why do nice guys never get the girlwhy do nice guys never get the girl

People often say, nice guys never get the girl, however, it’s not true at all. In fact, a lot of women prefer nice guys over so-called bad guys.

It’s the internet and movies that force us to think that if you really want to attract a woman, you have to act like a baddie.

The problem is not in being nice, the problem is actually something different. Nice guys usually are shy in nature, they find it hard to approach a woman.

Well, in this post, you’ll learn about what are the most common reasons that stop a nice guy from getting the girl.

If you think you’re nice, you’ve to eliminate these things listed below in order to attract females.

1: Nice Guys Don’t Approach First

That is the biggest mistake nice guys do. Waiting for girls to approach you first is a terrible idea because normally women don’t approach first.

Instead of waiting for the love of your life to approach you first, you should take the action.

Gather some courage and just convey everything to her. I am certain that something positive will happen!

2: You Wait For The Perfect Moment

Remember, the perfect moment comes quite rarely. Waiting for the perfect moment is a bad idea, if you really like her, just say it whenever there is a chance. Otherwise, someone else will come and snatch the opportunity from you.

3: They Never Fight For The Love

Nice guys just quit really easily. They don’t give enough fight to win their love and that’s why most of them live their life single.

The competition outside is growing like crazy, you need to fight to win what you deserve, letting someone else win without giving them any competition is stupidity. Being nice is okay, but being stupid is not acceptable.

4: Nice Guys Are Shy

Shyness is what sometimes stop shy guys from showing their real self. Reducing shyness is not a one-day job, you need to start engaging more with people.

The more you meet with new people the more you become confident. Also, if possible, take some time from your busy schedule and use it in self-talk.

Research suggests that people who self-talk have better problem-solving skills. Self-talkers are also good at generating unique ideas and being more efficient at coping with difficulties and challenges.

5: They Feel Bad For Others

Nice guys are usually very soft-hearted, they can’t see someone in pain. They can even let their love go for someone else.

Sometimes, you have to stop caring too much. I know you’re a good person, but that doesn’t mean you will sacrifice every happiness of your life.

Be greedy for some time, so that you can get what you want.

6: They Give Up Easly

If she is single, do everything to get her, give your best. Giving up just because you think she is really pretty or she is out of your league is just dumb.

Take challenges, and don’t fear competition, bigger competition leads to bigger rewards. Believe yourself, if you won’t believe yourself, then who else gonna believe you?

Be self believer, and think positive always. Doesn’t matter how pretty she is, just give your best shot to get her into your life. If she rejects, it’s okay, at least you tried your best, and that matters a lot.

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7: Nice Guys Don’t Give Much Attention To Fashion

Believe it or not, your fashion sense is the first thing that women notice. Having poor fashion sense may give a poor first impression.

And, I think you’ve heard that “first impression is the last impression”

Work on your fashion, there are tons of tutorials available online that can help you. Give some amount of time to learn what clothes & accessories will suit you more.

8: Nice Guys Lack Confidence

Many studies have shown that nice guys generally have low self-confidence. However, the good thing is that self-confidence is something you can boost if you work on it.

The best thing you can do to increase your self-confidence would be giving yourself small challenges.

If you’re a good singer, then take participation in your school, or college function. If you can’t do this, then simply sing a song in front of your friends.

Taking small challenges is a key to increasing self-confidence. Again, practicing self-talk impacts self-confidence positively. Self-talk is the easiest and most effective way to increase self-confidence. Practice it from today!

9: Nice Guys Fear Rejection A Lot

Stop fearing rejection! A “NO” is far far better than never trying. At least the regret of never expressing your love for her would not live in your brain forever.

Ask those who didn’t express their feeling to their crush on time. The pain of regret lasts very long. It lasts longer than the pain of rejection.

Also, What if she said Yes? So stop fearing rejection, say it now, it’s the right moment!

10: They Focus More On Building Future

It’s good that you care about your future, but giving every minute to it may snatch happiness from you.

Take some time out of your busy schedule and enjoy some memorable time with the girl you love, you’ll feel quite better!

Why You Should Go For A Nice Guy

Nice guys are trustworthy and faithful. You can trust them if you’re looking for a long-term relationship.

Also, nice guys won’t hurt your emotions and will help you in every step of your life. What else can you ask for from your future partner?

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