Why Do Girls Treat Me Like A Kid? (7 Key Reasons)

It hurts a lot when a girl tells you that she can’t date you because you look much younger or childlike.

In this post, we’ll look at what we can do to change this and why girls see you as a kid. So stick with us because you’ll learn a lot!

1: You Are Quite Cute

Although it may sound strange, when a girl says that you look childlike or extremely youthful, it significantly suggests that she finds you to be a genuinely cute man.

Women don’t treat every man like a child; if one does, it usually means you are someone special. Your face might actually be stunning, I mean there are possibilities!

However, some men don’t appreciate it when women treat them like children. I know it doesn’t feel good because I’ve experienced it myself when I was in college and girls would comment on how young I looked.

However, just because you appear young or childlike doesn’t imply you can’t attract any woman. You can; all it takes is confidence and good communication abilities.

I’ve seen many men who appear to be quite young but still attract a lot of women; this is because they don’t accept loss; instead, they view it as a challenge and work hard to develop themselves.

They understand that they cannot change their body type or facial structure overnight, so they concentrate on improving other aspects of their lives to make themselves more appealing.

So stop believing that if you appear childlike, you will not attract any girls. It’s completely false!

2: You Need To Change Your Hairstyle

Choosing the appropriate hairstyle is critical because a bad hairstyle can have a negative impact on your appearance.

Many men avoid trying new hairstyles for fear of what others would think. Yes, there are those who pass harsh judgment on others, but that doesn’t mean they should have power over our lives; we may do anything we choose; this is freedom and this is life.

If you have a simple hairstyle, Young Justin Bieber Type, you should modify it because it seems childish to be honest.

3: Grow a Beard If Possible

Did you notice a major difference in the above image? When the man above developed a beard, he immediately appeared more mature and handsome.

According to studies, a beard can make you appear more macho, and it can also balance your facial structure.

If you can grow a beard, you should try it on yourself. Women will probably cease labeling you as a youngster once you have a full-grown beard.

However, keep in mind that a beard does not suit every man; if it does not suit you, you can remove it.

4: You Try To Attract Older Women

If you genuinely want to attract older ladies, you should take a break from it for a while. Yes, older women look wonderful, especially their bodies, but women typically prefer a mate who is older and more mature than them.

Make an effort to approach women who are younger than you. You will have an easier time attracting a younger woman since she will not get a childish feeling from you because you are older than her.

5: You Are Short

Unfortunately, once we reach the age of 18, we cannot change our height. Whatever you achieve, your height will be one of the first things a lady notices about you.

According to a study, women find taller men more appealing than males of equal or lower height.

If the female you are attracted to is taller than you or equal in height to you, she may treat you like a child because you are not very tall.

In this situation, your only alternative is to work on yourself and grow yourself.

If you are short, try to make yourself valuable. Money may literally solve many of the problems you confront on a daily basis. So focus on money for some time and make yourself valuable.

6: You Are Skinny

If you are extremely thin or lack confidence due to your weight, you should improve your appearance because being thin might make you appear much younger than your age.

Many people have reported feeling unconfident and bashful when they are underweight, so adjust your nutrition, increase carbs, and start working out in the gym to grow muscle.

Women will find you more appealing if you have more muscles. They may begin to take you more seriously.

7: You Don’t Do Face Exercises

Facial exercises are one of the most effective ways to give yourself a more aged appearance. Even so, many guys don’t pay much attention to face workouts, dismissing them as if they didn’t exist.

Including facial workouts in your daily routine can give your face a more balanced and sharp appearance, as well as help your jawline appear stronger, making your face appear beautiful.

So, don’t ignore facial exercises, add them to your daily routine, now!


It hurts when girls dismiss us by saying, “You look like a kid.” I have felt this pain, and many others are experiencing it right now.

Girls may regard you as a child because of your low stature, basic hairdo, or slender frame.

Even if you appear youthful or childish, you can still attract a lot of girls. Money, confidence, and power can make you invincible even if you don’t have great looks.

So keep working on yourself, don’t stop!

I hope you liked this post.

Thanks for reading!