Do Girls Like Longer Nails On Men? 3 Types Of Nails

Men usually don’t grow their nails long, in fact, some men believe that it’s just a female thing and we must avoid it. However, there are many men who have broken society’s barriers and started growing their nails.

If you are someone who loves to grow nails and wanna know what girls think about them and what’s the ideal size, then keep reading because in this post, you’ll learn a lot of new things.

Let’s begin!

Do Girls Find Guys With Long Nails Attractive?

It might be a little shocking for some of you to know that nails are among the first thing that women notice. Even though nails are not the biggest deal breaker but they can certainly turn off some women.

The majority of women don’t like long nails on men; In fact, for some women, it’s a straight no! But thankfully! there is a twist.

If you are someone who takes hygiene seriously and keeps his nails clean, then some women won’t mind your long nails. Having good personal hygiene tells women that you take care of yourself well, and it’s a really good quality to have!

Doesn’t matter how long or short your nails length is, if you don’t clean them daily, you would turn off many girls.

Also, You’ll hardly find a woman with dirty nails as women take their hygiene more seriously than men.

So if you struggle to manage the cleanliness of your nails, it’s better to cut them off, otherwise, you will struggle to attract girls.

Should You Keep Your Nails Long Or Cut Them?

Cut them if your main aim is to attract women, but if you are passionate about long nails and love having them, then don’t!

Follow the things you are passionate about, cutting nails just because some women don’t like them is stupid. If you seriously love growing your nails longer, then stop thinking about what others might think, just do what you like the most!

However, remember one thing, keep your nails clean as not keeping them clean could invite many dangerous viruses and harmful germs which can make you ill in no time.

Furthermore, As I said, if you have good clean nails, some women won’t find your nails unattractive, so you might get success in dating too even with longer nails

What Type Of Nails Do Girls Like?

Girls usually like nails that are short and clean. Some women like mid-grown nails too if they are clean.

Nails Girls Like:

As you can see in the above image, the length of the nails is short, and they are very clean too. This type of nail attracts women the most.

Now let’s look at the nails that women hate.

Nails Girls Hate:

Credit: MensXP

If your nails look similar to the image shown above, cut them off now! No matter how good-looking you are, having bad hygiene would instantly ruin your image.

Some Girls Like This Too:

Some women like half-grown nails, however, they should be clean and well-maintained. The picture above shows that long nails on men don’t look bad if they are clean and healthy.

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