Why Do Girls Like Being SlappedWhy Do Girls Like Being Slapped

These days, slapping, choking, and hair-pulling have become commonplace. Many couples use these practices to deepen their connection, but do girls actually enjoy getting smacked, and if so, why?

Why do girls enjoy getting slaps? Why does anyone think getting hit is fun? Well, I’m here to respond.

I’ll explain the science behind why some girls appreciate being treated roughly in this article. Therefore, be sure to read the entire post.

Do Girls Like Being Slapped While Making Love?

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Surprisingly, most women enjoy being slapped when they are in the mood. The slap should not be too hard, a hard slap might ruin the whole mood. So make sure that you’re doing everything in moderation.

Not only slapping but hair pulling, biting, choking, and eye contact can increase the pleasure too.

Also, not every woman enjoys it, you should take permission from your partner before doing such things.

The scenes you see on those kinds of videos are done by professionals (Actors), it is their job.

Applying what you see in those videos, might put your partner’s health and your relationship’s health in trouble, and I guess, you don’t want this.

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Why Do Women Enjoy Being Slapped?

There are five reasons why women like being slapped, choked, and hair pulled while making love. Let’s look at them one by one.

1: It Releases Oxytocin

Oxytocin is a female hormone that gets released when a female feels pleasure.

“According to science, oxytocin is a hormone released by the pituitary gland that causes increased contraction of the uterus during labor and stimulates the ejection of milk into the ducts of the breasts.”

Oxytocin can lower stress levels and increase happiness. If your partner encounters stressful days a lot, you can add these tiny little things that can help in releasing oxytocin more. It can improve your love life.

2: It Spices Up Your Relationship

Intimacy while making love is quite important, without it your sex life might not feel exciting.

A small slap, believe it or not, can instantly spice up things, however, remember to do it in moderation and don’t hit your partner too hard. Also, do not forget to make strong eye contact as women enjoy strong eye contact during lovemaking, it makes them feel closer to their partners.

3: Increases Chemistry

We all see and hear about people getting divorced, long-time relationships getting split, and fights in relationships. It all happens because of a lack of love and chemistry. In fact, after love and trust, chemistry is the most important aspect of a relationship.

Strong chemistry is not just important, but it’s basically a backbone of a relationship. Without it, there will be too many complications and your relationship could end sooner, and I’m pretty sure, you don’t want this to happen.

Adding things like slapping, hair pulling, etc, can make your chemistry with your partner better to some extent.

As doing the same things over and over can actually make your love life pretty boring and can increase arguments and fights. So, understand how important it is to keep chemistry in your relationship healthy.

4: Makes Your Boring Love Life Interesting

Are you bored with your sexual life? Or your partner just doesn’t feel the way she used to? Well, it’s time to boost things up.

Role play and little rough things can make your nightlife a bit more interesting. Just try out new things if old things aren’t working like they used to.

5: Some Women Enjoy Rough More

Some women don’t enjoy the normal way of love. Maybe your partner is one of them. Try little rough, and see how she reacts.

You can ask your partner too about what kinds of things she likes in bed, however, women usually don’t like to open up too much. You have to notice her body and facial expression.

If her body is reacting positively while having a rough love, then it indicates that your partner enjoys rough more, and you should do a rough little more in bed.

Should I Slap My Partner Every Time We Make Love?

If your girlfriend doesn’t appreciate getting slapped during lovemaking or if you don’t have her consent, never slap her.

Remember that the health of your relationship matters much more than just physical fulfillment.

Unfortunately, many guys overstep their boundaries when making love; they don’t consider their partner, and instead treat them like slaves.

We are, after all, human, and we must treat others as such. Slapping without her permission could lead to a disastrous situation. However, if your spouse enjoys slapping, choking, and other forms of physical contact during lovemaking, you are free to slap her.

What Other Body Parts Do Girls Like Getting Slap Apart From Their Cheeks?

Answering this question is challenging because it entirely depends on the individual. However, some reports claim that girls enjoy receiving gentle slaps on their chests, thighs, and bottom.

Asking your girlfriend will reveal the regions of her body she enjoys having slapped, if she feels comfortable doing so.

Can You Turn On A Woman Just By A Slap?

No, it’s almost impossible. Women are complicated creatures; they can be turned on by the strangest of things, but they can also be turned off by the craziest of things.

Turning on a man is far easier than turning on a woman. A simple slap will not turn her on; you may need to do other things, such as kissing, gripping the waist, locking fingers, and so on.

Also, when women are not in a mood, no one can turn them on, whereas males are the opposite. They are easily activated.

Can A Man Get Turn On By A Slap?

To be honest, most men don’t find slapping, choking, and hair-pulling during lovemaking that exciting. They may claim that they enjoy these things to make their partner feel better, but these actions do not excite a man.

However, some guys enjoy these activities; perhaps your partner is one of them. You can always try, as trying is always beneficial.

I hope you liked this post!

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