests

If you are seeing the above signs from his side, it’s the right time to go on a date with him.

Some guys are shy or have a big ego, so they never propose first, they wait for girls to make the first move.

If you like him too, but he is naturally shy, then you must not wait for the right time, go and approach him before it’s too late.

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