Why Does He Act Awkward Around Me?Why Does He Act Awkward Around Me?

You may have noticed that many guys are awkward around you, and you may be wondering why this happens all the time.

You’ve come to the perfect site because you’ll undoubtedly find your solution.

But before I begin, I just want to let you know that I used to be really nervous around attractive girls because of my anxiety and shyness, but now I don’t because I have progressively developed my confidence over time.

When I used to be extremely timid, I looked up whether it was common or not online, and I discovered that many men, especially young males, experience shyness and behave erratically around women.

I realized I wasn’t the only one, so I started researching the causes, and I came up with nine.

So without further ado, let’s look at those reasons!

1: Many Men Lack Confidence

Many guys are losing confidence in today’s environment because they spend the majority of their time looking through social media, playing video games, and obsessing about something.

Men used to spend the majority of their time outside, interacting with new people, and as a result, they had a lot of confidence.

According to a report, only 42% of men feel confident, which means nearly 60% of men don’t feel confident enough.

An unconfident man will always struggle in front of girls, especially in front of beautiful girls.

If he always acts awkwardly around you, it strongly indicates that he lacks confidence.

2: Some Guys Are Naturally Shy

According to data, 15% of people are naturally shy and feel uneasy with strangers. Detecting a shy individual is straightforward; simply focus your attention on their face for a few moments.

They’ll be smiling, avoiding eye contact, and their body language will be unusual.

He almost certainly has a shy nature. However, when his bond with you grows deeper over time, he may no longer be shy around you.

3: You Are Out Of His League

The majority of guys, especially those who trust in themselves, do not feel uncomfortable around women unless they are very attractive or out of their league.

Maybe you’re simply too very hot for him, and that’s why he acts strangely around you.

If you are too attractive, not just him but many other guys will feel awkward around you. 

This is because most men want to give you a good impression of themselves, and as a result, they occasionally fail and start exhibiting strange body language.

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4: He Secretly Likes You A Lot

When we have a crush on someone, our hearts begin to race and our bodies begin to behave strangely when the person we have a crush on approaches us.

It’s a natural reaction that everyone experiences. So, if you believe he has a secret crush on you, it’s understandable why he behaves strangely around you all the time.

5: Maybe It Was Just One Time

Did he just act strangely around you once? If that’s true, you should stop thinking about it and worrying about it. Ignore and shift your attention elsewhere.

It’s pretty common for us to feel awkward among other individuals at times.

If you want to know if he actually likes you, look for other signals, such as whether he compliments you, touches you, or establishes meaningful eye contact with you, and does he lean toward you during the conversation. If you really want to know what he thinks about you, check for these indications.

If he simply acted strangely around you once, you must ignore it.

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6: You Make Strong Eye Contacts

Maybe establish intense eye contact, which makes him feel awkward. You don’t need to change yourself because it’s a desirable trait.

However, when you’re with him, attempt to break eye contact after 3 seconds so he doesn’t feel awkward around you.

7: He Doesn’t Like You

The likelihood of this is especially high because we constantly strive to avoid speaking with people we dislike or secretly despise and stay out of situations where they are present.

His lack of eye contact, closed body language, avoidance of eye contact, and intense eye contact (Not the Good Kind) are all significant indicators that he dislikes you.

If he is giving you nothing but bad omens, you should stop wasting your time with him, leave him, and start looking for someone else.

It is utterly ridiculous to love someone who secretly despises us.

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8: You Are Rich Or Famous

Most men who are poorer than you will feel awkward with you if you’re wealthy or renowned. It makes sense because people tend to bond with others who are similar to them financially.

Research suggests a connection between wealth and self-confidence.

So if someone isn’t as wealthy as you are, they might not feel comfortable approaching you and talking.

9: Your Friends Are Making Him Feel Awkward

Perhaps he dislikes your buddies. If he only acts uncomfortably when your friends are with you, it implies that he dislikes your friends.

Perhaps you should spend more time alone with him or confront the matter. Discuss with him why he dislikes your pals and attempt to find a solution.

Here is what most women think about shy guys;

I hope you liked this post.

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