Why Do Guys Like Back Door (Anal)?Why Do Guys Like Back Door (Anal)?

Men are obsessed with anal, it makes them feel insanely good, but it might not be that pleasurable for females.

But, why are men so obsessed with it? What makes it so appealing to them? Well, you are at the right place because, in this post, we are going inside the mind of a man, and we will try to find out the exact reason behind this obsession.

Make sure to read everything to get a complete info. Let’s go!

Why Do Guys Like Back Door (Anal)?

To find the answer, I went on forums, watched several videos, and asked some of my friends, and this is what I found.

Men like it when the grip on their penis is tighter. Tightness makes things more pleasurable to them. The Anal is generally tighter than the v@ginal, so it automatically becomes more pleasurable.

It can help men reach org*sm much faster than the v@ginal. This is the main reason why men are so obsessed with anal.

However, this is not the only reason. There are some more, so let’s look at them one by one!

1: Xx Videos Have Influenced Their Minds

There was a time when finding an adult picture or video was quite difficult, but now things have changed drastically.

Now with a click of a button, you can find thousands of adult videos and pictures.

Xxx-rated videos and pics have impacted people’s minds. Some people even started doing things they see in those videos in their real life.

They don’t understand that It could be dangerous for their relationship. Anal does feel good, I know, but an obsession with it might end their relationship sooner as some women don’t find anal comfortable.

An Anal with a lot of lube might feel pleasurable btw, but only for some.

Understanding what your partner likes and what doesn’t is crucial. A lack of understanding is harmful to a relationship.

Take permission from your partner before doing any such activity in bed, it is very important!

2: It’s Safer

Anal might feel painful, but if you want to avoid pregnancy, anal is the better option for you.

According to Kidshealth.org, getting pregnant through anal is unlikely. In theory, it’s possible that it could happen if sem*n from the anus gets into the v@ginal.

However, there is one big problem and you must protect yourself from it. Anal might not give you an unwanted pregnancy, but it can increase the risk of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

Never share your bed with an unknown person without protection!

3: It Makes Relationship Stronger

It might sound weird, how can anal make a relationship stronger, but it is true. Doing anal with your partner means now you have completely submitted yourself to your partner.

Normally women don’t do anal, no matter how close they are to their partners, but engaging in anal sex means you have now taken your relationship to the next stage.

Your partner will feel much more connected to you, and that might make the bonding between both of you stronger than before.

4: It Can Be Enjoyable For Both

Most men enjoy anal sex, it has been proven, but can a woman feel good while doing it? Well, yes! You can feel pleasure through anal sex.

Once you have gained some experience and know how to do it rightly, you will feel some sense of enjoyment surely.

In the initial days, anal might feel terrible, but after some time, with a lot of lube, it would be fine.

Here is what it feels like once you feel comfortable with it:

“I know a lot of people’s opinions boil down to ‘I like it’ or ‘I don’t like it,’ but mine is actually right down the middle. It’s fine. All the emotions feel like regular sex, but then you don’t have all the pleasurable nerve endings that you do in the v@gina. It’s kind of a weird feeling for me, but I don’t hate it, especially if my partner is really into it.” —flamants

5: Taboo

Even though a lot of couples do it nowadays, some parts of society still consider it taboo. It is our tendency to do things that society stops us to do.

Some men like to break rules, it makes them feel good!

6: It Is A Type Of Challenge

The majority of women avoid anal, they just don’t find it comfortable, but most men like it! Convincing women to do anal is a big challenge.

And that challenge makes things more interesting. The desire for anal sex increases when the challenge is difficult.

7: Butt Attracts Men More Than Any Other Body Part

For men, the butt is one of the most attractive body parts in the female body. It attracts so much that some men prefer to look at it first than any other body part.

The curvier it is the more attractive it becomes. It is just hard to avoid.

8: Some Men Enjoy It When Women Feel Pain

There are a few men who like seeing women in pain. Anal sex is generally more painful than v@ginal. That’s why those men enjoy anal more.

It might be a little weird to read, but it is true, you can find hundreds of videos of men torturing women.

It is a next-level thing. Society must take some action against those who post videos like these because some women are forced into shooting such scenes just for some money.

Some men are literally insane, thankfully I’m not one of them!

9: It’s The First Time Ever

Maybe your partner has never tried anal before and that’s why he is so eager to try it. Now it’s up to you whether you want to do it or not.

Don’t do it unless you are hundred percent ready because it is actually painful. Even if you are ready, make sure to use extra lube, it can make it more comfortable for you!

I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading!

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